Sunday, 25 January 2015

Before You're 20 F**ck It List!!!

I love a bucket list, I do!! I don't always stick to them but I like them. 
The last time I had one was for summer 2012 and things I had to  get done that summer, things for example:
Go to Tramore, Stay up all night and go fishing!! - Things I've now done, many times over (especially the all nighters... them Geography tests used to kill me) but then it hit me.
My bestest friend in the world turned 20 last weekend, and now this August it will be my turn to leave teenage hood, and before I leave my childhood, I decided I would make a 'bucket' or in other words a 'f*ck it' list.
 It started off great, I wrote down my heading 'My Before I'm 20 F*uck It List' - and long story short, that's where it ended...
I was blank.
I mean, what is there to do that you can only get away with it in your teenage years, but not in your twenties?! (Christ, saying 'twenties' there scared me) but really what is there?!!! 
So what do I do??- I turn to good old Google and see what they can tell me to do...

The Google, Before I'm 20 F*uck It List

1. Get a job, any job. It doesn't matter if you hate it just say you have a job.- Well, kindaaaaaa
2. Pass your driving test. - Touchy Subject!!
3. Fall in love and have your heart broken.- HA HA HA HA HA
4. Have your own ID. - Okay, I'm working on that!!
5. Write a letter to yourself, and open it when you're 20 - I might, I might
6. Learn to have a basic conversation in another language - Hello..basically fluent in Spanish (If of course you follow MY script)
7. Learn to cook your favourite meal - Chicken, spuds and chicken soup...I'm learning it!!
8. Vote- I'm surprised I haven't actually 
9. Sleep under the stars (camping)- Now this, we've tried. Even though we did end up breaking down my back door and sleeping on the sofa's at 5am.
10. Learn one really cool trick/card trick- I've tried, I've tried and tried again but this is just not my thing, I can't manage it.. BUT for the sake of this list, I will try again.
11. Meet a celebrity- Well, yes I suppose you could say so, rugby players are kind of famous aren't they?!  I met Laura Whitmore who was my idol, Silé Seoige, Courtney Smith.. and I've talked to lots so tick!!!
12. Go to college - *breaks down into tears (this time next year!!!)
13. Go to a nightclub- Well, in my town we have 'the disco' not so much a nightclub BUT I do remember my first time in the disco. It was New Years Eve 2013, with Annmarie and Carrie and it ehm didn't end up so well (Literally LOL'ing to myself right now) 
14. Go golfing: My best friend is basically a professional golfer so we go quite often as a group of four. I can't hit the ball and it usually ends in a dispute but yeah! I've played golf... another tick!!
15. Spend a whole day playing board games with your friends - Pha NO. That's NEVER going to happen, nor do I actually want that to happen, NOOOOOO!!!!!
16. Volunteer in a nursing home, hospital,charity shop etc: In transition year in school we had to do community service for 13 weeks in a nursing home. I learned a lot but personally, not a very enjoyable experience.
17. Go to a concert- I've been to a few now, but my most recent and most favourite was Kings Of Leon and Kodaline in Marlay Park, July. It was hand on my heart the best night of my life (until we got lost on the side of the road somewhere in Dublin)
18. Get a bra fitting- Well it's not the wildest thing you'll do as a teenager I admit, but it is important!! 
19. Write a letter to one of your living heroes- This is something I love doing, as someone trying to get into the media industry you talk to many inspiring people but I love this idea of actually writing to your hero. They may or may not reply but it could actually show you why you admire them and learn so much from what you even write. (I wrote to the president when I was around 8 inviting her for dinner, I got a letter back mind you..but no dinner)
20. Put someone else's feelings before your own- bleughhhh...whatever
21. Go on a road trip with friends: This is something I need to do!! Kind of hard since I don't drive, and my friends don't either, but it's something that will stay on my list!! 
22. Go on a holiday with no parents, just friends-Working on it ;-)
23. Say I love you- Yeah say it to friends/parents but be in no rush to say it to anyone else people!!!
24. Buy a lottery ticket- WHY HAVEN'T I DONE THIS?!!!

Okay, so you may have realised by now, it's not really a 'F*ck it list, 
Maybe more a, well I don't really know what it is, BUT I think from writing it do as much as you can, make good choices! Live your life to the fullest and enjoy your friendship! Because trust me, there's nothing like the friends of your youth!!
BUT!! If there's anything you recommend doing before you're 20, please comment below :)


  1. P.H.E.W.!!! I was so afraid to read this post since I turned 20 LAST yea BOO wrinkles. I feel a bit better knowing I have acomplished 60%ish of googled goals hehe. Great post x

    Bebhinn + A Judge Less Life

    1. Haha thanks girl!! Only 60%?!!!
      You have until you turn 21 to complete them all!!!... GO!!!
      <3 xx