Friday, 26 December 2014

My Christmas Nightmare

What's the worst possible thing that can happen on Christmas?.. think about this now, the WORST thing to happen??... Yes!! that's right the oven breaking, and that's exactly what happened in this household yesterday.
Every Christmas morning the family come over and there's heaps of Chicken nuggets for us to devour, the oven worked perfectly and the 23,000 nuggets were perfect, everyone left to have their own dinner around 3pm, so after a quick clean up it was time to cook the dinner.
It wasn't until the turkey was in with about 45 minutes before mam decided to check on it, and low and behold the oven was still cold.... well I never. 
We're only lucky we've the grill so mam decided to cook the carrots, roasties and turkey in there, finally we were back on track and nothing could go wrong.... long story short, they were cremated. DISASTER!!! (Especially since roast carrots are my favourite part of the dinner)...  Even though the dinner was pear shaped it was a great Christmas day, and I really liked it. 
I even managed to sneak this picture when my mam wasn't looking.. I'm cooking for my best friend today so we'll see how this one goes..
Anyway, this post isn't just to embarrass my mother, it's also to guilt trip my uncle Vincent in Canada...It may take him 9.5 hours to make the dinner but, as horrible as it is to admit, it's worth it.
Vincent, COME HOME!!! (to cook next year's Christmas dinner... then you're no use to me)

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