Friday, 23 May 2014


 ''I'm not sad about leaving high school I'm pretty damn happy I'm almost out, I'm sad that I'm growing up'' - Unknown author
When I'm writing a blog post I normally just sit down and go with the flow but this time it's different.
This time, I've been thinking about it for the past two weeks, never in my life did I have to think about something so much but today Friday 23rd May 2014 I am graduating from school, and I'm finally ready to put up my piece and see how it goes.
It's a day I never expected to see, a day where I'm graduating with the best bunch of girls ever. Education was never my strong point, never liked it, never agreed with it, I mean day in and day out the same routine, dressed identically to the person on your right, and the person on your left and in fact the person on the other side of the school but it's a day I could never see coming!! 
It was never my favourite place to come, as a matter of fact suffering with anxiety it was a nightmare at times but every morning walking though that door bring greeted with smiles from the girls (or the weekend gossip) made me relax and realise I was back where I belong!! I had a purpose in life! Part of a community, I belong here and the thought of leaving is enough to make a stone cry.
Literally, I woke up this morning with a face like this,
It finally hit me, that I was done school and the people I grew up with would all be leaving me! Something I thought I was ready for was about to begin, and well....I'm not ready for it!!!

Graduating from school is such a huge step from everyone, I can't speak for everyone but how I feel right now is sad, happy, excited, nervous but absoutley buzzing for what's to come, the way I see it is, we're a book, our lives are a story and this is the end of one chapter. An amazing, exciting, chapter but like everything it's come to an end. But when a chapter ends a new one begins and that's exactly what's going on in life right now!!
We're at the best years of our lives 18/19 - were old enough to know better but young enough to get away with it!! 
What could be better!!
I'm not saying it's not scary, leaving school, leaving home, moving away, leaving friends/family it's absolutely terrifying so scary that even thinking about it brings a tear to my eye but it's now, today that our lives begin.

For me personally, I don't remember much about first to third year, they were odd years!! 
We came into the school not knowing many people, we were so young, some 11/12/13 now leaving at 17/18/19 it's crazy too think that a group of strangers could connect so much over six years and become a family! A weird dysfunctional loving family but that's what we became.

Then there was transition year, or as I call it the best year of my life!! The year I discovered Conor Murray, I did everyones head in yapping and yapping and then finally met him with one of my best friends in May 2012, 
If TY did anything it brought everyone together, now I don't know whether it was them hikes or them business ideas that made us stronger as a group but we came out even better than going in and that's saying a lot.
In TY, we saw teachers as real human beings, they weren't just odd balls but genuine people, the parents to our dysfunctional family. 
We went too Oakwood (some fell in love in Oakwood... Some got kicked off a pirate ship in Oakwood) but 24 hours on a bus with about 80 people tested our patience to the max, and look we still like each other!!
Doing our play Sive, everyone worked so hard and I loved every minute.
Graduating from TY - where we went and drank tea instead of jäger!! How times change!! 

When it came to fifth year we weren't impressed, tweets were flying about how we didn't want any third years joining our family, but a few brave souls fought their way in!! Some which went onto become some of my best friends and who made the family even better. Fifth year was tough, but no one gets left behind as we all pulled each other though the hard times. 
Finally, sixth year!!
And after 14 years in education (15 for me) we finally emptied our lockers and tore out our yellow pages for the very last time!!
Emotions were high, tempers were raised, tears were shed but in the end the good times prevailed and I couldn't of asked for a better year.
The last day (where I woke up late and missed my first two classes) was one of the worst days of my life, So much heartbreak was shared but at the same time the love we all had for each other shone through and made it one of the most rememberable day of my life, sitting in a circle for the very last time as students.
I won't say names but saying goodbye to teachers that I actually don't hate but have grown to love as people, Like I said I won't name names, but am... Maths and Irish *cough cough* Teachers making speeches, some teachers not even caring enough to show up but at the end of the day I couldn't of spent my last day as a secondary school student with better people..

I decided not to mention any names in the blog, because well there's too many and too many memories to include but there's things I'll never forget such as lunchtimes outside in the grass, girls rolling down the hill ;), getting the phone taken off for the first time, so so many!!  And I would just like to thank every single person In the year, because ye will always be a part of me. Ye have really made me into the person I am today, and not seeing ye every day will honestly break my heart, I love each and every one of you.. (Well most ;-)) but hey, we've come along way since counting down 'summer.... Summer... Summer...' In out first year summer exams.. 
Lads, ye are the most talented, amazing group of people and you will all go so far in life!! 
It's at this stage we can become who we really are!! <3
Jäger bombs tonight???

I also just want to say best of luck to everyone who'll be sitting leaving and junior cert exams this year!! GOOD LUCK!!
As my geography teacher told us yesterday, when someone tells you that you can't do anything, you feckin prove them wrong!!