Tuesday, 14 October 2014


What Halloween means to me...

I'm crazily obsessed with Halloween, it's my favourite time of the year from the very first day in October it's Halloween .. Halloween ..Halloween. Ever since I was a little girl there was always something about Halloween that caught my attention, I don't know? I must of been a witch in my past life or something but there's always been something magical about Halloween.
I don't like horror movies, I don't practise pagan traditions, I'm terrified of ghostly things and I don't even like scary Halloween decorations, everything you'd associate with Halloween right? Well for me, it's completely different, that's not what Halloween is about.
From a young age, I mean eight/nine I've been looking into the history of Halloween (I'm a freak I know) but it's the most interesting thing I've ever researched, honestly.
Most Irish people don't even know Halloween started in Ireland, or why we go Trick Or Treating, or even why we actually celebrate 'Samhain', which is a pity and one day, I might even write a book about it but for now you'll have to do without.
(Well if you are interested in finding out about Halloween, I wrote about the history and you can check it out here  http://littlepieceoflynda.blogspot.com/2014/10/history-of-halloween.html?spref=tw)
(I can't even begin to start talking about what Halloween means to me without mentioning my favourite 'Halloween song' it's not even spooky and once again it's from the Disney channel movie 'Twitches' - An all time favourite film for me, but my Halloween is not Halloween without this film.. this song and film reminds me so much of my youth, going trick or treating, counting the pennies and even brings me back to spending Halloween night with my father watching the film, one song brings back so many smiles and good memories Exactly what I think of when Halloween comes into my head)

 And whilst I'm on the topic of Halloween movies I think it's time I introduce you to the first 'real' thing that makes my Halloween complete and that is Hocus Pocus. If you haven't ever seen Hocus Pocus you need to take a long hard look at your life... I won't lie and say it's scary for everyone BUT.. I personally find the start very scary and don't like watching it on my own.. What? I told you I don't like scary stuff. But the film is amazing and a must see, the tree Sanderson sisters will have you howling!!
 Not to mention I think I have the same personality as the witch Sarah, played by Sarah Jessica Parker... Well....
I'm pretty sure I've actually said this on a night out.
In my house we always went all out for Halloween, the garden, the hallway, the kitchen everywhere, so much so I used to be afraid coming down to use the toilet during the night. People would even take pictures of our garden when they pass. It's like a tradition we have. And there's ALWAYS a Halloween party to follow on Halloween night..
Pumpkins are always carved, and there's always 'witches toenails'- which are curly fries and 'Monster hands' - which are latex gloves filled up with popcorn and smarties in the fingers as the fingernails. There they are in a bowl on the kitchen table..cool huh.
One things for sure though, the decorations are never too scary..wouldn't want to scare the 'children' nothing to do with me, I swear!! As well as all that fun, there's bobbing for apples, swinging apple and even the 'who will win the ring from the barn breac' which all my family were aware that I used to have to win, look at my face though...How could I loose and not get married first???
I was way too scary for an eight year old.
Now that I'm older and the magic of Halloween should be dying off for me it isn't, weirdly it's getting stronger and stronger and I'm even thinking about what I'll dress my children up as for Halloween (In the next twenty years mam don't worry) but I think that Halloween does change a lot from when you're young. It's up to you though if you let that magic fade.
 For me, Halloween isn't about getting spooked or messing or drinking (but yes I'm at that age where I'll be drinking for Halloween) but Halloween for me is about the fun, the mystery the magic. When I picture Halloween in my head I'm straight back to that eight year old out trick or treating with my friend (before she swung her bucket upside down and loosing all her sweets) that old woman who always gave us apples and even that one house that used to give us €1. Halloween is all about magic and fun and laughter.. Best day of the year!!

HaPPY Halloween

Thursday, 9 October 2014

History Of Samhain

Halloween for me is the most incredible, exciting, mysterious day of the year and always has been since I was a little girl. When most people think of Halloween they think of horror movies, and ghosts and spiders and all things spooky but for me, that's completely opposite when I think of Halloween I think of fun, and laughter and Irish history. History???.. yeah I know I don't seem like the type of girl that's interested in History and you'd be right I'm not interested in history until it comes to the history of Halloween.
 I remember the day as clear as glass. I was in fifth class in primary school and each week we had a page on a certain topic and we would do a small project on it during class, one October we got one on Halloween and I still remember the sheet to this day (I was 10, and I'm now 19) but there was something about the history of Halloween that made me fascinated, I don't know I must of been a witch in my past life or something, but to this day there's nothing I love more than telling people the history of Halloween, and now that's what I intend to do..
Cue spooky Halloween music...http://youtu.be/0dzGGv-RUU0 (Okay it's not spooky, it's the theme song for 'Twitches' but it's so good!!


The tradition of Halloween comes from Ireland in early BC, however back then it wasn't called ‘Halloween’ it was a day known as ‘Samhain’ which is the Celtic word for ‘Summer's end’. Samhain was a festival celebrating the end of summer, herds returning from pastures and land leases were renewed. At this time, many people believed that Halloween was the one day of the year where spirits could rise from their graves and walk amongst the living. To make sure that their upcoming year would be successful people lit great big bonfires to scare away evil spirits. They also dressed up and wore masks to confuse and rebel against the evil spirits, this is where the dressing up on Halloween stems from.

During the 8th century, a man called ‘Pope Gregory 3rd’ tried to distract people from this pagan tradition and brought in ‘All Hallows Day’ a day to Honor all saints known and unknown on November 1st. The Europeans accepted the new holiday but weren't easy to forget about their old traditions. From there Samhain became known as ‘All Hallows Eve’ and from there it was a short walk to the name we all know today ‘Halloween.

Irish people brought Halloween to the America when they fled the potato famine in the 1800’s. Halloween became a night of mischief with pranksters unhinging gates and overturning outhouses. The elderly people who were fed up with these jokers began holding Halloween parties to keep them entertained. On Halloween night the poor starving people in the town would go from door to door begging for small cakes to eat called ‘soul cakes’ similar to our Bream Brack’. In return for these cakes the poor people promised to pray for their dead relatives and this is where ‘trick or treating’ stems from.

The great big bonfires shrank to pumpkins carved into ‘Jack O’Lanterns’. However, pumpkins weren’t always used to make Jack O’Lanterns. Irish children used to use turnips until they arrived in America and discovered that pumpkins made much nicer lanterns and were much easier to carve.
Why would anyone do such a strange thing in the first place anyway??
Well, Irish legend tells us about a mean and stingy man named ‘Jack’. Jack was so mean in fact, that when he died the devil turned him away into the night, with only a hollowed out turnip and a candle in it for light.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My Criminal Ban

Eric Christian Olsen aka Deeks from NCIS LA. 
Like I mentioned before I'm quite immune to developing slight obsessions now and then and my latest endeavour has been wit criminal shows, so much so that my mother actually has me on a ban of NCIS LA. What can I say?  I missed out big time.
 When I talk about these 'criminal shows' I'm referring to the likes of Criminal Minds, CSI, Hawaii five-O and my personal favourite NCIS Los Angeles.
  I got so into these shows that I even considered becoming a federal agent with the FBI myself, but if you know me you'd know that I wasn't cut out to be a federal agent, firstly because I'd just cry, all the time and secondly I'm not American so can't join the FBI.. I did actually look into joining the European FBI, that was until I discovered that there isn't actually a European FBI and I felt quite stupid anyway apart from that I'd have no business working with the FBI, as cool as it would be, no thank you.
Plus I don't think I'd end up working with anyone like Deeks from NCIS LA, now he is something else. He's actually the reason I'm writing this blog, since I'm on a ban I can't watch him, so why not talk about him instead? - Now that's smart logic ehh ;-)
Well in short terms NCIS LA is based around four federal agents who are basically taking on the American scum who don't actually exist but you get so involved that you feel like you have the given responsibility to take their heads off. I'm not one to fall for characters that don't exist (Not including Mike from Desperate Housewives because like, that's Mike) but I dare you to watch one episode without falling for Deeks, he's the funny, surfer dude who has a massive thing for his partner McKenzie, who's trying to deny she's in love with him so you're following the love story of 'Denzie' and you can't even be jealous of her because they're too perfect so that even makes him all that much better....you think you're fine, that is until you see the episode when Deeks is being tortured and if you don't shed a tear watching that, then I judge you.
Cast of NCIS LA.
 Other than Deeks, there's serious eye candy going on there with Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J.. who ever cast this show... Good work guys!!
There's also one of my favourite actresses in the show Daniela Ruah, so it really is top notch.
  I will say though, the show makes you think about the crime that actually does go on and the work cops do to keep the public safe, I'm also very interested in how they actually do make shows like this, I mean what nutter writes the story lines?? How do they film those action scenes?
How do they cast move their legs the next day?
Christ, so many questions....
It also made me think about these cops though, I always thought you couldn't beat rugby players but these cops man..
Danny and his partner in Hawaii five o...

Is my point proven....

Monday, 6 October 2014

Martin Guilfoyle Interview!!

He's attractive, friendly, talented, funny and entertaining what more could you look for in a man???... hmm... okay so he's from Dublin but shur we all have our crosses to carry I suppose..
For those of you who haven't heard of Martin Guilfoyle before he's a radio presenter/ Dj/ model from Dublin.
 I first heard of Martin when he replaced Dave Cronin on my local radio station Beat 102 103 located in Waterford city. Originally working with Spin, he moved to the South East when he got his own slot presenting the very popular 'Top seven at seven' - Immediately he was loved by every listener and was a huge success. As well as working the night shift at Beat, Martin is a regular DJ in venues across the South and when he's has a second to spare he also dabbles in modelling...  *and breathee..he's now leaving Beat, moving to Limerick and presenting his own show on Spin South West. Christ.

Martin is and I'll put this as simply as I can, living my life!!! and I do deeply wish I could hate him...but he's just too nice!! I couldn't wait to catch up with Martin and find out as much as I possibly could..
So, from the start Martin...
''I gained an interest for presenting when I was 18 years old! I was driving home from school listening to 98fm in Dublin when I thought 'wow that sounds fun' so I then decided to pursue it. Fortunately for me there was a local radio station near where I lived called Liffey Sound Fm. They are so good for giving young people a chance to show what talents they have got. I called them and told then I was interested and within an hour Fran Walsh has me on air!! It was crazy!''
With a job as crazy as Martins, a job I want.. I have to ask what is a typical day like for a radio presenter?
''A typical day for me varies all the time. I usually wake up at 11 , have breakfast then go to the gym. Before I know it it's time for work which is 5pm. I am on air till midnight then could find myself djing in a club straight after! It changes a bit at the weekend where I go back to Dublin to work for Spin 1038''
It's all go go and more go!!.
Martin was originally worked full time on Spin 1038 on his own show! What did it actually feel like to be given your own show on air?
'' I remember when I was told a while ago that I had been given my own show on Spin 1038. It is a feeling that is impossible to describe. It was something that I really worked hard for that took years to finally pay off. It is understandable though as the industry is so competitive making it so hard to get that break''
Leaving the big city of Dublin for a much smaller city of Waterford must of been hard for you?
''The move from Dublin was easy! Everyone looks at me at is like 'why the f**k were you happy to move'. I get to go home to Dublin every weekend so I still get my 'big shmoke' fix. I am going to find it hard leaving the south east for the south west though''
 If you're working on a top radio station surely enough you would have to have a degree in something media related, am I right??
Nope, Martin didn't and look at him now..
''Strangely enough I have a degree in Business, French and Spanish. It hasn't really helped me yet no but if I start cursing on the radio at least I have a back up! It baffles people when I tell them I don't have a media qualification. Yes in my opinion being trained in media helps but if you have serious drive and one hell of a personality then stick your head down and annoy stations for work. They have the tools to train you if they like you!
I am not saying don't go to college by the way because it was the best time of my life, just everyones different and I think experience will stand for you more!''

 Listen.. how cool is it being a radio presenter?!!!
''It is literally the dream job. I never thought talking to myself in a room would be as much fun but it really is. I play music and prank people and get paid for it!! It's crazy! One day I plan on pursuing TV but as it stands DJing is so busy as is the presenting so I am just going to enjoy this for the moment''

Like I mentioned before, Martin is a lunatic when it comes to work and is juggling so many balls right now, but Martin... what's your actual passion!! What do you love the most?
''This is such a tough question. I enjoy them all I really do. Don't make me pick please!! There are days when I have to do all three. They are busy days and yes I do be wrecked after them but they are so much fun!!''
*holding back tears here* Leaving Beat for Spin South West must be hard? Especially since you fit in so well to Beat..how was it making that decision?
''This was such a hard decision. Beat is full of amazing people. It is one of the best environments I have ever worked in and every single person that works there is so nice! However I do love new challenges and hosting a breakfast show by myself is a challenge I am ready to take on!!''
Finally, for someone like myself who wants to break into this industry and follow in your footsteps what advice can you give?
'' Experience Experience Experience!! Get yourself work experience everywhere and mingle with absolutely everyone. You should also not be afraid to annoy people! Make your talent seen and annoy the hell out of bosses until they give you a shot. If you really want it be patient and keep at it!! It's a tough industry to get into and it is even tougher to stay in so put that head down and don't give up. Blogging, tweeting, youtubing etc are all way more important in my opinion the a degree. People love initiative and drive!''
If you think you might of seen Martin somewhere on TV but just can't put your finger on it, maybe this will refresh your memory...
Martin did in fact appear on the TV3 show, 'Take Me Out' - ohhh face palm!!
  Over to you Martin... 
''Take me out was a bit of fun. It was recorded long before it's air day. The production company called asking me would I be up for it. I said yes and genuinely had such a fun time!! I just felt sorry for girlfriend when they actually decided to air it. I didn't have one when we recorded but did when it went to TV, and no it's not the girl I went on a date with haha''
Apart from the whole 'take me out' and Dublin part Martin is an absolute legend and I wish him the best of luck in the world, any who knows fingers crossed that maybe I can be pestering him for work in Limerick next year ;-)


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Finals Of The Blog Awards Ireland 2014

Annmarie and myself at the awards
So if you've been following my blog you'll know I was a finalist in the youth category of the blog awards Ireland, and last night October 4th was the awards night in the Westgrove hotel in Clane and it was a thoroughly enjoyable night for all involved.
 The reception began at 6:30 and at half past seven we were brought into the dining room and we were introduced to our MC for the night, 'Bunny'.
A drag queen from Belfast who was absolutely fantastic, in my opinion the best part of the whole entire night. She was highly entertaining and a joy to watch!
Throughout the night there was games, songs, and awards given out.
Each course of our meal was was broken up with ten awards given out. Thirty in total.

The meal was fabulous, the hotel was amazing (especially since they were showing the Munster and Leinster match on the big screen... even though I only got to catch the first ten minutes). Finally it was time to give out the awards, I didn't take home the award but I was delighted to be a finalist.
Even though I didn't win it was a great experience and a great night.
A fraction of the lovely messages/tweets
I've received..
And I also just want to thank everyone who messaged me on facebook/twitter/phone and tweets they mean so much to me, thank you so much!xx

Friday, 3 October 2014

A 'productive' day in Cork...

A few months back I'd discovered that Lloyd Daniels (An Xfactor contestant back in 2009, who I was majorly obsessed with as a fourteen year old) was going to Cork in October to be in a show, well my heart. That was it I was going to go see Lloyd Daniels. With three of my best friends living in Cork this shouldn't be a problem I'll get to see himself. 
When October came closer I made plans with the girls about my trip down to Cork, I was going down on Wednesday evening (October 1st) we were going to go out for dinner then try catch Lloyd at the show and then I'd stay in my friends house. Thursday then we were going to head out to a Munster training session to get a jersey signed and question Conor Murray..I was then going to go do some shopping, chill with the girls and return home Thursday night relaxed, happy and after having the best two days ever!! Sounds great doesn't it?.. and all I had to do was get myself on the bus to Cork, and this is where the problem arose.
 I made my way to the bus stop on Wednesday evening in plenty of time, yano just to make sure I didn't miss it like I was meeting Lloyd Daniels tonight! I WASN'T under any circumstances missing this bus, so there I was at 2.30pm waiting at the bus stop for the 3:10..plenty of time.
I knew I couldn't get a direct Cork bus and I would have to get another one and then switch but I did it before, I'd be fine.
Around 3 O'clock a Limerick bus arrived, and I looked at the bus and thought to myself, Jesus maybe I should just hop on the Limerick and see if that's the bus I should take to swap?. Then again why would I get a Limerick bus to Cork?..that's stupid thinking Lynda so I stayed seated until around 3:30 when a Dublin bus arrived.. I jumped on the bus thinking right there's no Cork bus this is the bus I need to get, sprung onto the bus only for the driver to tell me that this bus wasn't going to Cork and I should of got the Limerick bus to Clonmel then switch there and get a Cork bus. However the last Cork bus left there at 3:30. So I wasn't getting to Cork today.  Well I never...
I suddenly got into a panic and began to freak out, what the hell was I supposed to do now? Maybe I could get a bus to Waterford and then a bus from Waterford to Cork. I sat at the bus stop for a good twenty minutes thinking of alternatives before I realised there was no buses that would get me to Waterford in time for the connecting buses...I was doomed and accepting defeat I went home, dragging my suitcase behind me..There would be no Lloyd.

When I got home I discovered I had no key so had to walk to my mother who was in work, I was on a rant and decided the best idea would be get the 9.10 bus to Cork and I'd get in at 11:30, Munster train at 1, loads of time the trip could still be salvaged, that was until I woke up at 8:30am and realised I was going to miss the bus! Well Christ give me mercy!! I was like an anti-christ. 
Look, I'll just get the next bus... Left my town at 11:20 gets me to Cork at 1:30. I planned it in my head.. right Munster train for two hours which means they're done at 2pm it takes around 30/40 minutes to get to CIT, pushing it but we could do it. I made the 11:20 and was finally, almost 24 hours late en route to Cork city. 
I wasn't on the bus an hour when I got a message from my friend Leanne saying they're training at 12 instead one 1, well I flipped but we had hope.. maybe they won't be done until 2:30 so we could still 'possibly' make it, I had so much belief that it would happen, until my bus was caught in traffic and we didn't get in until 1.45. Missing the 1:45 inner city bus, we'd have to wait until the 2O'Clock bus. My best friend Annmarie was waiting for me at the station in Cork and in my head all I was thinking was 'go' 'go' 'go'.. so much so I went to step off the bus and fell flat on my face. My knees were definitely busted open, I had to rely on a man to peel me off the ground, Annmarie too busy on her phone to even noticed I had face planted the ground. We needed to run to the bus stop now, now run with two busted knees 'moff it'.. so we jumped into a taxi and raced to CIT.
 We were almost five minutes away when Leanne rang us saying they were packing up, well Christ!! We had the poor taxi man up on two wheels before we eventually made it to CIT and they were just leaving. Annmarie got her jersey signed by Paddy Butler and she was delighted and I made my way over to Conor Murray. He pinky promised me something... meaning ....
So basically if you think about it, we were one/ fifth holding hands... Oh yes.

So I made it, I met Conor and got to see the girls again, things were great. We recruited back into town and scoffed a Mc.Donalds before Becca wandered in, and the crew were back together!!
Becca then asked if we wanted to go and have a look around the Oprah house and we could see Lloyd, eugh I wasn't really pushed at this stage. It was almost impossible and I wanted to look at the Halloween shop in Cork but we agreed we go for a look anyway. Expecting nothing but we'd go anyway. When we got there, opinions were divided when Leanne said back door and Becca said front door, I foolishly trusted Rebecca whilst Annmarie and Leanne wandered off the back way.
Just as we turned the corner I said to Becca 'turn your phone off silent incase the lads ring' just as I took my phone out I saw 'Leanne calling' - I wasn't even going to answer, yeah ye found Lloyd, yeah ye're with Lloyd now.. whatever until I heard 'here you talk to her' then a Welsh accent saying 'hey you alright'.. well Jesus holy Mary mother of God, did I freak!!
Myself and Lloyd Daniels.
He was trying to explain to me where they were but I didn't have a clue, I freaked so much he couldn't understand me anymore and told the lads I 'went all Irish'... He said he'd wait for us to come and everything.
 Me and Becca took off sprinting down the street until I looked up and there he was... 
Mr.Lloyd Daniels...
 I can tell you now, he's the sweetest, nicest human being you will ever meet. 
He hugged me when I came up to him, when I was leaving and he even kissed me on the cheek. I was in my glory!! 
My inner fan girl was buzzing, and it even came out a bit too when I pointed at him saying, 
The bus home...the worst.
'You're Lloyd Daniels' - He couldn't of been nicer. He chatted to us and he even HELD MY BAG WHEN I WAS LOOKING FOR MY PHONE!!!! - He may possibly be the nicest famous person I've ever met. Not to mention his carved by angels face.... Pwooor!!
After that we went back to Annmarie's before finally heading to the bus station.. it was the most successful trip to Cork ever and enjoyed it so much.
 Apart from everything, there's nothing better than a day out with the girls! 
And once again, missing all those buses just proves..
Everything happens for a reason!!