Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Greatest Night Of My Life..

...Until we got lost and stranded somewhere outside Dublin city.

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a massive Kings Of Leon (KOL) fan, well really anyone that has read my blog/ follows my twitter / looks at my music playlist knows I'm a massive KOL fan and last night July fourth was the night I got to cross something off my bucket list and actually go see my favourite band (and my future husband, Caleb) live and in the flesh and my God.. Were they amazing!!! 
I'm taking it upon myself to dub them as 'The Worlds Best Band'.. 24 hours has passed and I still can't bring myself to talk about it, best night of my life.

Of course it wouldn't be me if I just went to Dublin, had the best night ever and then went straight home, it's more like nearly didn't get to Dublin, got lost in Dublin, didn't get the bus in Dublin, got stranded in Dublin and then got a subway in Dublin ... YUM!!!!
Anyway, It began on Thursday night, the excitement hit me tomorrow would be the day I was going to see my husband Caleb Followill, not to mention I'd be hearing my favourite song 'Pyro'..Which I wrote about before... (You can check it out here
1am came, I was still awake..2am came, I was drinking tea...3am came, I was singing 'Use Somebody'.. 4am came..and I was asleep ...but 6am the alarm went off and I was up! Holy Moley today was the day!! This was it!! Same radius..AS MY HUSBAND!! WOOHOOO!!! except, I was feeling sick. Great!
Anyway, I pottered away, made my tea, began to pack and suddenly it was 7:40am, now this discovery hit me like a tonne of bricks. My train leaves at 7:45am and I live a good 12-15minutes walk from the train station. Long story short we got the 8:20 am bus to Dublin and finally we were off, myself, my 2 litre bottle of strawberry water and my best friend Annmarie and look I might as well tell you now, it's like dumb and dumber (me being dumb and Annmarie being dumber of course.) Anyway after our three hour bus journey we had arrived in the capital, and yes if you must know.. it was raining.. and yes we did get off at some random stop... and yes it was the wrong one miles away from where we were meant to be, after around 40 minutes of walking around we finally decided enough is enough and got a taxi. It wasn't until we arrived at the hotel that we found out we were literally across the road from it all along, but shur hey! least we weren't getting wet. 
We stayed in Cassidy's hotel, which I would definitely recommend it's just off O'Connell street basic enough but the staff are lovely, after quizzing the receptionist for at least 20 minutes, we decided it was time to make ourselves look pretty for my husband..(yes I'm talking about Caleb again.. he's just so perfect)

I convinced Annmarie that leaving Dublin for Marlay at 2:30 wouldn't give us enough time to get to the front, and that we didn't need food, and at 1:45, we were empty stomached and in a taxi and on our way to Marlay Park, three hours before the gates even open, just to stand in the lashing rain, already hungry but it was worth it!!
Anyway, when we arrived in Marlay I'd say there was a good sixty people in front of us already, just sitting around, drinking cans..I wasn't drinking because... yano, bladder the size of a pea, want the front, can't go to the toilet so.. no there was no liquids for us!!
When the gates did eventually open it was like a stampede to the field,  well we ran, literally legged it down the field with security people screaming at us to walk, but we were off like bullets before all of a sudden we reached the railings, the very front row, and my life was complete, well I knew it would be once I caught my breath again!! 

Here's my man from Koda!! 
At 5:45pm the first supporting act came out, a really good rock band called 'The Last Internationale'.. There going to be big, mark my words.

At 7 out came the amazing band Kodaline. If you ask me, they're the best band to have ever came from Ireland, not to mention I fell in love with the guitarist!! The beaut. 
They played all of their best songs, and I'm not going to lie at one stage I didn't know how the Kings were going to top them!! Top notch, I was proud to be Irish!!

When the boyos went off it wasn't long until the rodeos came out on the stage, and I finally got to see one of my favourite people from the Leon Chlan, NACHO!!!! - Kings Of Leon's cousin. If you watch 'Talihina Sky- The KOL documentary' he's one of the lead characters and you can't help but love him. He flew around the stage, and it's only at that very point, that it all became very real to me. I WAS GOING TO SEE KINGS OF LEON!!!!...and in a few minutes!!! I even felt faint for a while.
All of a sudden at around nine o'clock four men walked out onto the stage and the crowd went mental, I nearly fainted I'm not going to lie I think I could of even blanked out there for a while, I literally died inside...Here I was, FINALLY after so many years of waiting in the same radius as my husband, (okay maybe I should stop calling him that but he's perfection, I mean just look at him.) I was never happier!!
Caleb Followill... aka, my husband,
They burst out with the catchy tune supersoaker and everyone went nuts, it was incredible.. All I needed to know now was if they were going to play 'Pyro' - and *Spoiler alert* they did!!! and yes, I did cry.
They played a whopping 27 songs!!! 27!!! Can you believe they played 27!! The best set list I'd ever heard. Just look...
  • Supersoaker
  • Taper Jean Girl
  • Fans
  • Family Tree
  • My Party
  • Razz
  • Red Morning
  • Closer
  • Immortals
  • Notion
  • Southbound
  • Milk
  • The Bucket
  • King Of The Rodeo
  • Temple
  • Knocked Up
  • Pyro
  • Beautiful War
  • Radioactive
  • Don’t Matter
  • Molly’s
  • 4 Kicks
  • Cold Desert
  • Trani
  • Use Somebody
  • Crawl
  • Black Thumbnail
  • Sex On Fire
Caleb even said that he loved Ireland, it was one of his favourite places in the world, yep... I know!! I know!! KINGS OF LEON LOVES IRELAND....WOHOOO!!!!
The concert was incredible, I've been to a few concerts now and this just tops them all. I never enjoyed something so much in my life!! 
Matthew Followill..
If there's one thing that I'd recommend people do in their lives it's going to a KOL concert, and trust me. This is coming from a very picky 18 year old!! GO SEE KOL!!!
Why wouldn't you want to go anyway? I mean look at Jared... he's carved by angels!!

Leaving Marlay we were surprised with fireworks, I'm not lying I literally felt like I was in a night of my life!!!!
Even the lads seemed to have the best night ever..
Look what they tweeted about the concert!!... How amazing are these comments!!!!

Nothing could rain on my parade at this stage!! Especially since it was raining since they came out on stage anyway, but from what I told you already do you think anything could ruin my night? No? Well it did!! 
We were told it would be easy to get a taxi back to the city, 'Easy' so we followed the crowd down to where the 'taxi rank' was, stopping chatting to guards along the way who told us to follow down the road, go right at the junction keep going until we come to Lidl then a left and then there the taxi's will be, numerous guards told us this.. so off we went, like sheep following the drunken crowd, gasping, starving, and I was emotional enough as it was, I already had panda eyes from pyro!!
After walking for a good hour and losing most of the crowd it quickly became obvious we were in trouble!!
Taxi's were scarce and the chances of getting one now was close to impossible, and you could forget about walking into the city... no chance!!
For a small town girl like myself this was a shock, we ran up and down waving down every taxi that passed and no hope coming up to 12:30 I really started worrying and decided I had to ring my mother for help. 
We didn't know where we were so we couldn't order one, so I went off in search for a sign post, no hope and I burst into tears. Thinking back to how it must of looked I laughed but it was dodgy.
Picture two 'country' girls lost wandering up and down some random road in Dublin one bawling her eyes out and the other one just looking around.. not a pretty site. The guards passed up so we ran after the van trying to flag them down, would they stop?! NO!! What type of protection do we have in Ireland!!
We met into two other girls in the same position and at 1.30am we finally got a taxi to bring us into the city...I'm not even going into details of the terror but Christ.... 
Anyway, a recap..
2.I will marry Caleb Followill, or the equivalent.. probably the equivalent because yano Lilly Aldridge.
3.Don't trust the guards 
4.Dublin's taxi's are lethal
5.Mammy knows best.