Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Hennebry Franchise!!

 I know I've yapped on in most blog post about my dream to become a journalist and presenter but I decided it was time I reveal a big hidden secret passion of mine that only a few people know about me, and that is... 
 .....Drumbeat!! I love business, literally love it!! So much!!
I really do and I'm not even joking business is my favourite subject in school and my CAO is filled with business courses, I was always curious as to why people were surprised when I express my love for business... 
 The dream of walking around a big city on my phone bossing people around is almost a fantasy dream for me, and it's from here I lead on to my discussion about my future!!

Here's my strategic plan...
 I become as famous as an Irish presenter can get on radio stations and work my way around the journalism and media industry for at least 5-6 years saving my money, remember I'll be Irish famous so money... No issue.
That will bring me up to around 28 years old I will then open my own business.
Yes you heard me, my own business and not just one business but six business!! A franchise perhaps!!!
 And what will this business you ask?.. Pubs.
Classy I know, but these are different!! These aren't pubs these are "aul traditional Irish pubs/nightclubs''
And where will I put these pubs you may ask?
I've it all planned:
- 2 pubs in Limerick: 1 in the city centre (Over 21's on the weekend) 1 out in Castletroy near UL (Strictly over 18's however college ID required)
- 1 in Cork: City centre, to be honest haven't thought much about anywhere other than my Limerick branch
- 1 summer pub that opens in Kerry, more a beach club to be honest with this one
- 1 in Dublin (Pretty much all I know so far regards to that one)
- and finally 1 in London, yep London you heard me!! What can I say? You gotta aim big!!!

I even decided to think about my managing technique!!
This is how I shall run my businesses!! I shall treat my staff with the utmost respect! However in return they must be friendly, outgoing and polite to customers, in my opinion the most important person in a business is a customer!! Think about it, who keeps you open? who pays for your staff.. and vodka?.. CUSTOMERS!!!
''There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.
Not only all this but I've also began to think about the layout of my pubs/nightclubs/restaurants : Yeah okay so I just added on restaurant but the more I think about it perhaps in a few chosen venues it can have a upstairs restaurant! WAIT!! no a downstairs one so that people have to walk past the delicious cooked homemade food - by a top chef at that.. maybe Rachel Allen!! Oh wait she's not a chef is she? - well that Marco Pier White lad he'll do the job.
 Anyway, the interior of the premises.. well hmmm.. I'm kinda getting a vibe similar to the Savoy night club in Cork, with a mix of Havana Browns, and maybe a patch on Angel Lane in Limerick and a little bit of the Sin Bin and well then a pinch of Maggie Dunnes - and then finally a bit of class, adding a bit of 37 Dawson Street - Not that I've actually been to any of these places, but what I imagine they are be like!!

Now finally what makes my pubs unique and amazing, well apart from the fact I will own them, and I'll have amazing staff and gorgeous food and an amazing buzz about the place! We've something else!! We have a tap!!! And what is in that tap you may ask?- Strawberry Daiquiri's!! Yes you heard me!! Ice cold Strawberry Daiquiris!!
 Not only that!! but we've something else, a childhood favourite we've slush puppies! not your regular blueberry ones though, vodka ones!! Not only vodka but we've cocktails!! - Here's where I'd love to say there's free refills, however that may not be the smartest idea especially these days, with peoples hidden problems etc, you know what I mean!!
 So that is my business planned out!! - That's organisation for you!!! ;-)
PS. DON'T STEAL MY IDEAS!!!! - That's not nice!!

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