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New Exclusive Interview With Xposé's Lisa Cannon!!

Lisa Cannon

Anyone that knows me knows I've been a huge fan of TV3's showbiz show Xposé since the very beginning and  have always looked up to presenter Lisa Cannon from the show. It's for that very reason I woke up in a cold swear this morning . 
I mean it's not everyday to get to have a chat with one of Ireland's most beautiful and successful presenters is it?.
Lisa is one of the main reporters and presenters of the TV3 show Xposé, she's travelled the globe and interviewed some of the biggest  stars on the planet from Bradley Cooper, Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker Will Smith and even our very own Tommy Bowe (just to name a few sorry had to throw him in there... not like I'm jealous or anything..pfft)
Anyone who's anyone has been interviewed by Lisa and she makes it her very own business to get the very best inside story. It has to be said that anyone interested in becoming a journalist or reporter has to admire Lisa. I've never felt so honoured to be interviewing someone as she squeezed me in between filming.
I genuinely couldn't wait to catch up with Lisa ..
First things first, I had to get the inside story on Lisa's career. Lisa studied drama in trinity so I had to find out whether she always dreamed of a career as a TV presenter or if it just happened...
''It was something that just kind of happened, more than it was something I really wanted, I always really wanted to be an actress. I did a bit of acting and I realised how difficult it was and that the rejection was really tough .You could literally be going to casting calls and never be the right person, whereas with TV presenting you'd still have the same skill. You get to use your voice, give personality and you're still on camera so I kind of thought yeah that could be a great career move for me, but then again TV presenting is a really hard industry to get into as well'

When I first spoke to Lisa (back when I was about seventeen years old) she advised me to work, work, work. Anywhere, everywhere and even for free and that's how you get yourself out there, so I had to ask Lisa how she broke into the industry.
''You really have to be determined and try put yourself out there, do radio ,writing get loads of experience, as much as you can and talk to as many people as you can who are on television and radio as well. Get their opinions and advice., but it really is tough. For me what I think you need to  do is a show reel  and to built up a bit of a profile so that TV directors  or TV producers hear about you or want to work with you that's also key especially with social media , it's very easy to build a profile on instagram or doing blogging and all that kind of stuff it's really good.''

As I'm still getting used to interviewing people and Lisa is well lets face it a pro I needed to know how she prepares herself for an interview?
''preparing for an interview.. wow am sometimes in the case of Xposé , none as it's very difficult too get preparation time so sometimes you really need to know your subject anyway but if it was a film I would definitely google , or you tube , look up past interviews really kind of prepare myself for that one. Then you go in there and you usually end up only using two questions because you don't get that much time with major celebrities. So even though  you do loads of preparation you may only end up using one or two''

Lisa and singer Ed Sheeran.
Like I mentioned before Lisa has interviewed some of the biggest celebrities in the world, so I had to ask Lisa do you ever get nervous or are you just immune to it now?
Nothing much, just Brad Pitt
photo bombing Lisa's selfie
''It's kind of easier now, I don't get too nervous anymore.If it's someone I really admire then maybe I would like Brad Pitt (like I did like last week) or if it's somebody like Meryl Strep or somebody along those lines of course you do but at the same time I think it's just fantastic to meet these people so the nerves just kind of go away when you meet them in the flesh and you see 'aw they're just normal people' 

The life of a presenter has always seemed ultra glam to me, I mean I know I heard it was never as glam as it seems but Xposé must be glam surely it is Lisa??
''haha, no it's definitely not as glam as you'd think. It's kind of glam but not what you think. You do your own make up so we need to know how to put on your face but no it's not done for us. We do get our hair done though.''

Lisa on the red carpet.
Okay not as if Lisa needs any extra help, it's just yep that shocked me a little bit.
Anyway, on that note I had to ask Lisa about how she always looks so radiant!. I mean there must be some secrets behind it.
'' I'm not the best person to ask about beauty tips haha. But I've picked up a few things. I like to exfoliate my skin all the time, even if it's just in the shower it's always good. I also like to wear a heavy base moisturiser like clarians. I'm not the best at taking off my make up every night which I know isn't good but with my job you could be out late and come home and straight to bed so I also like to get at least two facials a month'' 

And now you can look like Lisa Cannon.... you're welcome. 
I already knew the question but I had to ask is their a typical day?!
''No everyday is different, I could be reporting from an event or covering a story or like today I'm anchoring Xposé at six o'clock everyday is different. I could be flying off or anything, like next week I'm going to Italy to cover a story about jewelry, it's always different''

Believe it or not, the other night I started planning my own wedding, what dress I was going to have, my bridesmaids dresses, the decor the theme.. take note I'm not even in a relationship how Lisa is actually engaged to rugby player Richard Keatley and although I didn't want to say this to Lisa (Christ am I jealous!!!!!) They've been engaged since  last October and with my intense interest in weddings I had to ask Lisa how the wedding planning is coming along..
''It's been so hectic that I haven't really gotten to plan it yet, but we're going to get married in Florence. I'll be going over there soon so hopefully then we can look around for venues and I'll be able to get all excited about it''

And I'll be able to get all excited about it...Can you actually imagine how beautiful Lisa Cannon will look on her wedding day!!
And as jealous as I am... I admit they do look like a beautiful couple!!

Lisa with her Xposé team, Karen, Aisling, Glenda and  new recruit Peter.
With sixth years across the country filling out their CAO this week I asked Lisa what advice she could give the stressed out teens. 
''Really think about what you want and get experience where you can. If it's this industry they want to go into really research it. Like I said earlier experience everywhere and also look into other courses like English they're very helpful too''

I was in bed last night when I started thinking about who I'd get to play me if my life was turned into a movie... I thought for hours and hours before realising I'd like either Martha Followill or Iggy Azalea to play me... Yes I know.. 
Then I thought who could play Lisa? Immediately I thought of Katy Perry  for Lisa.. 
''Oooo Katy Perry??? I'll take Katy Perry. 
Oh who would I pick?, I want it to be someone voluptuous maybe Catherine Zeta- Jones..No Jennifer Lopez. I'll pick J-Lo'
Jennifer Lopez as Lisa Cannon
Well  I approve!!

Finally before I left Lisa get back to work I asked her to tell us something about herself that no one else knows..
''Ehm, I'm a pretty sensitive person. I don't like seeing people upset when I see people cry, I cry. I'm really soft''
And with that  I conclude my interview with this legend!! Lisa is without a doubt one of the most down to earth person I've ever spoken to.
It was an absolute honour and I want to wish Lisa the best of luck in everything the future holds.

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