Wednesday, 25 June 2014

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The Leaving Cert.

I know it's summer and I know the Leaving Cert is out of the way for so many people but It's been a few weeks now since I finished the leaving cert, and looking back I can honestly say I don't understand the over exaggerated hype which surrounds these exams. I know it's only the start of the summer and school is the last thing on your mind but tough, I decided to write this blog to not only rant, but to actually advise future sixth years to not get to dragged into this whole hype.
It was two weeks ago when I was out sunbathing with my friend when we heard on the radio it was 51 weeks until the leaving cert, 51 WEEKS!! (I don't get why they felt the need to say that) but we nearly got sick and what was that on the radio for you ask??... well to advertise revision courses over Easter. Yet another money making scheme that people wouldn't need if teachers could actually teach.  
I'm not by any means saying all teachers can't teach, I've had some fantastic teachers in my years but from my own experiences I've had, well one teacher in particular who shouldn't be aloud call herself a teacher, so bad she cost most of the class hundreds of euros on revision books, grinds and vodka (okay, that isn't the best thing to be telling you, but when we got our pre's back the amount of people we saw in the pub was crazy) but basically making us teach ourselves. It's outrageous!!

The minute you go into fifth year, you're put into the mind frame of a leaving certer, literally your focus is turned to these exams that seem like they're never going to come and then suddenly they're knocking on your front door. For me, I knew I wanted to go to Limerick so I made my own little countdown to the LC but by using my route to Limerick, such as the different stops you'd take on your way to Limerick marked different events like Pre's, Graduation you get my drift and I looked at this 'route' every morning and as it came closer I got more and more scared and for what? A few stupid exams that won't even matter this time next year.

I could never imagine why students dropped out of sixth year, I mean they are so close, and now having done it, yes I completely understand why students did it. I won't lie to you, sixth year is horrible but when it's finally done there's no better feeling in the world.

I wanted to write this blog for fifth year students in particular who will be going into sixth year and September and advise them on what they should do, then all of a sudden it hit me,
Why are you, Lynda Hennebry the most laid back leaving certer there has ever been in the history of Ireland trying to offer advice to students on studying!! ME, who helped plan a big party in the middle of the leaving cert (big props for that one Haleigh) but I'm in no position to advise ye!!
 But, I'm going to do it anyway!! And my only really big tip is to not let yourself get dragged into the hype about it, yes it's stressful, yes it's boring, yes it's horrible but at the end of the day it's the exact same as any other exam you've ever prepared for and you'll be fine.
Obviously studying is so important, but don't kill yourself either. Prioritise throughout the year, don't be a doughnut like myself and leave all the study for the last few weeks of school, do your bit as you go and you'll be fine. Allow yourself to still have fun, for example: If you want to go out on a Saturday night but have a six page essay due Monday morning, then you get up Saturday morning and you complete that essay, you don't stay in and become 'dry' you do your bit and go have fun, that's just how it is and if all fails then I've an excuse for you..
Good luck :)

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