Sunday, 31 August 2014

Oh The Debs..

My bestfriends, and Aisling!!!!!
If you follow my blog you'll probably have realised that I had my debs Thursday (August 28th 2014)-Just throwing that in there so when I look back in fifteen years I'll remember when I endured such a cringey awkward day, I am not under any circumstances saying I didn't enjoy the day because I did, like I really really did love it but c'monnn now lads it's not worth the big hubba bulua is it?!!
My day started like most others...I got up and got my cuppa tea, then arsed around for about an hour before hopping into the shower then 12o'clock along came the girls and we began to get our hair and makeup done, okay now there's a good thing, there's nothing better than getting yourself pampered. However I'm an awful picky person and I'm rarely happy with what people do with my hair and makeup so if I was to re-do the debs all over again I'd most definitely do my own hair and makeup...well with the help of my girls of course!!!
When we were glammed up it was time to get some dutch courage into us as I started knocking back the champers!!! - There's nothing nicer than the knock off cheap champagne for €8.50 in Paddy Farrels...guaranteed but finally my two best friends arrived and we began to do what we do best...POUT.
After we got our pose on along came my date for the evening, I was really lucky to have a great friend of mine coming with me it took away so much of what could be extremely awkward situation and I'd definitely recommend bringing a friend instead of a love interest.. I mean Christ light, I could only imagine how cringey that would be... think about it, a boy you fancy (who you probably don't talk to) bringing their parents to your house to get those traditional debs pics out the back garden.. wahhh... no way!! bring a friend you'll have way more fun!!!

Now....from here I'm not even going to begin to tell you about the nights antics, but summed up...If there's any bit of advice I could give future debutantes it's to keep calm, don't stress yourself out..bring someone you know you're going to have fun with and don't let anything ruin your night. I was very stressed out the day of mine and for absolutely nothing!! It's just a normal night out, except this time you're in a fancy dress!!
A night that I won't forget for a long time to come, I'll finish up with a few of my favourite snaps of the night (okay not my favourite but the most suitable)

My suitable Debs album..

Carrie, Nicole and myself..
Becca, myself and Niamh..
Carrie, Nicole, myself, Karen and the other Karen..
Myself and my mother..
Myself and Darragh..

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