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Exclusive Interview With Top Fashion Stylist .. Courtney Smith!!

Renowned fashion queen and stylist Miss Courtney Smith has been an inspiration of mine since I was fifteen years old. Not only did I adore her fashion sense, it was her warm, welcoming personality that made me look at Courtney as a hero.
Growing up, Courtney was always there to help me along and lead me in the right direction, and she is truthfully the most hard working, talented lady I know.
A little bit about Miss Smith...
Courtney Smith is a force to be reckoned with. She is a fashion stylist, a TV presenter, a it, Courtney Smith can do it. You might happen to see Courtney on TV3, featuring regularly on Xposé and Ireland Am as well as styling high celebrity profiles and fashion shoots.
Courtney, or Coco to her friends has worked with some of the biggest names in the business from ASOS, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, River Island, the list is endless..
It was a huge honour to chat to Courtney, and allow you to see a little bit of life, through Courtney's eyes.


 To begin, I asked Courtney about how she got interested in fashion, Courtney believes she didn't find fashion, fashion found her,
''I like to think fashion chose me. There was never anything else I was really interested in. From the age of seven I was painting tops and cutting up outfits and playing dress up… it was a passion that I turned into a career''

Having studied fashion design in college before moving to London to pursue her career it made me think, did studying fashion DESIGN help to become a stylist?? 
''Yes and no; I don't think you need fashion design to become a stylist but for me personally I like having that background, I understand cuts, cloths and styles more and it helps me appreciate the designs and what goes into it.

Like I mentioned before, Courtney does everything. How does one juggle so many balls at the time? I mean personally, I struggle juggling three balls (Okay, that was a metaphor.. I can't juggle at all but you get what I mean) 
''Badly. 2015 I have had to become a lot stricter with my time and delegate certain hours to certain projects. At the moment I could be doing 5 jobs in one day which takes its toll''
With a job as extreme as do you feel like you had to give up a lot of your personal life to get where you are today?
''Initially yes, but the first 3 years of business are the hardest and most important to build yourself so it’s important to invest your time into it to make sure it’s a success. The last 2 years I have been working just as hard but don't have to work on establishing my name anymore so it’s a little more relaxed and I make sure I have time for my loved ones''

From what I know of Courtney, she is the most hardworking, driven person ever but what does it take to get to where she is today? 
 ''Grafting. Nothing comes handed on a plate; I spent years building up my shoots, TV work, meeting new clients etc. Nothing came easy,
Every year gives me new work challenges and new things to conquer; it’s been almost 7 years but I am proud of what I have achieved. This year I collaborated with H&M and DKNY two huge international labels… I could never have dreamed of that''

What's the best part of the job Courtney? 
''The variety. I love how I can be styling a big campaign shoot and then be on a TV set and then be sitting in my studio writing for my column, or in London at press events, or shooting abroad on a beach, or pulling clothes all day. No day is every the same so it keeps me on my toes''
So absolutely no typical day for Courtney then...

As you can imagine, the fashion industry is one of the very hardest industries to break into, for the girls and boys of course hoping to follow in Courtney's footsteps, she has this advice for you: 

''Put the groundwork in. People seem to have the impression I am some sort of overnight success.. I am not. I was on the dole, I didn’t get jobs for months at a time. I am very lucky to have a supportive family and great friends who believed in me. It’s taken me almost 7 years to get to where I am today and I still have so much more to achieve. So if this is a career you are interested in be prepared for the hard work.

I dream about the life as a stylist being super glam and extravagant,  it really though???

'' Eh no. I get up at 6am and don’t usually get home until after 8pm. My instagram posts are usually 
showing the fun and glamorous side of my job but mainly because I cant imagine anyone wants to see me 
stuck at a computer or in a warehouse pulling clothes.
Don't get me wrong – there are some fabulous moments, but that comes after all the hard work''


I would kill to be a fashion stylist, I mean is there a girl out there who's dream wouldn't be to look at clothes all day every day? but the only catch I can see is getting glammed up EVERY, single day. I just couldn't hack it, sometimes a girl just needs her trackies... and I'm not alone, Courtney feels the same way!! Comfort over style Courtney? 
''All the time. In fact the days where I am stuck in my studio writing you will probably find me in jeans and a big comfy cardigan and runners''

For those of you in awe of Courtney's style, I can help!! I mean, I can't create a miracle and teleport Courtney to you, but I can help, here's to steal her style:  
''Well I love stores like H&M and Zara. Higher end labels like Maje and Sandro are also personal favs. I think my coats/jackets and shoes usually make my outfits so always invest in those over other things. The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you are wearing''
As far as Courtney's beauty secrets: 
''I love the oxegen facials in Therapie clinic although I don’t get them regularly enough. Other than that I use kiehls products and rosehip oil. For special days I use the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream. And I ALWAYS take all my makeup off at night''

We all want to look great, but sometimes being stylish can be quite expensive, Courtney tells us that fashion doesn't need to be expensive, and you can look just as good on a budget
''Not at all… some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are from PenneysParfois, H&M etcHighstreet shops have it all now you can be as well dressed as someone who spent €1000 on their outfit'' 

We're nearly there, the dark winter months are nearly gone and I'm actually quite depressed (I love winter style) but that means investing in some key pieces for the Spring/Summer '15 wardrobe, and in Courtney's eyes you can't go wring with pastel...
''Every trend has come full circle but invest in something in a soft pastel like pink and you will be bang on trend''


Just from reading my interview with Courtney you can see what a ball of refreshing energy she is, always hardworking and extremely down to earth, I think this was the job Courtney was born to do, but if she wasn't fashion, what would it be??.... ''I think I would be a good TV producer, I have good ideas'' 

With sixth year students across the country (me included) in a panic filling out their CAO forms over the Christmas, it can be a stressful time. I actually screwed up my CAO, putting courses in complete wrong order but I think you should follow your heart, trust me.. do what feels right!! 

''It’s not the be all and end all; go for something you are passionate about and enjoy the college experience. Most people don’t even work in the area they studied so I wouldn't stress too much''- wise words from Miss Smith

Finally, best piece of advice ever given????
''Be the best you and stop striving to be someone else. x'


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