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Exclusive Interview With Top Irish Model Holly Carpenter

At only 22, Irish model Holly Carpenter has gone from strength to strength and has basically made herself a household name for many Irish homes. In 2011 Holly became Miss Ireland and you might also recognise the stunning brunette from cycle 9 of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model where she beat off stiff competition coming a whopping seventh in the overall contest.
Even though she didn't win, Holly didn't leave that stopping her as she's now one of Ireland's most loved and top models!!
As well as being one of Ireland's biggest models, Holly started her own blog 'Holly Carpenter Blog' where she shares her own beauty tips, healthy recipes and promotes her Paleo diet and with all this she's also known and Leinster and Irish rugby player Cian Healy's missus. 
I jumped at the chance of asking this amazing lady a few questions about her modelling career,  her 
relationship and her celebrity labelling ...

Read my interview with this incredible lady below: 

You represented Ireland in Miss World in 2011 and at such a young age, what was that like? 
Did school suffer at the result of your career?
I was 19 when I won Miss Ireland. It was a crazy year full of opportunities and responsibilities so I took a year out of college. I was studying textiles and was interested in jewellery and lingerie design. Now that I'm working in the fashion industry I realise that I made the right choice to put college on hold because I've made so many valuable contacts.

Coming in seventh place on Britain and Ireland's next top model is incredible, how was that competition? Was it how you expected it to be? how did you deal with your bitchy competitors, was there ever a time when you wondered if it was all worth it?
The competition was really tough. The days were so long and with so many cameras around me 24/7 I found it hard dealing with the fact that I never got a minute to myself. The reality TV side of the show was harder than I expected it to be but it was so worth it. There was plenty of times that I felt home sick and frustrated but I knew that being there would help my career. The friends I made in the house kept me sane.

You didn't always see eye to eye with Elle, was she as genuine as you see on camera?
Elle was a hard judge to please on and off camera. I felt like I could never do enough to impress her which was tough. She was more or less the same on camera but maybe not as warm as she came across on the show.

What was the best piece of advice given to you?
My mum always tells me not to care too much about what other people think. It's a hard thing to so because I think what all care about what others think of us but I learnt to ignore any negativity I received on social media etc.

Was modelling always something you wanted to do? How did you get into it? What kick started your career?
I always admired models in magazines but I never thought it was going to be my job some day! I entered Miss University Ireland in 2011 as a bit of fun and then I ended up winning and going straight to the final of Miss Ireland. Winning Miss Ireland definitely kick started my career and gave me a great platform for starting out as a model.

Holly has been dating Leinster and Ireland rugby star Cian Healy for years)
What's it like being part of a 'celebrity couple' do you feel the pressure of press trying to get the inside story or is it just like a normal typical relationship?
When I'm with Cian we're just like a normal couple and we have so much fun together. It can be annoying when I'm doing interviews and I'm asked about him all the time. I don't mind talking about my relationship to a degree but of course I like to keep most of it private and it can be hard when I read an interview and they've focused solely on my relationship.
You've already made it to the top of the Irish modelling industry. Is it as you expected?
It's a great industry to be in. It has it's ups and downs for sure though! I love meeting new people everyday and the fact that each day is so different but there is definitely some pressure that comes with the job too. It's just important to keep your feet on the ground and never believe your own hype.

Do you have an idol?
 I'm inspired by my mum because she is so brave and funny, we're really close.

What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?
I love mojitos! I usually drink vodka with soda water and fresh lime.. it's pretty boring

If you were to describe yourself in five words what would you use?
Creative, caring, fun, happy, weird

What were you like as a teenager?
I went through a bit of a rebellious stage but nothing too wild. I loved going out and I was always really loud in school.

If you could give the teenage Holly Carpenter a pep talk what would you say?
Don't pluck your eyebrows or dye your hair blonde - you're just going to regret it in years to come when you have damaged hair and thin brows! Appreciate your parents more they do a lot for you, so stop being so cheeky. Spend more time with your brother because He's going to go to America when he's older and you won't get to see enough of him. Take up a sport and be serious about it - then it won't be so hard to start going to the gym later on.

If you weren't a model what would you be?
A designer of some sort.

What advice would you give young girls looking to go into the modelling industry?
Send natural head shots to every agency and don't take it personally if you don't get signed straight away. There's a difference between a gorgeous girl and a model, so if you can't get signed by an agency don't let it affect how you see yourself - it doesn't mean you're not beautiful you just might not be tall enough or maybe the agency has enough brunettes already etc. there's tonnes of reasons there could be so don't worry!

Have half a tongue, or no toes?
No toes - as long as I could still stand without falling over.

Summer or winter?
Hmmm this is tough because I adore Halloween and Christmas but I'm going to say Summer because I love going on holidays more.

Hot or cold?

If you could be any baked confectionery what would you be?
Apple crumble with custard

What are the three most important things to you.
My family, myself and Cian

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