Sunday, 29 September 2013

Geography... Isn't it some laugh!!

So here is my conundrum!!! Put yourself in my shoes it's Sunday night, just gone 10 pm I'm sitting here with my laptop out listening to some aggressive film on the television drinking a cup of tea chatting to about 10 different people via facebook,twitter and phone and everythings grand yeah? sounds like a nice Sunday yeah?. Now how about I add on the fact I spent all Saturday and Sunday in Cork with my best friends watching a rugby match then yano met my favourite players and had a ball, how does that sound? PERFECT!!!! Am I right?... course I am... I'm always right!
 Now heres the thing... GEOGRAPHY!!!!
What a disgusting/pointless/irritating subject to study!! There isn't much I hate more than geography!!.. well theres maths..and school.. and homework.. and home-ec... and study oh and fangirls that try steal my rugby men!! (Long story), but I'm not just giving out about geography as a subject! It's this awful plague that has been cursed upon us called a ... TEST/EXAMINATION... *Shutters*!!!

So if you haven't already fainted with that four letter word 'Test' or dare I say it 'Examination' I'll explain my problem, since I spent my weekend in Cork.. not that I actually wanted to go or anything.. BUT I was forced against my will (so we'll say) I didn't get a tap of study done for my geography test! which is tomorrow I may add TOMORROW!!!!!!!. So what would this test be on The coast perhaps? Rocks? Volcanoes? Earthquakes NO!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 ESSAYS!!!!!!!! Basically a whole years work! now to be fair my teacher gave us about a months warning told us to do our study night by night and not let it pack up on us!!

IT'S SUNDAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT PACKED UP ON ME!!!!!!!
What do I even do about this? Is it possible to study a year worth of work in one night??? However thinking about that I am quite tired... and I didn't sleep much last night... Ahhh to bed with me!!!!!
5am start with a lot of luco!!!!
WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Oldest in the school yet youngest in the world!!

So, who else out there is in the same predicament as me right now? Yea I suppose you're right I should probably explain what predicament I'm in first to see if you can relate. In sixth year (final year of school) you can't wait to get out and go to college and live your life and yet you're terrified and this idea of leaving home terrifies you. You don't like school and tests and teachers annoy you but still you never want to leave?. You know exactly what path you want to go down in your life but you've so many doubts. You should only care about studying but your mind travels all over the place? I'm sure I'm not the only person out there feeling like that right now? Am I??...Surely I'm not

I didn't want to write a blog about serious or hard topics but this is something I think everyone can relate too, for me it's a dream of becoming a broadcast journalist, and freelance journalist and TV presenter and business woman and Mrs.Conor Murray such high goals and dreams but what would life be like without them? Some friends have dreams of animals, teaching, children in Dublin, Cork, Galway everywhere spread across the country some even leaving for the UK friends you think you'll have for ever may never be seen again when it comes to next September. A fear of losing those closest to you while you go and live your dreams in other areas yeah it's pretty scary but worth it I can imagine. Life as we know it is pretty much over and we're being thrown into the deep end here and what's worse I can't swim!!!

It's the way it goes though this life business, you go through secondary school you deal with the spots and the boys and the tests and that stupid Leaving Cert then at 17-18 you're made decide what you want to do for the rest of your life it's hardly fair is it? but that's what it is.. then you're off, moving out of your house and packing your 20 frozen dinners and 30 packs of baby wipes saying goodbye to mammy and your on your own going from the oldest people in the school to the youngest in this big world, yeah don't worry that scares me too!!

Life is scary at the end of the day, but it's your own life as RTE's presenter Diana Bunici once told me..
''It's a cheesy line, but life it what you make it it's your own customized personal playground''
and that's exactly what it is!!
 So yeah sure the Leaving Cert defines you right now and your points define the next 4-5 years but after that what defines you is yourself!!
So after going a bit to much emotional speaker here! All I can say is life is getting scarier and scarier and my small town life to big city transformation is a terrifying thought, but off I go!! I need my presenting, journalisting, marriage and franchise of pubs/night clubs... Watch this space!! ;--)

Writers Block...

I have it!!! Yes I have it, I have writers block!!
What is writers block you ask? Shur I haven't a bloody clue but I can imagine it's where you can't find any inspiration to write the exact feeling I have right now. I think I'll blame it on the stress of school, sixth year is not some laugh even as I'm spoofing this here I'm thinking about school and what to do after school and the stress caused by school and boys....Always thinking about the boys!! What teenage girl isn't though!

So my writers block, I think there is a few types of writers block.
1.You can't find inspiration to write about anything!!
(Yeah I think I have part of that since I'm here writing about writers block)
2.Tonnes of  ideas yet you can't commit to one of them!!
(Now that is me.. my drafts full up of unpublished work yet here I am struggling to get words out about this crummy topic)

How do I solve this block I have going on here? Anyone know?? I know poets do that thing where they look at a wall, we'll say a blue wall and they get an idea and that's their piece wrote, of course then you go to school and the teacher informs you that no it is not a hole, it's a blue hole which signifies the inner depression and sadness held by this specific poet which then signified their life this then shows there struggle they faced going through life and each day the colour blue dampened their spirits and eventually that hole got bigger and bigger!! Ahhh here give it a break teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear teachers put more thought into poetry than the actual poets!! I mean maybe it was just a hole, just a hole that's all it was, and now thanks to them morons with college degrees the poor poet has depression honestly, teachers today.

So in fear I may turn into a hole of depression I turned to my good old friend google who helps me so much each day with my homework to fix me and stop me falling into a pit of depression, and I have to say Google you failed me....
I got advice such as,
1.Don't be too hard on yourself
2.Read a paper, yeah I understand aspiring journalists, like myself should read newspapers but then theres me and I don't read! I barley flick through magazines!!
3.Take a break!! I can't take a break!!! My blog will shut down if I don't write something fast!!!!!

Google you failed me...
So what do I do now? I've no inspiration.. no posts of blogs...I wrote a blog on how I can't write a blog that's genius I think.. I overcame the writers block!! :D