Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Mursher Chase.

'Get down ya mutt' - They're words you could possibly hear me say.. I'm not going to lie and say I'm the greatest animal lover in the world...however I am in fact infatuated with my little baby Mursher.
 Before I begin, I want to explain myself regarding the name of my dog..

The history behind her name is quite simple, as you may know by name I'm a huge Munster Rugby fan, I'm still trying to write a post where rugby isn't mentioned, however my two favourite players are Conor Murray and Mike Sherry. So when I got my 'princess' the name deciding process began and of course 'Murray' was thrown about as an option 'Sherry' was an option but then it hit me, what about a mixture?
 What about miker?? - It was just that little bit too masculine. Then as a joke my mother suggested 'Mursher' and I loved it!! That was it...'s kind of cute isn't it?..
My friend's still don't really agree.. some of them still can't even pronounce it... two years on.
The inspiration itself.. Conor Murray and Mike Sherry.
 My  Lame Excuses...
1. I was young: This coming October Mursher will be the big '2' meaning I was two years younger. So I was seventeen at the time look, I was young!! That is young, I knew no better.
2. Originality: In all seriousness, how many dogs do you know with the name Mursher? Well except for this one, the answer is probably none, so shes original alright, maybe a bit too original but hey.
3. The cuteness: Okay so maybe Mursher isn't the girliest of names but think of all the cute nicknames I can get out of it? Murshy, Mursh she even answers to 'Mike Sherry' these days. (If you say it really really fast and kind of grunting.)
4. It's kind of funny/ kinda/sorta/small bit funny: When you're seventeen and fangirling over two rugby players you don't really think of the consequences of having the most oddest named dog on the planet. It's kind of funny though when someone asks the name and you've to spend the next twenty minutes explaining to them why you choose such a name...
Once again, as a seventeen year old any chance to talk about the lads is a bonus.

As you may tell from the pictures, Mursher seems like a innocent, cute, fun loving dog.. who does no harm to nobody,
well you would in fact be correct, I don't think the dog even knows she has teeth.
 She is the dumbest animal you will ever meet, and now I mean DUMB.
Her daily activities involve..
1. Chasing the birds as they fly past her.
2. Splashing in a big bucket of water.
3. Hitting my other dog Molly in the face with the paw. She just wants the cuddles.
4. Getting the 'shakes' even in the height of the summer months when Mursher wants to come into the house she develops the 'shakes'... to be fair it works for the little runt.
5. Woofing late into the night... Yes I have been seen screaming out my bedroom window at 4'am with a face full of sudocrem ... ''GO TO BED MURSHER'!!!!!
  Yes, she is the cute faced dog, with the big brown eye's BUT...She's not all that innocent.
Poor Polly has never been the same since.

Not to mention the time she tried to rip up my Conor Murray banner, or the time she chewed my signed Rugby Ball, and don't get me started on the time she jumped into the paddling pool and soaked me to the skin... she's a demon alright..

 However, last night reached an all time low for Mursher when she decided to do a runner out the front door. Mursh is one of those over hyper, giddy dogs and is kept out the back garden. 
I bring her for a walk everyday but she's never allowed off the lead, for the simple reason - She's too stupid and runs out in front of cars, anyway last night I brought her for a walk and just coming in the front door she broke off her harness and off she ran..I heard that if your dog even runs away, you don't chase them you lay on the ground and they come to you...PHA...
She wagged her tail and took off even faster ready for a chase. I knew I needed back up so I retreated back to my friends house, we then roped in another friend and the three of us split up with our torches. I live in a small area, but Christ.. late at night, in the dark ...the hound could be anywhere!!
After about half an hour searching around like the ghost busters, we took on a new member of the 'Find Mursher Brigade'.. he went off on his bike whilst the three of us braced... THE BACKS!!!
The backs is a scary dark, almost alleyway behind the houses. It separates the houses from the graveyard.. yep!! You heard me... 
We then heard a bark, IN the graveyard... you just knew it was coming didn't you.
 Anyway by the time we arrived she was gone and my other friend had her out the front... The ordeal was over...
So well really the moral of this story.... anyone want a big brown eyed spaniel/retriever holler my way!! 

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