Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Debs Hair Ideas.

It's DEBS SEASON!!..Okay debs season is almost over but for me, I have my debs tomorrow and if there's not a million and one other things stressing me out right now it's the hair.
Christ almighty!! What do I do?! Do I go up? Do I go down? what do I do Jesus?!!!
 I'm so lucky to have the extremely talented Coia Dahill -(check her work out here) coming to my house to do my hair and make up and from the start I decided I wanted big and curly.. however as time progressed I decided I didn't want big and curly I wanted up, then I decided no I wanted down and now... I'm stuck.
This is one of my favourites, however it hasn't seemed very popular with my friends... obvious reasons I suppose!!
So after scouring the web for hours upon hours I've found some of my favourites that I want to share with you that hopefully, if you're an unorganised mess like myself can find some inspiration in!!

Up styles.... 

I know up styles are a serious must for most people that have a big event.. So here are a few of my faves!!

For the short hair beauties.. 

The popular curly mops..

And then there were the ones that have no category... 

And FINALLY... The queen of all hairstyles!!

Queen Lilly Aldridge!!

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