Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Limerick City Kiiid

Anyone that knows me, knows that I develop the odd obsession now and then, such as my bizarre obsession with Halloween, my complete and utter obsession with Kings Of Leon and my well not so bizarre obsession with Conor Murray, but what many people don't know about is my obsession with cities in particular Limerick City. 
I always have a dilemma with Limerick, there's always so much I want to do there and one day just isn't enough, even with this I don't think one blog is enough to fit everything in. 
 For those of you reading who are not familiar with Limerick, it's the home of Munster rugby. A city located in the South West of Ireland.
City of Culture 2014, home to Conor Murray and I kid you not my favourite place on earth. 

I'll go from the start  and tell you about what initially drew my attraction to Limerick and yup you've guessed it, it draws me straight back to rugby playing scrum half Conor Murray. I swear I didn't actually think of anything else as a sixteen year old!! 
My first trip to Limerick, There we were
standing outside the Milk Market like
complete tourists!!
Anyway, I knew of Limerick but had never been there, I mean everyone in Ireland has heard of Limerick and it's awful reputation as 'stab city' but after I got into Munster rugby it wasn't long until I realised everything rugby related goes on in Limerick, it genuinely is the home to Munster rugby.
I remember it well, 3rd December 2012, my first trip to Limerick. I had dragged my two friends along, and you know being sixteen we weren't aloud wander around a strange city by ourselves my mother came along.. I know what you're thinking.. how can you go on the creep with the mother cramping your style, but we managed.
 It was eventful to say the least.. of course we all had the stereotype of Limerick the 'well we're going to die anyway so..'
We got on the bus and these thugs got on a few stops into the journey, well we sh*t ourselves and it wasn't long until we had good reason to, they were throwing chocolate down the bus at us, what could we say only 'well what do you expect we're going to Limerick' .. except the little gurriers got off before we even reached Limmers!! Slightly awkward...
Anyway, we wandered off down to the main street called 'O'Connell street' when we heard police sirens go off all around the city 'Well that's that now, someone been murdered we're all going to die'.. it wasn't long until the stereotypical faces were slapped off us when we realised the sirens were a bunch of policemen dressed up as Santa driving down the street.. and that was it, that was the very moment that Limerick pulled on my heart strings and I knew I'd have an attachment to this place forever. 
There is so much that I'd love to tell you about Limerick, such as the atmosphere on match day, the milk market early on a Saturday morning, the sun setting on the Shannon, wandering around UL, or stumbling *randomly* into the rugby team training, there's so much to say but when I go on my trips to Limerick they do tend to follow a certain path..
It can go one of three ways: 
1) I'm up for no reason other to stalk the Munster Rugby team whilst they train in UL. Many a morning's have been started on the 7am train to Limerick. 
These days are unreal!!.. not just because I get to see the rugby players but because I'm back in my second home.  
Realistically I've dragged about ten of my friends through this event.
The morning starts, for me at around 5.30am (I know, crazy!! but trust me I'm no good to anyone without my tea and relaxation time in the morning) so once we board the train we're off to Limerick Junction, only to wait there in the freezing cold (and rain) for about half an hour before boarding a train that will actually bring us to Limerick.
When we do finally arrive it's usually before 11am and I love it, the cities barely awake and there's never many people around. When we get to William street then it's another 'inner city' bus. These fascinate me!! small little buses driving around the city..so cool!! 
Anyway, when we finally reach UL we head to the sports bar for ehm, tea..I really love my tea. 
After watching training it's usually just back into town, McDonald's and then rush to get the train back home. Okay Okay.. it doesn't sound like the best day ever, but trust me..it is.
Tourist picture outside the Clarion. 

2) The second reason why I come to Limerick is for absolutely no reason, and I love this reason. It can be for anything.. just them random shopping weekends away which I love... okay it happened like twice but it's so much fun.
I become a total tourist in Limerick every time this happens, I get to stay in my favourite hotel 'The Clarion' it's the best hotel in Limerick, guaranteed. 
I love it, when you have a spare day I'd highly recommend going to Limerick, there's so much to do.
There's nothing I rather more than being in Limerick on a Saturday morning and heading out to the milk market. It's so cute and is packed with amazing speciality foods, crafts and warm and welcoming locals... this is the most popular attraction for my mam, she loves this place and I do myself.
I've visions of myself living in Limerick, married to Conor Murray heading down on a Saturday morning to buy the carrots for the week.. Hey!! a girl can dream can't she!!
But all jokes aside, there's nothing better than just getting up to Limerick just to chill out, many a evenings have been spent people watching or sipping on cocktails..I even bought my debs dress there on a random shopping day, it's the best!!
3) Finally my last, and most favourite reason to be in Limerick... A Munster Match.
*cue my Limerick song* http://youtu.be/P8a4iiOnzsc ... Radical Face- Welcome home, I can't come to Limerick without listening to this song. It just makes my trip!! 
There's nothing more I enjoy doing than coming to Limerick to go see a game of rugby in Thomond Park. As a rugby fan, Thomond is one of the most spectacular stadiums. It's a place where dreams have been crushed, but so many more have been made. 
Arriving in Limerick on a match day is one of those experiences that you will never forget, there's Munster flags everywhere, every second person is in something Munster related and  if you're in the right place at the right time you might even spot some of the players themselves ;-)
Since the games tend to be in the evening times I stay overnight, in the clarion obviously!! The clarion is a special place to me for so many reasons, it is in fact the place I first ever met Conor Murray in the flesh.. but that's a whole different ball game, you can read about that one here http://littlepieceoflynda.blogspot.com/2013/11/5th-may-2012.html?spref=tw but opposed to that it's a magical hotel.
Walking the route to Thomond is honestly the best, the 'Red Army' which is what they call Munster fans usually take to the treck together and then suddenly you're there, you're in Thomond Park and that's just the beginning.... it's the most amazing experience, honestly!!
I wanted to keep this short but there is a million and one other things about Limerick that make it so special. I just hope that sometime soon I can call Limerick my home.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Coia Dahill Interview

I'm always on the lookout for successful, ambitious hardworking women and those three words fit the exact description of my latest  interviewee Coia Dahill.
For those of you who haven't heard of  'Coia Styles' - she is a freelance, mobile hairstylist and makeup artist located in the town of Clonmel in Tipperary. As well as this, Coia is a fashionista with the most incredible wardrobe in the South East.
She also writes her own blog where she shares all her reviews and beauty tips. A must read.
Her quirky style, along with her ambition and passion has led this 22 year old into huge success. Nothing can stop this lady as she goes from strength to strength.

I first encountered Coia when she beautified a friend for her eighteenth birthday, the first thing that caught me about her was her style, WOW!!! Next, her make up kit.. DOUBLE WOW!!!
I had Coia booked for my Debs so I watched carefully, and as peculiar as I am when it comes to hair and make up... I was impressed.

I couldn't wait to catch up with Coia and find out more about her and her success.

Coia's transport.
''I've always loved hair from a young age. I was always cutting my barbies hair and often took the scissors to my own hair when I was younger.
I have been experimenting with colouring my hair since before I made my confirmation.
As for makeup, I always loved makeup, I was definitely interested in it but didn't know everything about it.
My love for makeup has blossomed since I did my course this year, now I know everything I need to know, I have way more confidence''
From my own knowledge, I understand that this career is based on practical as opposed to theory. Coia, like many started at the basics and worked her way up.
''I started training in a hair salon while I was still in school and I feel like that's the best thing to do as you get hands on experience and after I finished my apprenticeship I did my City and Guilds part time (every Monday for nine months) to get my papers. Regarding makeup, I did a ten week course and also did additional classes and courses with the likes of urban decay, Laura Mercier and Tara O' Farrell.                                     If you have an interest in something I always think you pick it up quickly'' 
I know myself from watching my friends there's been a huge increase in the interest in hair and beauty, so I asked Coia what's the best advice she can give people that are actually interested in this industry.
''I think the best experience is hands on, so go on and do it if you can. Get an apprenticeship, do courses, learn things from interest, practise on your friends and family. If you are eager to learn it won't go unnoticed''
Hair and Makeup by Coia
If there's one thing about Coia that shocked me it's her make up kit. Honestly, it's a must see. She comes along with a few bits and a trolley..  you think to yourself 'Jesus that's big' then she opens it.. and there's another layer, then another and then six more and it's wow!!!!
From the naked palette 2, to every real technique brush you could dream about Coia has them all..
But what's the most important beauty products in that box??..
''Moisturiser! I can't understand how some people don't need to moisturise. I hate it when my skin feels dry.Foundation, since having some skin problems lately I always wear it. My eyebrow palette for filing in my brows, I'm obsessed with filling in my brows!!     For a hair product I would have to say Revlon Uniq one spray, it's like a leave in treatment and you can spray it on your hair when it's wet and dry it, so quick and easy, I love it.
 I admire anyone who has the initiative to set up their own business, especially if it's because they wanted to do it their own way and that's exactly what she did..
''I was unhappy where I was working so I started saving up to get things I needed to start up my mobile hairdressing business, and then the day came for me to hand in my notice and the rest is history. Most of my clients came with me and I have met so many new clients since''
Hair by Coia.
I had to ask what Coia would give women, like myself  hoping to set up their own business?
''To be 100% sure that you are able for it, it can be stressful.                                                Be prepared to work hard, you don't get to clock off at 6 o'clock every night, there are things like paperwork and replying to clients to do when you stop physically doing hair.   And to be happy, if you love what you do it will shine through!''
It's almost one year on since 'Coia Styles' was established, but was it always the dream?
Hair and makeup by Coia.
''I definitely always wanted to work for myself. I'm very strong minded and opinionated and it's hard to work for someone else when you don't like how they are running things.    I would definitely love to open a salon one day, but not a normal salon something totally different!.. Watch this space ;-)''

There must be some secret?... how did she actually get where she is today?
'I worked really hard, never gave up!                                  Even when I was left go from my apprenticeship at 19 I went and did my City and Guilds and after that started work in another salon, where nothing you did was ever good enough but instead of letting it bring me down it pushed me even further to start my own business and here I am one year one, the best decision I ever made''
 Teenage girls.. what are we like?!
I asked Coia what's the best advice she can give us and quite simply...
''Teenagers, it's hard being a teenager and girls can be so mean! But just try stay true to yourself, don't let negative comments or people change who you are, stick to your guns and you'll be happier in the long run.                                                                                     The best advice I think is to never get complacent, never sit back and say I know it all now I'm fine. Never settle, always strive to learn more and do better than yesterday''
Style Queen!!!!
Like I've mentioned on numerous occasions Coia's fashion sense gets to me, and basically.. I want Coia to dress me, everyday.
''My style secrets? I don't have any to be honest. I just wear what I want, if I think something looks cool I'll wear it. I'm lucky that I'm not bothered with negative opinions so it doesn't affect me with what I wear! The quirkier the better as far as I'm concerned''
 Finally, before I leave Coia go I had to ask if she ever expected to be going this strong a year on? How has her life changed from this time last year?
''I didn't expect for it to go this well, considering I had never even planned on becoming  a makeup artist, and now I have my own blog, a good following on Facebook and planning to start  YouTube tutorials! My party night is sold out, I never expected it to be that popular! I can't wait to celebrate with everyone.
 Coia is easily one of the most talented, inspiring women I've ever met and such a pleasure to be around. She even experienced my pre-debs break down and didn't run for the hills.
Be sure to check out her website/blog 
and hit that 'like' button on Facebook 

Monday, 22 September 2014

My Blogger Journey!!

When I started this blog I never expected anything to come of it, I set it up as I was told to 'get my name out there' - Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be sitting here looking up dresses to wear for the Irish Blog Awards, yet I am, and I'm not just attending the event. I'm going to the event..as a finalist.
It really is a dream come true.
I can't begin to explain to people how nervous I was telling people I had a blog. I was so lucky that every single one of my friends were supportive, i got so many lovely messages and I still do. I love being able to say I am a blogger. It gives me so much pride and I'm blessed to say I've met so many lovely people through blogging, I'm blessed.

I've gotten the chance to speak to so many young girls, like myself who are interested in blogging. I've made some lovely friends, I've gotten to speak to many celebrities, I still pinch myself at the fact I spoke to Laura Whitmore. It's been an amazing two years for me and I just want to thank everyone who's ever read my blog and especially those we gave me a lovely comment/message/drunken conversation about my blog, it means so much to me so thank you.

I'll be travelling to Dublin on October 4th to attend the Irish blog awards event as I'm a finalist in the 'youth category' - I've stalked the competition and ehm, yes I'm bricking it there's some amazing blogs out there written by the youth of Ireland and I'm absolutely honoured to be part of that category.
You can check out all the finalists here.. http://www.blogawardsireland.com/category/finalists-2014/
I'm looking forward to meeting so many interesting people. It's a great opportunity and I'm so excited!!

 I'll keep posted about my journey and the event but this is just a quick post to say THANK YOU for reading this. It means so much to me and I encourage anyone who's thinking about starting up a blog to do so. It can be very nerve wrecking but so worth it. If you have an interest in writing, start a blog. It's the best decision I've ever made.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Mursher Chase.

'Get down ya mutt' - They're words you could possibly hear me say.. I'm not going to lie and say I'm the greatest animal lover in the world...however I am in fact infatuated with my little baby Mursher.
 Before I begin, I want to explain myself regarding the name of my dog..

The history behind her name is quite simple, as you may know by name I'm a huge Munster Rugby fan, I'm still trying to write a post where rugby isn't mentioned, however my two favourite players are Conor Murray and Mike Sherry. So when I got my 'princess' the name deciding process began and of course 'Murray' was thrown about as an option 'Sherry' was an option but then it hit me, what about a mixture?
 What about miker?? - It was just that little bit too masculine. Then as a joke my mother suggested 'Mursher' and I loved it!! That was it... Mursher....it's kind of cute isn't it?..
My friend's still don't really agree.. some of them still can't even pronounce it... two years on.
The inspiration itself.. Conor Murray and Mike Sherry.
 My  Lame Excuses...
1. I was young: This coming October Mursher will be the big '2' meaning I was two years younger. So I was seventeen at the time look, I was young!! That is young, I knew no better.
2. Originality: In all seriousness, how many dogs do you know with the name Mursher? Well except for this one, the answer is probably none, so shes original alright, maybe a bit too original but hey.
3. The cuteness: Okay so maybe Mursher isn't the girliest of names but think of all the cute nicknames I can get out of it? Murshy, Mursh she even answers to 'Mike Sherry' these days. (If you say it really really fast and kind of grunting.)
4. It's kind of funny/ kinda/sorta/small bit funny: When you're seventeen and fangirling over two rugby players you don't really think of the consequences of having the most oddest named dog on the planet. It's kind of funny though when someone asks the name and you've to spend the next twenty minutes explaining to them why you choose such a name...
Once again, as a seventeen year old any chance to talk about the lads is a bonus.

As you may tell from the pictures, Mursher seems like a innocent, cute, fun loving dog.. who does no harm to nobody,
well you would in fact be correct, I don't think the dog even knows she has teeth.
 She is the dumbest animal you will ever meet, and now I mean DUMB.
Her daily activities involve..
1. Chasing the birds as they fly past her.
2. Splashing in a big bucket of water.
3. Hitting my other dog Molly in the face with the paw. She just wants the cuddles.
4. Getting the 'shakes' even in the height of the summer months when Mursher wants to come into the house she develops the 'shakes'... to be fair it works for the little runt.
5. Woofing late into the night... Yes I have been seen screaming out my bedroom window at 4'am with a face full of sudocrem ... ''GO TO BED MURSHER'!!!!!
  Yes, she is the cute faced dog, with the big brown eye's BUT...She's not all that innocent.
Poor Polly has never been the same since.

Not to mention the time she tried to rip up my Conor Murray banner, or the time she chewed my signed Rugby Ball, and don't get me started on the time she jumped into the paddling pool and soaked me to the skin... she's a demon alright..

 However, last night reached an all time low for Mursher when she decided to do a runner out the front door. Mursh is one of those over hyper, giddy dogs and is kept out the back garden. 
I bring her for a walk everyday but she's never allowed off the lead, for the simple reason - She's too stupid and runs out in front of cars, anyway last night I brought her for a walk and just coming in the front door she broke off her harness and off she ran..I heard that if your dog even runs away, you don't chase them you lay on the ground and they come to you...PHA...
She wagged her tail and took off even faster ready for a chase. I knew I needed back up so I retreated back to my friends house, we then roped in another friend and the three of us split up with our torches. I live in a small area, but Christ.. late at night, in the dark ...the hound could be anywhere!!
After about half an hour searching around like the ghost busters, we took on a new member of the 'Find Mursher Brigade'.. he went off on his bike whilst the three of us braced... THE BACKS!!!
The backs is a scary dark, almost alleyway behind the houses. It separates the houses from the graveyard.. yep!! You heard me... 
We then heard a bark, IN the graveyard... you just knew it was coming didn't you.
 Anyway by the time we arrived she was gone and my other friend had her out the front... The ordeal was over...
So well really the moral of this story.... anyone want a big brown eyed spaniel/retriever holler my way!! 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The School Drop Out!!

If you've read my previous blog (http://littlepieceoflynda.blogspot.com/2014/08/repeat-2015.html?spref=tw) you'll know about how I was a leaving certer repeater after not receiving the points I needed for my course.. so back I went, reluctantly and had the worst two weeks of my life. 

One of my favourites..
'It couldn't have been that bad??' you might have thought? - Oh but it was, picture the worst you could possibly imagine, now multiply that by forty and cover it in brussel sprouts and that's how bad it was. Not one bit of an exaggeration!! 
Nothing against the girls in the year, who the majority are lovely and even the work wasn't that bad it's just very, VERY hard. Trying to break into a group of girls who have been together for years is ridiculously tough, tougher than you could imagine..especially coming from a year where we were all sisters, one big massive family. I went back with two of my friends, who to be honest I wouldn't of ever stuck out the two weeks without them..especially with Moore sending me on motivational quotes every second day..
The first day back was awful, I sat there on numerous occasions just waiting to burst into tears, the place just wasn't the same and I think I can speak for all of us when I say, we were so out of place..second day, was the same.. yeah same with the third and well yes, you guessed it same for the next two weeks, however I did start making friends, and there is such a lovely bunch of girls in that year, that I'll actually be sad leaving, and after only two weeks.
Myself and the other two repeats mainly stuck together, and thinking back there was some humorous times...embarrassing but none the less humorous!!
Lunch times were easily the worst, okay we never reached the Cady Herring eating lunch in the bathroom stage...
Mean girls...

however, I'd say we came close a few times!
We used to go out every lunch, just walking up to the Esso, penniless but none the less of we'd go! ...one lunch time we proceeded to go outside and sit on the bench only to be intimated by first years... but then we reached it. An alltime low point for the three of us. 
1 O'clock came and the usual 'where do we go today' occurred, but this day we decided to go out for a walk which ended up with the three of us 'loners' sitting on a bus stop up from the school eating our lunch.. yes. You now understand how low we stooped. We were only blessed that the weather was nice.
My second issue was that I felt like I was old enough to be some of these girls mothers, okay I know that's not exactly logical at nineteen but honestly I heard one day saying she was born in 1998, Christ above I was going to playschool in 1998.. 
So after plenty of tears, and tantrums I decided I had no choice but to leave the school, it wasn't an easy decision as I felt like I was leaving the girls alone and not to mention I was sure there would be some fun along the lines with my new friends but for my own sake I had to leave.
 I am still going to study for my leaving cert and repeat it in June, except this time I will be teaching myself.... wish me luck. 
I'm not giving up on my UL Rag Week 2015 dream that easy..
 and anyways.. least I always have the support of my family... *sarcasm*
My not so little baby cousin. Great support.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Interview With Irish Womens Rugby Legend Fiona Coghlan.

For the past few years men's rugby has always been dominant in receiving the most coverage in the media, I personally being a major fan of Irish rugby throughout the years rarely heard any mention or update on how the woman's was progressing in this country. Until recently this has changed drastically in the past two years women's rugby has came into the limelight of the media and is being focused on more attentively these days.
The growth of interest in women's rugby is growing ever so fast compared to years ago. Women's rugby has really climbed up the social media ranks and is highlighting the point that so many women of different backgrounds and cultures are joining together in various teams throughout the country to show the enjoyment and popularity of the sport in this country. 
These women are demonstrating how and what was once deemed socially unacceptable for women to play rugby is now more than ever such a popular sport for young girls and women to play. 
The main women to thank for this is the current successful hardworking and determined Irish Women's rugby who finished in the rugby world cup just last month. There women are role models and inspirational to young girls and women throughout Ireland to encourage them that it is socially acceptable to play rugby.
I caught up with the rugby legend and captain of the Irish women's rugby team Fiona Coghlan to discuss the major impact her and her team have made throughout Ireland and how they have changed the social media perception of women's rugby.
They have captured and conquered the attention the past month. I was intrigued to find out what Fiona had to say about her recent success with her team mates. 

So of course I start with the basics and ask Fiona how she got into rugby? and if it was always something she was interested in..
 ''I was a sports mad teenager, playing every sport I could, jack of all master of none.There was no option to play rugby when I was younger but I would have watched my brother play and the Internationals. I went to college in UL and as you do in Freshers week, signed up for everything including rugby. I wasn't too taken with it after my first few sessions but once I played my first game I was hooked.'' 

Next I had to ask Fiona about how she finds it being a woman in such a male dominated sport..
''I've had such a positive response to playing rugby and I was involved in a club that fully embraced and respected the women's team. Normally people that slag women's rugby have never been to a game or else have seen a poor game and think that is all women's rugby''

It's clear to see however that there has been a massive increased support for women's rugby, not just in Ireland but across the world. 
''It is excellent to see any Women's sport get exposure and I'm obviously delighted that rugby it a sport in the limelight at the moment. I think the standard of the game has improved immensely and as result has found a new fan-base. In France there were sell-out crowds at both venues but to see a full 20,000 seater stadium for the semi's and the final was brilliant. On top of that 2.9 million French people watched their semi-final against Canada. With TG4 showing our games over half a million people were watching, which proves that there is an appetite for the Women's game.I feel it is important for the next generation to see it as a norm to see and go to Women's sporting events'' 

I then deiced I had to ask does it bother you that women's rugby isn't as built up as the men's game?
''It used to but we have to be realistic about things too. The men's game has been around a lot longer, they have more people involved and they generate a lot of money. You need to be successful in order to gain peoples recognition and respect and hopefully now we have done that so in the future things will be even better. It's not just women's rugby that doesn't get built up it's women's sport in general'' 
Fiona leading out her team.
Fiona has captioned the women into victory so many times now that I asked how she felt when she was chosen as captain..
''I was vice captain since 2004 firstly under Suzanne Fleming and then Sarah Jane Belton. When I was asked I didn't need to think about it I accepted immediately. I knew not much would change I would still be doing the same thing with just some added responsibilities but with the way our team work I have such good support networks around me''

Last week it was announced that the RFU would offer their women's team professional contracts, so I asked Fiona what she thought of this..
''To be honest the RFU are not the first to have contracted players.  In Ireland we have a number of players contracted to play Sevens, as do a number of other countries.
When people think professional contracts they think of the big money that their male counterparts would be on, no figures have been released but I would imagine the sum of money they receive is quite small''

To our despair Fiona has now decided to hang up her boots what is her all time career highlights and of course, the low points (not that there is many)
''Career high would be winning the Grand Slam & the historically beating of the Black Ferns.
The lows, not performing at all against England in WRWC 2014 and not beating France when we could have in WRWC 2014''

So much hard work and dedication goes into the training for these women especially in the build up to big matches,
what's the diet regime for the world cup you ask?...
Three months prior to the World Cup it was fairly intense, 2 day camps every weekend, we 3 morning sessions and 3 evening session during the week and a recovery session, leaving you with one day off.  Diet wise, it is very important to fuel your body for the amount of exercise that you are doing, but you have to put in quality food.  I found I wasn't consuming enough calories for the amount of work I was doing so I had to increase it''

With Fiona hanging up her boots, does it really mean we won't see her again? -Well we hope not any chance you'd consider coaching the girls Fiona???
''My reason for retiring was the time commitment so to get involved in  coaching it is a big time commitment too.  Also I am a far way off the standard of International coaching at the moment and would definitely to do a number of courses and coach other teams prior to International.  I wouldn't rule it out in the future but not right now..' 

I then finally ask Fiona what was the best piece of advice she's ever been given..
''Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. I was never the fastest player or the most skillful but I always gave 100% in training and in matches and I suppose that's why I've been around for so long. In sport, at times you get knocked by not being selected etc but it's times like that, that drive you to work even harder''

And so my interview with this rugby legend comes to an end, I for one would just like to thank Fiona for all her hard work and I know I'm not the only one to say I'm proud of each of those women!!
Showing the men how it's done....
Who run the world??.......