Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Goodbye 2014

Since it was December I was starting to think about this post, the 2014 my life review post that bores everyone to tears but my favourite post to write. I've never thought so long and hard about a post in my life, there's been some highs and with that some very low, lows but I think 2014 is one of those years that I will never forget (or ever be allowed to live down)
Without revealing too much and getting myself grounded, 2014 has honestly been one of the weirdest, most eventful, EMBARRASSING years of my life and a year I'm quite honestly looking forward to putting behind me.  There's been nights out (too many if you ask me), nights in, graduation, the leaving cert, the results, the curling myself into a ball when I realised I had to repeat, the debs, the sessions,the opportunities, the rugby players and of course the friends.
The Friendship: 2014 has taught me so much about friendship that I can't even begin to explain it to you. Starting the year with seeing at least sixty friends everyday to seeing none most days was awful, I've lost some of the people I'd have considered best friends, most friends because of college and others because, well that's life but with that I think it's safe to say I'm blessed with the idiots I'm friends with and I've the greatest bunch of friends in the world, who I adore equally in different ways (even if one of them lives up a big ugly hill in Cork so I rarely see her.. bloody hill) 
The Education:
As many people know 2014 was the year I completed my leaving cert and the time had FINALLY come for me to pack my bags and head to UL. I couldn't wait, since fourth year all I wanted was journalism in UL. Long story short I became a leaving cert repeater and UL Rag Week 2015 became UL Rag Week 2016. To say I was distraught was an understatement, but life goes on and low and behold it all worked out for the best. Not being in school gave me time to focus on my blog, it also allowed me to begin working with online news website 'The Liberal' and my favourite blog 'The Secret Obsession' two amazing opportunities I didn't even dream would be possible for someone like me (I suppose it's really showing that you don't have to have your masters degree at a young age for doors to open up for you, as some might say.. )
Graduating from school was also a highlight, I never thought I'd say this but I do miss the place, but it's definitely the people I miss not the learning, although life isn't the same without my maths and Irish teacher!! (They were ledge!!)
For 2015, I'll still be writing regularly on my blog, as well as The Liberal and TSO but with a lot more study involved and then finally 2015 will be the year I'll be heading to college.
Everything happens for a reason :)
sixth year maths class
The Rugby:
A year without rugby is just, there's no excuses for it and even though I wasn't as seriously dedicated to the Munster lads this year I couldn't go without mentioning them!!
With Conor Murray being booted up as the World's best Scrum Half, I think I was the proudest fan on the planet, however on the other hand my other favourite player Mike Sherry was still out injured, so a few mixed emotions there.A big 2014 highlight for me was meeting Mike Sherry in the bus station with my friend Carrie. We were in Limerick for the day doing some retail therapy before the leaving cert before sitting in the bus station waiting to go home. 
I looked dreadful so asked Carrie 'will I go fix my hair?' 'no Lynda, why would you no one here knows you' seconds before a man stops in front of us saying hello.. yes you guessed it, it was Mike Sherry, that was a good day, and of course there was the craic with Murray, hello we touched pinkys!! One fifth of the way to holding hands...
The Celebrities: 
Iggy Azalea: One of my biggest celebrity highlights of the year was when Australian rapper Iggy Azalea tweeted me saying 'hey lynda' I know, I know it's not a huge deal but to me Iggy is queen so I couldn't believe it when I got this tweet.
Aswell as the Azalea 2014 allowed me to get in touch with some of my heroes, I got to interview amazing people like Holly Carpenter, Lisa Cannon,Madeline Mulqueen as well as my idol MTV presenter Laura Whitmore, still pinching myself!! The fact my first ever interview was with someone as big as Laura is still unbelievable to me, but I'm grateful to everyone who's helped me out throughout the year. The one thing I learned from meeting these 'famous' people is something Laura actually told me herself and that is that 'we're all people' even Kings Of Leon, I know it's common sense but sometimes we forge. We're all just people all the same.. well, except Conor Murray obviously, he's god!! 
I also got to meet LLOYD DANIELS this year, which is CRAZY!!! You cannot begin to understand how obsessed I was with him so meeting him, oh yes it was a highlight!!

The best/worst night of my life:
One of the biggest highlights of my year/life was finally getting to see my most favourite band 'Kings Of Leon' in Dublin. It was the most amazing concert I'd ever been too and something I will never forget, being right up at the railings, being in the same radius as Caleb Followill, it was a dream come true!! (Until of course we got lost in Dublin in the middle of the night)

The debutante ball: 
Finally, the debs were here. After years of dreaming about how special and incredibly amazing the night would be, it was crap. No offence but I've had better nights in watching Corrie, no I'm only joking it was a good laugh and I look back on it with the fondest of memories. 
I've never had so much drama surrounding one night in my life, I went through three dresses before finding the one I liked, and now looking back I hated the dress. 
One thing the debs did teach me though is to not stress about things, you can stress yourself out so much that you lose the fun of it and that's something I need to keep reminding myself. I remember texting my debs partner in a state because my corsage was ugly... ugly like, and where is it now??...god knows!!!
It taught me to just live in the moment, and enjoy every second!!

The Memories, aka the everything else that had no title:
This section is my favourite to write about because it's the events that happened here that have made me who I am today, and the best part of it is that I can't even tell you what they are!!!! hahahahahahaha No I'm only joking, obviously like everyone else on this planet I've made mistakes this year and some that I've no doubt my friends will hold over me for the rest of my life (as long as my children never hear it's fine) but even though some things can hurt you badly at the time, you just pick yourself up, dust off the mud and go keep going!! :)                                   '' In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life - It goes on'' -Robert Frost
On a more lighter note, Mursher turned the big '2' in October this year, I even plucked up the courage to tell Mike and Conor about her cringy name... well Mike likes it!!
I passed maths!! That's probably the biggest shock of the year and as well as all that I stepped into my last year of teenage hood and in August I'll be 20!!!! 
But at the end of the day,this is how I look back on 2014:
Happy New Year Everyone!! :)

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