Thursday, 20 November 2014

Road Trip: Newcastle 2015!!

''Love Newcastle me like Oi Oi ''

It's not everyday we celebrate a birthday, or celebrate finishing our leaving cert (for the second time) or celebrate just being a big bunch of friends so this summer, catch five (there's definitely a lot more) small town girls take on the home of Geordie Shore.. coming to a cinema near you, July 2015. Okay, so there's no film and that sounded so much cooler in my head than when I actually wrote it, I suppose it's because I had the mans voice who says it in my head I don't know, just scrap that whole idea anyway, we're going off.Flying from Dublin to the airport in Newcastle in the middle of the night and then we're free... first parentless trip abroad.. WOHOO!!!
 Bijoux... Tut Tut... three triple vodkas for £6, with Jager bombs at £2 a shot!! I cannot wait...... to see all the amazing tourist spots that Newcastle has to offer such as...
The bridge:
The Angel of the North:
And well, am that's about it, and that's why I need your help. Anyone who has gone to Newcastle before please get in touch and tell me what I can do there?! What's touristy? What's the most Geordie thing we can do!!
Please let me know!!

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