Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Oh you drunken messes..

We've all went out and had a few too many shots at times, there's no point denying it. Thinking you're having the best night of your life, the Jager the Bucca the Fins, all going down so well and then waking up the next morning with the feeling that there's a little cave man banging a brick of the inside of your head along with your stomach acting as if it's a washing machine!! What's that about like?
Checking our purses to realise we spent all the money that was supposed to last us the week, gone!
Why do we even bother? And on what? Self inflicted pain. It's hardly worth it is it?
Praying to God you still have your ID, finding bruises and cuts from bouncing off grounds the sheer embarrassment of it all, and then the worst of all the drunken messages. WHY!! WHY!! WHY!! WHY!!

Okay, okay enough preaching now! There's been many a nights when I was too drunk and had to be taken home.
In fact last Saturday night when a bus of 66 of us headed to Kilkenny to celebrate our friends birthday was my first night going out where I remained sober, my first night EVER!! and I've been going out since I was seventeen!! that's embarrassing. I didn't know what it was like to go out sober and it was the most eye opening experience I've ever had!
 Arriving in Kilkenny we all headed to a close bar, spirits were high and the live band the pub had was fantastic! They even played Kings Of Leon! I was in my element! Everyone was up dancing, people were mingling and I even had my first ever Jager bomb!! And heaven to be God it was spectacular!!
But all of a sudden my mood changed so quickly I couldn't even understand it.
As myself and my friend Carrie headed to a bathroom cubicle, where we and yes this is shameful  we intended drinking some vodka we had brought from home when we saw these three girls, not much older than us in an awful state!! One was after vomiting all over the bathroom floor the other one slipped on it, landed in it and bounced her head off the bathroom wall, the other one tried to help her up and fell over her, her leg nearly breaking off!! I was shocked!!! Obviously rushing over to help the girls before I realised I now had some strangers vomit on my hand, the bathroom attendant didn't even move from her chair!
Only throwing a dirty look my way, yes that's fine woman I'll do the job you're being paid for!!
After this my night was on a downer, I couldn't get over this, and it wasn't even midnight the night was so young! Something that wouldn't have even bothered me if I was drunk.
 There's the creepy old men, the ones you're disgusted with when your drunk but don't get too creeped out but when sober my God their lucky then can still walk! I was appalled all I wanted to do was go home, literally at half 11 and the bus not leaving until 2.30am.
 So after that, the gang decided to head to our next venue, Pegasus in Kilkenny. This is one place I would highly recommend to people. It is incredible. Leaving the pub myself and a friend got separated from the gang and when we tried to get back in we couldn't because of yet another drunken man causing havoc!!
A clearly over 35 year old man was having war with the bouncer outside because they wouldn't let him in, being too drunk!! FAIR PLAY!! - but then arms were being swung and well, wow!
Finally a garda van arrived and he was put in the back and taken away, now what must that man think now 'Oh hey remember the night I tried to cause a fist fight with that very attractive bouncer on the door and got arrested' - his family must be so proud.
 When we finally got back inside, and around the pervy old men at the front the girls were on their way out and we were actually en route to Pegasus.

The entire city was drunk, literally I'd say there was five of us not drunk within the city. People falling everywhere, people getting sick -I couldn't stand it, it was disgusting!!
People doing stupid things under the influence of alcohol, something you literally wouldn't notice unless you were sober.
I won't go into description about how the night planned out, however the highlight of my night was sitting at the quite end of the bar with my two friends drinking 7 up, no joke not vodka and 7 up just 7 up, 7up free as a matter of fact, until 2am it was finally time to head back to the bus so we could go home.

I know there will be people reading this who have seen me on night's out and will think it's rich coming from me, but once you feel like you are the only sober person in a big city, it changes your perspective it really does.
I'm not by any means saying I'll be giving up alcohol, but I'm going to be more careful with it. I saw the effects of it and I wasn't impressed.
There's nothing wrong with getting merry and happy, but when you come to a stage where you can't stand and you're getting sick it's kind of embarrassing for all involved.
    - That being said we're young we should have fun, but what's so fun about having people hold back your hair whilst you vomit up your dinner, eugh..
                                  No thank you.
I honestly think that if your like me, a lightweight who hasn't ever went out sober before you should do it.
I can't promise you it will be fun but it's three days gone and it's still in my mind.
You can have fun, but alcohol is dangerous, just remember that!!
 - Now, anyone up for a Jager Bomb?!!!! :D

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