Sunday, 13 October 2013

And to think I want to leave..

They say being proud of where you come from is one of the most important things you have to have in your life, and I can put my hand up right here and now and say people can't begin to comprehend how much I wish I was in the bracket of people who can say they're proud of where they're from.
 I was!! Don't get me wrong up until I was about fifteen I loved my little small town somewhere in the South East a mixture of Tipperary and Waterford (Just to not upset anyone) but it's when you grow up and open your eyes that reality becomes real and your little special small town isn't as special s once expected.

Walking down the main street there's culture left, right and center beauty everywhere you turn and I can tell you now, you haven't experienced beauty until you walk up farmer Weilens hill in the evening and look down at the town! now there's beauty.. walking up Seskin hill and into the woods finding the fields and feeding the horses leftover carrots but then you grow up and you open your eyes and you see the town for what it really is, a place for children to get drunk with the 100 pubs open, the off licences selling alcohol to underage kids, the drugs and even the disrespect to the elderly and animals it's turned into a place where I'm ashamed to tell people I'm from and the worst part is I can't even say I'm proud to be from here and that's one of the things that hurts the most as in raring kids here... I'd love them too much to put them through it.

Ah but I can't just say all the bad to be fair!!! People in this town my list of local legends!! Some of the nicest people you will ever meet come from here... including myself so it's not THAT bad!!
What have we here??
Apart from the 500 pubs!!, The drunk people rolling around the town!! the off license..

We have CULTURE!!!!!
Ever hear of the famous Irish band the Clancy brothers?? - They're from here (Even though they would be turning in their grave if they say which way the down had gone) but to carry on from that we have the musical society!! - Something in which some of my best friends are part of and bring them a ridiculous amount of joy!
The sports- The Rugby Club- Once again something in this town that does actually make me proud!! Even some of my friends getting onto the Munster squad!!! That's what the town needs!!. As well as the GAA (Mollerans being the best) It's something small this town can be proud of!!

But apart from that we haven't much else, young people like myself.. just trying to get their education and be gone never to return, that's not what the town needs!! what will be left? The people who won't go to college who wish to spend their lives on the dole running the town into the ground as day in and day out stories of business closing down and someone else found dead on drugs not only is it embarrassing it's heartbreaking.

I can't really say much else here, It's my home and I should love where I'm from yet I'm counting down the minutes until I can pack my suitcase and be gone. Nice work Carrick!! Nice work!!

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