Monday, 15 December 2014

Man Crush Monday (week 2)

It's that time again, that horrible, disgusting, painful, upsetting, miserable, dirty day that is Monday, but I'm here to make it better (okay, this week my #mcm is mainly to benefit myself) but it goes to Munster rugby player Mike Sherry 

Mike is the hooker for Munster, but unfortunately due to a injury has not played a match with over a year. I personally think Mike is unreal and he definitely deserves this man crush Monday.
  Mike is without a doubt the nicest man I've EVER met, so nice in fact I've even called my dog after him (and Conor Murray, her name is Mursher..yes I know.. I've met Mike so many times that now I almost see him as a friend (no, actually I take that back. This post would be very weird if it was about a friend) but still he's ridiculously sound.
Not to mention, Mike gives THE BEST hugs in the world...
trust me, if you ever see Mike you need to ask him for a hug. Just say Lynda sent me, he'll understand. 
From all this,you have to agree with me that he deserves the title of 'man crush monday'... he's without a doubt my favourite rugby player EVER!!
You can follow Mike on twitter @mikesherry24 and even on that he's so sound!!  
Happy Monday Everyone...

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