Sunday, 14 December 2014

Make A Wish...♥

Most of my friends know,(especially from my snapchats at around 11pm some nights when I attempt to draw myself perched on the moon) that I'm a huge lover of space, and stars and the moon and everything sky related, except for planes.. I don't have trust in flying metal anyway, I'm obsessed with making wishes (twice a day at 11:11) and every night when I see my first star, but nothing makes me close my eyes and make a wish like seeing a shooting star! There's something magical about seeing a shooting star and making a wish but unfortunately they're not always very easy to see.
   I think every now and then everyone needs to make a wish, even if it's just to wake up at the right time, or to finish a race there comes a time when everyone deserves to make a wish and that's what I'm giving you the opportunity to do here.
Like I said you may not have the opportunity to go outside right now to make a wish so I got a picture of a shooting star and I want you to make a wish on it. The likely hood of it coming true is very slim, but there's just something magical about it....

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