Thursday, 28 August 2014


The only reasonable advice I'm willing to offer on such a day.
Twas the day of the debs and all through my house.. oh whatever, whatever.. you get the drift.
Since I started secondary school I couldn't wait for my debs, it's been a major topic amongst my friends with the past sixth year it was one of the only things that got us through secondary school and now here it is, and I feel sick.
The absolute terror here as I sit and drink my tea it's too much, the stress and all I need to do is get a shower, shave my legs, paint my toes, exfoliate, do my tan, clean the house, go buy a nagan and then I'm good to go!
For those of you not from Ireland that will be reading this, or maybe you're too young to know what the debs is I went off onto wikipedia just to give you the exact definition and it is..
''debs or grad is a formal ball for students in their final year of secondary school in Ireland, analogous to the prom in North American schools or the school formal in Australia. "Debs (ball)", from "d├ębutantes' (ball)", is the usual name for girls' schools, coeducational schools, and some boys' schools; "grad" (from graduation) is often used in boys' schools.'' -

So basically we all get to put on fancy dresses, go out for a meal and drink..sounds the perfect night doesn't it, but with that you know there will be sadness and like numerous occasions I will probably cry at the fact it's the last time all us girls will be together. Some I'm not going to lie I'm only human, I don't mind not seeing again but most, yep just most definitely will cry.

But no back to me at my trauma.. I'm one of the luck people that are good friends with my debs date so that crosses some of the awkwardness by 10%, that being said I don't know how we'll keep a straight face in a dress and suit.. and could possibly want to strangle him at the same time so we'll see..
I was informed the other day that he asked my best friends were does he get the courgette.. COURGETTE!!! -And what's the worse thing is one of them agreed with him, that it was a courgette..Christ
This is a courgette.
And basically long story short.. I bought my own corsage!! Bloody courgette. 
This is a CORSAGE... not mine, but similar!!
So then there was my dress, the most important aspect of any debs ball, and I happen to be miss no luck when it came to the dresses..
Last January/February I okay not 'I' my friend Niamh found the perfect debs dress but I LOVED IT!! I needed it, it was perfection so I ordered it it wasn't too pricy it was perfect around the  €100 mark, waited weeks and weeks for it to arrive and when it did finally come.. all the way from Hong Kong it was disgraceful...awful...I hated it. 
Maybe second think what you buy online...
Plan B progressed..and quite quickly I may add. The mammy went off to Waterford on a day out shopping and came across the most beautiful pink dress, I loved it, even my friends told me 'It's the one' -I was mad about it, it made me feel like a princess...but no that wouldn't be good enough for me because I'd have to push it and go that one step further.
A few months ago, the mother brought me on a surprise girlie weekend to Limerick and whilst there of course a few debs dresses were tried on.. AND I FOUND IT. THE DRESS!!!!
Now purple isn't one of my favourite colours, I always wanted a pastel but this purple dress Jesus!! It didn't catch my eye straight away but the personal shopper lady gave me no choice and God bless her I loved it.
The only problem I had was I bought it in Debenhams, so others may have the same dress...
I waited through the two other schools in towns debs and not one person had my dress..I had got away with it, however I then found out another girl in my class got the dress two...
Ah there's always too misfortunes!! 

I'm now currently waiting for Haleigh and Laura to come so we can get dolled up, the excitement hasn't really hit me yet.. but I know in a few hours time with champagne in hand I'll blare up the Calvin H and all will be good...
Wish me luck!!

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