Sunday, 29 September 2013

Geography... Isn't it some laugh!!

So here is my conundrum!!! Put yourself in my shoes it's Sunday night, just gone 10 pm I'm sitting here with my laptop out listening to some aggressive film on the television drinking a cup of tea chatting to about 10 different people via facebook,twitter and phone and everythings grand yeah? sounds like a nice Sunday yeah?. Now how about I add on the fact I spent all Saturday and Sunday in Cork with my best friends watching a rugby match then yano met my favourite players and had a ball, how does that sound? PERFECT!!!! Am I right?... course I am... I'm always right!
 Now heres the thing... GEOGRAPHY!!!!
What a disgusting/pointless/irritating subject to study!! There isn't much I hate more than geography!!.. well theres maths..and school.. and homework.. and home-ec... and study oh and fangirls that try steal my rugby men!! (Long story), but I'm not just giving out about geography as a subject! It's this awful plague that has been cursed upon us called a ... TEST/EXAMINATION... *Shutters*!!!

So if you haven't already fainted with that four letter word 'Test' or dare I say it 'Examination' I'll explain my problem, since I spent my weekend in Cork.. not that I actually wanted to go or anything.. BUT I was forced against my will (so we'll say) I didn't get a tap of study done for my geography test! which is tomorrow I may add TOMORROW!!!!!!!. So what would this test be on The coast perhaps? Rocks? Volcanoes? Earthquakes NO!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 ESSAYS!!!!!!!! Basically a whole years work! now to be fair my teacher gave us about a months warning told us to do our study night by night and not let it pack up on us!!

IT'S SUNDAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT PACKED UP ON ME!!!!!!!
What do I even do about this? Is it possible to study a year worth of work in one night??? However thinking about that I am quite tired... and I didn't sleep much last night... Ahhh to bed with me!!!!!
5am start with a lot of luco!!!!
WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!

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