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What Halloween means to me...

I'm crazily obsessed with Halloween, it's my favourite time of the year from the very first day in October it's Halloween .. Halloween ..Halloween. Ever since I was a little girl there was always something about Halloween that caught my attention, I don't know? I must of been a witch in my past life or something but there's always been something magical about Halloween.
I don't like horror movies, I don't practise pagan traditions, I'm terrified of ghostly things and I don't even like scary Halloween decorations, everything you'd associate with Halloween right? Well for me, it's completely different, that's not what Halloween is about.
From a young age, I mean eight/nine I've been looking into the history of Halloween (I'm a freak I know) but it's the most interesting thing I've ever researched, honestly.
Most Irish people don't even know Halloween started in Ireland, or why we go Trick Or Treating, or even why we actually celebrate 'Samhain', which is a pity and one day, I might even write a book about it but for now you'll have to do without.
(Well if you are interested in finding out about Halloween, I wrote about the history and you can check it out here  http://littlepieceoflynda.blogspot.com/2014/10/history-of-halloween.html?spref=tw)
(I can't even begin to start talking about what Halloween means to me without mentioning my favourite 'Halloween song' it's not even spooky and once again it's from the Disney channel movie 'Twitches' - An all time favourite film for me, but my Halloween is not Halloween without this film.. this song and film reminds me so much of my youth, going trick or treating, counting the pennies and even brings me back to spending Halloween night with my father watching the film, one song brings back so many smiles and good memories Exactly what I think of when Halloween comes into my head)

 And whilst I'm on the topic of Halloween movies I think it's time I introduce you to the first 'real' thing that makes my Halloween complete and that is Hocus Pocus. If you haven't ever seen Hocus Pocus you need to take a long hard look at your life... I won't lie and say it's scary for everyone BUT.. I personally find the start very scary and don't like watching it on my own.. What? I told you I don't like scary stuff. But the film is amazing and a must see, the tree Sanderson sisters will have you howling!!
 Not to mention I think I have the same personality as the witch Sarah, played by Sarah Jessica Parker... Well....
I'm pretty sure I've actually said this on a night out.
In my house we always went all out for Halloween, the garden, the hallway, the kitchen everywhere, so much so I used to be afraid coming down to use the toilet during the night. People would even take pictures of our garden when they pass. It's like a tradition we have. And there's ALWAYS a Halloween party to follow on Halloween night..
Pumpkins are always carved, and there's always 'witches toenails'- which are curly fries and 'Monster hands' - which are latex gloves filled up with popcorn and smarties in the fingers as the fingernails. There they are in a bowl on the kitchen table..cool huh.
One things for sure though, the decorations are never too scary..wouldn't want to scare the 'children' nothing to do with me, I swear!! As well as all that fun, there's bobbing for apples, swinging apple and even the 'who will win the ring from the barn breac' which all my family were aware that I used to have to win, look at my face though...How could I loose and not get married first???
I was way too scary for an eight year old.
Now that I'm older and the magic of Halloween should be dying off for me it isn't, weirdly it's getting stronger and stronger and I'm even thinking about what I'll dress my children up as for Halloween (In the next twenty years mam don't worry) but I think that Halloween does change a lot from when you're young. It's up to you though if you let that magic fade.
 For me, Halloween isn't about getting spooked or messing or drinking (but yes I'm at that age where I'll be drinking for Halloween) but Halloween for me is about the fun, the mystery the magic. When I picture Halloween in my head I'm straight back to that eight year old out trick or treating with my friend (before she swung her bucket upside down and loosing all her sweets) that old woman who always gave us apples and even that one house that used to give us €1. Halloween is all about magic and fun and laughter.. Best day of the year!!

HaPPY Halloween

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