Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Goals For 2015

I've never actually stuck to my new year resolutions, that being said, I never actually made any.
I'm not really into this 'new year, new me' craic but that being said I've always been obsessed with making To-Do lists, every trip I make (even if it's only up to Limerick for the day) there's a list made with what needs to be done.
So this morning whilst speaking to my friend Leanne I started listing off things I wanted to achieve this time next year, nothing drastic but I think when you actually have a goal you're working towards, life gets easier and you're a lot more motivated.

  • This year, my biggest goal for my blog was to reach 15,000 hits and I've surpassed that and I'm now on over 19,000 hits which is incredible. My target for this time next is is 30,000 hits. 
  • I'm going to buy my own domain, which means instead of my blog being ( it will just be .com, to be honest, I didn't even know what a domain was, but now I do and it's a huge 'must do' for 2015.
I want to update my header and logo for the blog, and I'm actually currently in the process at the moment and I'm very excited. Only my close friends know what I have in mind, but trust me.. It really will be a little piece of life... through my eyes!!

My personal goals for 2015 are a little different, a little silly and a tad bit crazy if I'm being honest.
  • My main mission this year is to pass my theory test, something I've been trying to do with three years now and 2015 will be the year I complete it. Most of my friends have it done now so this year, it's my turn!! I got my first ever driving lesson in 2014, and ehm lets just say I'm not a natural at driving but 2015... I'll even master a hill start...maybe.
  • One thing I plan on teaching myself this year is how to whisper. I cannot whisper, I think I'm whispering but in reality I'm talking like a normal person, it's ridiculous. I also plan on getting a bit quieter, I've been told I'm quite loud so this year, I'm going to try reduce my screaming when I talk and actually talk like a normal person.
  • I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I admit I can be a bit of a sore loser. So this year I'm going to keep my calm. If we're playing a game of poker and the lads are cheating and I don't win, then that's fine. I won't get angry, I won't shout, I'll just accept it and play on... HA!!! good joke, I never lose ;)
  • I'm going to make sure that Halloween 2015 will be THE BEST Halloween in the history of Halloween. Meaning the minute August is gone, I'll be planning my Halloween party.
  • It's a mission that I see my uncle Vincent this year, he's my most favourite person on the planet (and I see him as the older, grumpier male version of me) Since moving across the world and settling in Canada I haven't seen him in two years now, so 2015... I WILL see him again.
  • One of the most embarrassing things about myself is that I cannot use a knife. It's a struggle for me, so this year I will master the act of the knife.

Obviously, there's many more small goals I want to achieve throughout the year, especially going to college, taking my vitamins every day, and trying new things.
I want to learn to bake again, and not even turn anything green. I'm going to master the act of brownies and cookies, as well as making my own college student cookbook, I know.. full of ideas.
Wishing you the best for 2015...

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  1. So here it all is, then. Your big dreams, as well as the minute ones, and the ones in between. At least you've laid them all out, like a spectrum. Getting to college is its own step forward as well, with all the added promise that it carries. I just hope that you get to check off and achieve everything you listed. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Deborah Williams @ Choice Career College