Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Dress up with my best friends. 
There are many reasons why I wanted Halloween 2014 to be better than Halloween 2013, many reasons in which I can not share with you as I'm currently erasing the day from my memory but what I can tell you is  from November 1st last year I made a pledge to myself that this Halloween would have to be special, it would have to be magical and it would have to be the best Halloween night ever... it ehm, wasn't. But on the plus side it was a serious improvement from last year and the best part of the night was I got to spend it with six of my best friends.

Obviously Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without Hocus Pocus so first on my list, was to catch up on my annual movie.  I wrote about the movie slightly before so won't go into too much detail right now but just please, do yourself a favour and watch hocus pocus.
Trust me, nothing gets you into the spooky spirit like a little bit of Hocus Pocus, and if you aren't singing 'I put  a spell on you' by the end of the film, put it back in the DVD player and start again.
Next on the agenda to get myself into the Halloween spirit was to put on my fake pumpkin Halloween nails which I bought in penney's for €1.50. If you aren't in the Halloween spirit after Hocus Pocus AND pumpkin nails then I really do worry about your well being.
My Halloween pumpkin nails.

Next on the list was my annual ..

Horedible Hands....

'Horedible hands' are something in which I've made with my family for years and without them it really isn't Halloween. You take a plastic glove and place one smartie in each finger (act as fingernails) you then stuff the glove with popcorn and there you have it a 'horedible hand'. Trick Or Treaters go mad for these and they look ridiculously cool too.

Since I had the year to spend thinking about Halloween, and what I could do to make it special this year I decided I'd chance my arm at baking. I mean how hard could it be, I used to be a natural and I made the perfect cake the week before.
The time had come the night before and I rounded up the crew to put up decorations and help me bake, after listening to Michael Jackson 'Thriller' on repeat for hours we decided it was time to turn our hand to the baking. I was thinking about this for weeks and I had decided to go ahead and make 'pumpkin jelly' with 75% vodka (what it's Halloween) a pumpkin cake and spooky cupcakes. Easy enough yeah??....
My 'pumpkin' Jelly didn't go exactly to plan after it fell apart.
As for my pumpkin cake.... Well we're still trying to figure out why it exactly turned green, and I'd love to say this didn't happen me before but am... it did.
When my mam arrived home I was in a sorry state, I already had a green cake, flopped jelly and a black sake full of vile cupcakes. Not to mention I was almost out of butter and eggs. Tearing up and realising my Halloween was going to be crap because there was no pumpkin cake my mam took pity on me and we tried again.

Haleigh and myself.
Yes I know, talented. If anyone wants to book a homemade cake of me please leave a comment below. I joke, please don't ever make me bake again, but turned out pretty good huh.
What could possibly be left after all that excitement you may ask?
Well the party of course, the part of seven. Getting ready and watching my friend fail to put in her freaky contacts 7.000 made me laugh more than anything even if a stupid little child called me scrooge. Brat.
At 8O'Clock it was finally party time and I couldn't wait for a chill night with my friends.
There was no bonfire in my area which I won't lie did ruin it a bit for me, but Halloween this year really opened my eyes on how I may have took Halloween too serious and at the end of the day no one cared about my orange icing not perfectly smooth on my pumpkin we were just great friends having great fun and that's what Halloween is all about.
And on that note I'll sign off, until next year...
The girlie 'Group Selfie'

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