Tuesday, 19 August 2014

UL Rag Week 2016

 It's that time of year, the time of year where students who sat the dreaded Leaving Cert in 2014 get rewarded for all their hard work throughout the past two years and begin on their journey to college life, a time where all the study paid off and people realise how happy they truly are with life. They're ready to go off on their own and actually start living the life they've been dreaming about for so long and em, then there's me.
Yes, I did sit my leaving cert a few months ago, and yes I did blab about hard it was, and yes I did make it extremely clear to almost everyone in the country how much I wanted Journalism and New Media in UL, but ahm... let's just say that it really didn't go to plan.
To be honest it's still a touchy subject for me, and actually makes me tear up now and then but I decided to put it all down on paper (well the web)  to let other people who might be in the same situation and know that they're not alone. 

When I opened my results envelope last Wednesday morning (August 13th) I was disgusted, yes I was one of those people who cried and who wished they'd put more effort in throughout the year and it became extremely clear that I wouldn't be getting my first choice, or my second, or third or.. well the list goes on but when Monday morning came and I got my offer I was repulsed.. Yes I'd be in Limerick, however in LIT not UL (I'm not saying there's anything wrong with LIT.. it's just my heart was set on UL) and for Marketing and management. It's when I got that offer that it made me realise how much I wanted journalism and even more how much I wanted UL. To add salt to the wounds, it seemed like everyone who wanted UL got it, on top of that all my friends were delighted with their courses and they are all ready to head off... Don't get me wrong I'm delighted for them, and so excited to hear all the stories they'll have to tell, but Christ! It hurts!!

I met with my guidance teacher Monday morning, after calming myself down and she basically gave me all my options. We went through what the course entails in LIT and even she knew it wasn't for me.. maths, economics, more maths = unhappy Lynda, plus it's only a level 6. So I knew straight away it wasn't a course I was extremely interested in.
My second option was to do a PLC, there was some amazing courses on offer in Limerick College Of Further Education, some I really did love  but with only a level 5 and no accommodation booked, I don't know what to do. The idea of living inner city, on my own without loads of people around does scare me quite a bit, but it's an option at the moment.
My final, and most reluctant option is to repeat and to do it all again. That kills me.
Doing the Leaving Cert once was bad enough but again!! It horrifies me!! - Last year we all got through it together, the whole year!! We had each other but trying to break the mould and fit into a new year will be tough. Not to mention a whole new English course!! AND THE HOMEWORK!!! STUDY!!! UNIFORM.
It really breaks my heart, not something I'd love to do but all I can think about is UL.

I'm trying to make it as clear as I can in my head..
LIT - In Limerick, don't love the course, no UL.
PLC- In Limerick, love the course, no UL
Repeat- No Limerick, horrible - but a second chance!!!
In life I don't think there's many times you get a second chance but repeating is giving me the second chance!! Even though I always said repeating would  never be an option and I'd hate it, There's times when you realise that you need to suck it up just to better yourself.
And as my good friend Aoife Moore said to me this morning.
                        ''Never give up on something you really want.
                                                          It's difficult to wait, but worse to regret''
Repeat 2015... UL Rag Week 2016 - Let's be having ya!!!


  1. Fair play to you for repeating! :) it takes a lot if courage. I was thinking about it briefly cause I didn't get my first choice. Just make sure you put the effort in and always remember what you're aiming for.


    1. Thank you Ellen! Sorry to hear you didn't get your first choice but I hope you're happy with what you got :-)