Monday, 17 February 2014

The Disco.

As an eighteen year old it's pretty obvious I enjoy my alcoholic beverage now and then and it's no lie that sometimes I do tend to go overboard with the shots but after a recent night out (Saturday) I developed a list of problems I have with 'Nights out'. Not only has the disco become a place filled with twelve year olds who are passed out on the bathroom ground it also goes to the other extreme with 40 years olds up on the tables dancing to Tiesto!! If it's not one extreme it's the other!!
Nights out have literally become so predictable, whilst getting ready the other night the girls and myself actually said the words 'I hope there's a fight tonight, something to look at' .. Now that's sad, but we said it.

Like most people, I have a ritual going out.. get ready with the girls whilst sipping on pre drinks until you suddenly realise you're leaving in ten minutes and you're still sober, and trust me it's not okay going out sober, you then panic and hit the Jager, or bucca or anything that burns your throat and makes you sick the next morning .. We're a smart race of people, I know. I literally think most people today do the same thing as we do, over and over and over again...

Last Saturday was my friend Eimear's eighteenth birthday and there was no excuse not to go out, with three eighteenths on in town and some schools Pre's just over the place would be hopping!!
 Stage 1: My day started like most teenagers who go out, the shower, the tan blah blah and then out to the girls house to get ready!! My personal favourite parts of nights out!!
Starting at 3pm, we were still rushing to be ready for 8pm!! but finally after the five hours or tanning and painting and curling and straightening and singing and drinking we were ready to hit Bartleys!!!!!!!!!
Stage 2: Second part of the night usually involves being brought to someone else's house to meet the rest of the gang and now I change my mind THIS!! was the best part, the drinks were flowing the music was hopping the laugh was being had but then suddenly the biggest pizza I've ever seen arrived..
Oh the wagon wheel ...
Poor Carrie is still in Shock from it!!

Stage 3 The mingling of new friends : The next part is usually the stage when new friends come along, and at this time there was only the one who goes by the name of Chloe, a fifth year but shur what can you do- a legend and once again and a new friend for sure!!

After all the laughing and craic had amongst us all it was time for the sentimental group picture!! :) a MUST for all teenage girls going out on the town!!

Stage 4 -The Transport: Most times I've went out have either been by car, taxi or by foot but out in the country they do things differently as the 12 of us squeezed into the Bartley's camper!
Yes you heard me, the camper!! And My God I suggest everyone in this world buys themselves a camper van for no other reason other than going into town in it, the laugh! the craic! the rapping! 

Here we are.... IN the camper!!
It was by far my favourite part of the night!! Loving every minute and even I'll admit getting off the camper in the main street- You couldn't make this stuff up!!

Stage 5 - Pre disco, pub Crawl: Depending on the gang you're with this differs as we have a choice of the Strand, Kickhams etc etc - With half the town made up of pubs it's a big choice!!
This is usually a great part hoping the pub isn't TOO packed! That being said not TOO empty and not filled with third/fourth years - It's tough!!
 - This is then where my Saturday night differed as three of us headed off to another party whilst most others went straight to the Disco! A personal choice really

Stage 6 - The Disco:  I won't lie the disco is my least favourite part of the whole night and the part of the night I have the most problems with.
I hate it so much I made a list of reasons why I hate it so much!!
1. It costs money, 10 euro!! - I've no issue with paying money to enter a disco, I'd happily pay the money going to the Savoy in Cork but when it comes to that place, I think you should be paid to go in.
Not to mention the price of drinks in there
2. The kiddies and the oldies: One thing I can never understand is the minis in the disco! If I'm still being I'D and doubted how in Gods name are these people getting in, the other hand the 45 year old men... no words.
3. The music: When I was about 11 years old we had a town disco called the 'Swan Disco'- Best nights of my life!! but today, in these discos the same music is played ..hello, Glamorous by Fergie it's grand only it's about 10years old!!
4. The fake 'friends': Since there's only one disco in my town, it's where everyone goes so you meet the primary school 'friends' - who run up to you giving you a big hug and when you pass them the next day they throw you a look.. not cool
 - I could go on and on but ...

Stage 7 - Going home:  On Saturday night, due to reasons I lasted about five minutes in the Disco before setting off for home, but it's usually quite different.
Usually leaving with a group of friends and heading to the kebab shop of supermacs to try sober up the drunkest ( That's not always me - I swear) before piling into a taxi or heading off by foot and within your 5 meter radius of the disco you're home a hour and a half later, and that's how it goes.

Stage 8- The morning after: This is the worst stage, even worse than the disco, and it all begins when you wake up! After two hours you might feel ready for the walk to the shop for the chicken fillet roll or the rashers before sending around the 'Are you alive' message to all your friends before finally making the pledge to 'Never drink again' only to get stressed again the next Monday and do it all over again...