Wednesday, 31 December 2014

10 Things I've Been Obsessed With In 2014

Charlotte Crosby's Lips: I've been mesmerised with Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby and since she recently got her 'new lips' I'm even more mesmerised with her. They look fantastic and I'm actually in love.
Since I have basically no lips, I looked into every single possible thing to make lips more 'plumped' and without needles, because well, that's not going to happen(biggest fear of needles EVER). I found Sally Hanson lip inflation gloss the best for plumping my lips, but as for one of my biggest obsessions this year..
Charlotte's lips!!

Space: 2014 saw my obsession with space go to a new level. Many of my friends knew about my obsession with space but this year I became crazily obsessed.
I follow almost every astronaut there is as well as being on the Nasa website more than any nineteen year old should, I know the ins and out of rockets and lift offs now. I even researched becoming an astronaut, if I get a science degree and become an American citizen I could certify.. good to know.
If you're also interested in space I'd recommend you follow a young lady called Astronaut Abby. A seventeen year old aspiring astronaut and has plans to be on the first voyage to Mars. Her story is incredible and if you're interested in space I'd highly recommend reading her story :)

Wedding Planning: I went crazy on the wedding planning this year, CRAZY!!! I mean as in I'm actually in the process of planning my wedding, and no I'm not even engaged, actually as far from it as you can get, but that doesn't stop me, I'm in full planning mode, I have the dress, the venue, the bridesmaid dresses, the only thing missing is the groom.. I haven't decided on him yet!!
My whole camera roll looks like this...
Crime Shows: It's a weird one, but it's the truth. I'm obsessed with criminal shows, 24 hours to kill, Criminal Minds, NCIS LA and my personal fave Hawaii Five-O (for obvious reasons) but I'm after getting so obsessed with these shows that I'm 99.9% sure I could kill someone, and get away wit it.. fair warning.
Hawaii Five O- Alex O'Loughlin
Instagram: I never thought of Instagram as anything other than another app up until this year when I actually really fell in love with it. It's like your very own personal scrapbook that you can look at anytime you wish. It's easily my most favourite app, and be sure to follow me :)
Blogging: I've had the blog for over two years now and I've never took it as serious as I have this year, 
and quite frankly I couldn't imagine my life without Little Piece Of Lynda... It was the best decision I've ever made and I'd recommend it to everyone. If you enjoy writing and have a passion about something, make a blog!! I promise you it's worth it. I don't see my blog as a way of making money or getting my name out there, I see it as like instagram my own little scrapbook, that one day when I'm in my sixties I can sit down and look back on my useless ramblings as a teenager, and if you do decided to write your own blog be sure to send me on the links!!
White nails:  This year, I became obsessed with white nail polish. Ever since I saw model Cara Delevingne rocking the white nail look I loved it and had to try it. I love how they look, especially in the summer. They're bold and stand out, yet never OTT. My favourite trend of the year, without a doubt!! (even though I'm also digging yellow nail polish) I use the Rita Ora nail polish collection, in white.
It takes 60 seconds to dry (so it says, but realistically takes about 3 minutes) and you need two coats to get a deep white. It's the best nail polish I've ever come across. 
Queen Iggy: This year I fell in LOVE with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. Iggy represents everything I love about life. She's a strong independent woman who never gave up, worked hard and never backs down. Queen Iggy has been in the wars with many celebrities who have done nothing but tried to drag her down, but she never backs down, never insulting anyone just defending herself. Absolute hero.
For me she's the ultimate girl power.. you go Azalea!!

The News: I never liked the news, never kept up to date with it, it bored me to tears and just wasn't something I had an interest in. I never read papers, I never knew what would be going on in the country, until I started writing for the Liberal. It's my job to keep up to date with all the current affairs and the top news stories in the world and I actually learned to enjoy it.
Even on my days off, I'm following the news, I'm reading into what's going on and I actually feel much more educated since getting involved.
Personally, I feel like I'm more equipped to hold a conversation with people when they start discussing politics and feel like I can actually give a valid opinion.
My first article with The Liberal
The Wolf Of Wall Street: Finally, the last thing I've become obsessed with is the hit Leonardo diCaprio film 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' which I already wrote about: I became obsessed with this film after my first time seeing it, it amazes me.
It's such an empowering story about what money can do to people, and how having too much can destroy a person. As well as that it also shows that with some ambition and drive you can turn nothing into something extremely successful.. and Leo is in it, enough said...

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