Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pyro.....It's not just a song!!

I won't lie to you and tell you I'm magnificently talented when it comes to music and can pick up any note which is played, because in reality even though I studied music for three years in school I still can't detect one single note that is played.  I can't even say I have a taste in music I've been told many a times that I've the strangest taste in music, but thanks to a friend I was introduced to a band called Kings Of Leon, I'm sure you've heard of them and since then my life hasn't really been the same. In case you're living under a rock that magically has wifi  to enable you to read this KOL are an American rock band made up of three brothers Caleb, Jared and Nathan Followill and one cousin Matthew Followill. I never thought I was one for rock music until I came across this wonder of a song called 'Pyro'  released in December of 2010.... In my opinion the most amazingly fantastic song which has ever been wrote in the history of all written music, I even think it slightly beats Pumped up Kicks... and that's saying a lot coming from me!!

I always loved finding out the meanings to different songs, and I will admit I was shocked and slightly confused to find out what this song was really about. I spent ages researching what the song was about and all I could pick up was Caleb Followill wrote it based on the Ruby Ridge incident and in a radio interview Caleb explained
'' is about a guy who has lost faith in the world in which he lives and he doesn't believe it is as perfect as everyone says. He becomes so disgusted by the world in which he lives that he decides to burn it down.''
I can tell you right now I was sickened!!! I couldn't relate that to my life, the song was just a song to me but then I looked into it even more and started looking at other peoples opinions on the song and what I learned was in every song you can relate it back to you and your life and that's what makes a song a song!!.
Except pumped up kicks... if you can relate your life to that song then please arrange some counselling!!

So I found this explanation:
''Single book of matches
Gonna burn what's standing in the way
Run down the mountain
Now they're calling on the fire brigade

At first one insignificant -or may be a bit bigger than that - event happens and destroy one of your beliefs one thing that you rely on and take for granted but in fact once that is destroyed at takes every other belief with it until nothing is for granted.  

Bury all the pictures
And tell the kids that I'm okay
If'n I'm forgotten
You'll remember me 'fore today

When this happens it leaves you broken you may pretend that you're okay for the sake of others and try to forget those beliefs you once had but you will always remember at least this day the day you lost them all.

I, I won't ever be your cornerstone
I think the song is spoken by two different points of view at the beginning it was the writer's now his beliefs tells him that it will not be his cornerstone any more what's gonna happen now is he -the writer - gonna break down? is there a way without them? can a person pull him/herself from that kind of lost? or do you really need those beliefs to be? . 

All the black inside me
Is slowly seeping from the bone
Everything I cherish
Is slowly dying, or it's gone

Now the writer's tern to speak and he represent that lost as black darkness growing inside him until his body can't hold it any more so it reflects on his behaviour because - again he says - everything he relied on is leaving dying and now he has nothing.

Little shaken babies
And drunkards seem to all agree
Once the show gets started
It's bound to be a sight to see

This part is not really clear to me but I think shaken babies and drunkards represent most of the people who have no real view in life they are blind when it comes to life decision or they have shades over their eyes they only see life from one angle they are there watching him live that judging from far away enjoying the seen .

Watch her roll
Can you feel it?

Now everything changes after all that black and darkness he felt there's one other feeling shining coming closer which is freedom now he's free even from himself his own believes now he knows how to start over without getting affected by beliefs that weren't his in the first place they are a reflection of others around him ideas got planted in his head one way or another but now as he lost them he can understand why anything happens why to believe in something or why not to but now it's all his .. his beliefs and his will now he's free that what running represent''
I can't exactly explain what this song means to me or why I relate to it so much but with this I raise the question does your favourite song really say more about you than your lips ever can? A question which I've always been curious to know the answer too!!  A question in which I now fully answer  with YES!! 

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