Tuesday, 31 December 2013


So this is it, 2013 is almost over. With the past three weeks or so I couldn't wait to have a new fresh start in 2014 but this morning I woke up (to my favourite song Pumped Up Kicks, so I was automatically in a good mood) but this, what word could I use.. realisation hit me.It really did, and I'm not even lying!! And as physiological as this may seem I think the events on 2013, the good and the bad are what will shape me as a person. 

So I began my re-cap of the year and the earliest memory I have is on January 3rd and it revolved around rugby player Conor Murray, big shock!! myself and two friends headed down to training and I got my first voluntary hug of Murray, as well as being told I was an ejiot and away with the fairies, normally people who say stuff like that to me don't get away with it, but I suppose I'll leave Murray off with it!!
 From there dates are really just a blur to me, If only I kept a diary. In regards to my rugby moments of 2013.. well they really are priceless and I even met some of my best friends through it. Friends who I've grown an attachment to and shared even more of the greatest moments I have of 2013!!
Such as my first night out in CORK CITAAAAY!!! (I didn't blog about that night, but on a short re-cap myself and my best friend Annmarie went down to Cork in the hopes of going to the Scarlets and Munster match on in Musgrave park, dreams of meeting Emyr Philips (The Scarlets hooker) but no, we didn't make it that far. Our plans to head out on the 12 pub Christmas crawl quickly changed as we were in a taxi on the way to the Savoy. Even though it was over 19's and we couldn't get in, so we walked the rainy streets of Cork looking for somewhere to let us in, before finding a dinky little adorable pub, with very friendly people in bathrooms and even a man who'll top up your make up powder... PHA!!! A night I don't think any of us will forget anytime soon.
Heading off to Yaughal was yet another adventure with the girls, as we attended an open training session with the Munster lads, I even got my third hug with Mike Sherry!!!! (God that was a highlight)                      
Thanks to Becca and her cheekiness, Even feeling the need to discuss the poor man's love life. Nearly choked on his sandwich poor lad. Hugs all round. There is literally never a dull moment with these girls around. Definitely a 2013 blessing!!!! 
2013 was the year I also decided to try take my fantasy career serious as I started my own blog!! (Thanks everyone for reading, it means alot). I got to meet one of my Idols Sile Seoige in Dublin during the Summer for tea, and well working in Thomond Park with Máire Treasa Ní Dhubhghaill well that was... wow!!!
Getting my first ever published article, well heres to an even luckier 2014!!

Heading to Malaga with my mam, best friend and basically my second mother Stella!! Easily my highlight of 2013!! I didn't even want to go, I had decided in advance that I would only burn and die on the plane, and within the first day I was loving life!! as well as the Spanish men!! Literally pussin and bawling for the 3 hours flight home!! It was a week to remember, from breaking glass every night, dancing on stage every night, heading to the beach. A dream holiday!! I wasn't even able to drink legally. Bring on Summer 2014, with legal drink and maybe even Aisling tagging along ;-)
Talking about being legal, August this year saw me celebrate my 18th birthday!! I stepped into adulthood and had the most amazing birthday of my life!! Spoilt rotten wasn't even the word as my birthday lasted for four days long, amazing days with amazing friends!! 
I also got the most amazing presents!! Laptop! Docking station! and two of the most amazing videos a girl could have, a video of Mike Sherry and Conor Murray wishing me Happy Birthday... BE JEALOUS GIRLS!!!! ;-) (Thanks again Jen :D Love you!!)
March, myself and the O'shea headed to Dublin to see THE SCRIPT!!! and I caught a glimpse of my super BFF Laura Withmore!!! Aka the most super ultra glamorous woman in the whole entire world!!! Oh and your man from the tele!! Super night!! 

2013, also saw my best friend move in with me for approximately about a month in total, yano as my mother jetted of to Canada and such places without me, even If I did have a choice!! What weeks they were!! memories were made that will last a lifetime!! There was so many 'gatherings' I couldn't count!! A leaking roof, no electricity and limited culinary skills, a taste of college life for  us both... worrying stuff!! None the less amazing memories were made and at the end of the day my best friend is basically my sister!!Along with the other trouble maker arriving up on the daily!!
Nights that will stay with us forever... for good and bad reasons!!!! (Hey!! You learn from your mistakes)

This summer also let me get as close to Kings Of Leon as I ever will as the man of my dreams brother, Jared Followill tweeted me!! Yes you heard me right, even if he was being cheeky with me and I can't understand it! It's still a tweet!
It was a stupid question anyway I know, but still definitely up there with the highlights :)!!!!

So really 2013 wasn't that bad of a year all together! It's easy to dwell on the bad times of a year but when you think back on everything it's easy to see the good times rather than the bad times! 
School wise in 2013 I was in fifth year when it started and I'm now in sixth year!! AHHH!! stressful times ahead!! The lessons I've learned from 2013 are priceless and really will define me for the rest of my life! the good and the bad! From love, heartbreak, school, stress they all play a part as much as the fun and happiness but it really was a year to remember even the strawberries and maths homework!!
 Cherish the memories but be ready to embrace the New Year!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!! :)

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