Friday, 22 August 2014

It's ma birthday..

IT'S MY BIRTHDAAAAYYYYYY!!!! = My last year's birthday post.. Conor Murray's in it ;-)
First of all, I don't even like that song I just thought it would fit into my post and secondly I'M NINETEEN!! I decided to read my blog post from last year when I turned eighteen, and how old I felt.. (You can check that out above)..  and now look, I'm even older than I was then. Christ time goes by..
I always get very nostalgic around this time of the year, I'm actually one of the only people that dred their birthday every year, there's just something I don't like about getting old and realising you're one year closer to grey hair and ... responsibilities!!!
The Terror...
 It's very rare, as a self obsessed teenager that I talk about other people on my blog however, as I embrace into my last year as a teenager I feel very grateful for everything which is why I'm dedicating this post to my friends, and everyone who's made me smile/laugh throughout the year.
The night Tipp BEAT CORK!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha
I never do things lightly, so my birthday celebrations begun last Friday night when I had a bbq (minus the bbq) with some of my best friends. The nutters even bought me a birthday cake, and since it was Karen's birthday the next day and Jack's the day before we all celebrated in style, after my mother and uncle set up the garden for me. Even one of my bestest Cork friends came up for my early birthday, bringing a card with her... A card which just so happened to be signed by MIKE SHERRY!!! -Waaahhheyyy!!!
 Anyway, Sunday night we were out again, Discooooo.... #DontGoThere.
(Swear I didn't just mention this because it was the day Tipp beat Cork in the semi finial's and Leanne was here)

Anyway, next on the agenda was to wait four more days until my actual birthday on Thursday, and what a night it was.
I woke up showered with gifts from my mother, next I was off to get my hair done, and em.. yes! I am now a brunette.. maybe it wasn't exactly my smartest move a week before the debs.. but shur!!
My cake with the addition of Sherry!

The 'group selfie'
Next my friend Annmarie spoilt me with the new Munster bag, vodka AND A SALAD SPINNER!!! I couldn't of been happier!! As for Carrie... ARM BANDS!!!!! as well as loads of other stuff, I was delighted!! Haleigh with more wine for me.. You'd swear I was an alcoholic. But I was delighted!!
Even my 'surprise' cake was top notch. Thanks Guys!!! After we gathered in mine for the pre drinks we were off out to the local for thirsty Thursday.
My friends were there.. the drinks were flowing... and my friends know                                   what comes next ;-)
Couldn't of asked for a better night!!
Even though Annmarie lost her Vaseline and I lost my drink token, I had a great night with all my friends and that's what a birthday is all about!!
I got amazing presents, lovely cards and so many birthday wishes and tweets I couldn't be happier so thanks everyone who helped make my birthday as special as it was!!!
FINALLY, I'm not one to brag but came home to two nice tweets as well last night ;-)
And what Mike meant by that, is I was at training in UL last week and Mike said 'how did the birthday go'- Not realising it wasn't my birthday yet. I was just delighted he knew I was an august baby!!!
As for him... it was fourteen minutes late not 10!!

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