Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas With The Kranks

When it comes to the Christmas season, I really do tend to challenge my inner Mr.Krank but my Christmas would not be complete unless I watch the movie 'Christmas with the Kranks' at least 72,000 times over the month of December and ball my eyes out at the ending, and that's just how it is!!
For anyone out there who hasn't seen my all-time favourite film I'll give you the general jist, but you have to promise me you'll watch it and just appreciate the magic of it.

It starts off with this normal family, played by Tim Allen, and Jamie Lee Curtis and when their only child Blair decided to join the peace core their Christmas is about to change forever.
Nora (Jamie Lee Curtis) thinks she's going to have a normal Christmas, with hickory honey ham, Christmas Eve party and Frosty up on the roof but Luther decides that enough is enough and this year they should try something different and that is to ... SKIP CHRISTMAS!!!  .

After doing out the family budget he realises that last year the family spent so much money on Christmas, so much that they could have went on 10 day cruise around the Caribbean Islands. It takes Nora a while to agree but eventually gives in and the fun begins.
Christmas on the street is a big deal, every house buys a Christmas tree from the scouts, they buy a calendar from the cops and every house puts up a seven foot frosty onto the roof so when the Kranks back out there's price to pay!!

I won't ruin the story but I will say that I think EVERYONE should be forced to watch this film, yes it may be about a grouchy aul man, who doesn't think much of Christmas or tradition but with a sudden twist to the film it immediately makes you realise the true meaning of not just Christmas but life in general, but in a sneaky, fun and yet beautiful way, and trust me I don't just get deep and meaningful for the craic I really mean this.
 I recommend watching this film, and if you don't cry when Luther hands over them tickets then your heart is like a rock..
and keep a eye out for my favourite person in the film..

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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