Thursday, 3 April 2014


Well I've done it, my first step into adulthood, I have booked my college accommodation in no other than Kilmurry in the University of Limerick!!
 - And I couldn't be any bit more excited (or nervous).
It's only right now, at this point that this idea of college has really shocked me and made me open my eyes!!!
In the next five months I'll be leaving my small town and headed to the big city of Limerick!! It's at this point I'd love to shout an inappropriate word beginning with the letter 'F'.
I choose Kilmurry because well really it's the only area I'm aware of in UL, I've limited knowledge of UL anyway, but I can make my way to and from Kilmurry so as far as I'm concerned I'm set.
I can see it now, a sunny day finished my lectures heading back to MY OWN HOUSE!!! bopping away to Vance Joy!! (My serious tune of the moment! Listen to it)
 Aw Jesus the amazingness of it all.
I'll go back to my house, to my amazing new housemates who will be lovely and sound, and there will be some hunky chap living there that plays rugby and feels the need to walk around topless.
 With all my exams aced, We'll all get ready for a night out in Limerick City hitting Angel Lane, and the Icon!
Causally meeting into the Munster rugby team on a daily basis!!Life will be AMAZERS!!!!

Now, back to reality! It will be raining. No point denying the fact it will be raining. It always bloody rains in Limerick!
I more than likely won't like my housemates and I won't have money to go out, how fantastic and to top it all off I'll probably spent 99.5% of my time trying to pass my repeated exams, because let's face it, I'll probably fail them the first time.

The realistic view of college is so different to the one you build up in your head, I built it up so much in my head that when I think about it realistically I almost talk myself out of the whole college idea.
For me, as an only child I'll be the first to admit I can be kinda spoiled so going out into that big world where i'll have to cook for myself, clean for myself and even make my own bed scares the bejesus out of me.
I genuinely do not see how secondary school can prepare you to leave your home and become so independent over a three month period. IT'S CRAZY!!!!!

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