Monday, 26 August 2013

I aint a baby no more!!

I don't want to dwell too much on this birthday topic however this is it, I am now 18 I am a legal adult! I have the right to drink, to vote and well do everything really I am an adult I can now do everything I've done for years and no longer be arrested!!!!!!!!
Well if you've read my last post on my coming of age you'll easily pick up on my tone and my unhappiness regarding the fact I was becoming an adult however that mood has shifted quite quickly and I love being an adult.

I honestly have to say that it took 18 years but I have gotten the perfect birthday! It consisted of fun, friends, family and presents and that's exactly what a birthday should be as far as I'm concerned, as well of course of rugby and rugby players it really was the perfect day/week/weekend.
It started at 7am on the Wednesday morning August 21st as my mother blew open my bedroom door singing 'Happy Birthday' and carrying a Micki Mouse balloon... yes 18...I know!!.
So what could I want next to happen???... think now I have all that what could I possibly want?? .. Perhaps a video of my two favourite rugby players of all time wishing me happy birthday? That would be nice wouldn't it? Well....

We'll just say having a best friend who lives in Limerick comes in handy!! ;-) Mike Sherry and Conor Murray wishing me happy birthday .... Now... Be jel ladies... ;-)

So after ALL that what now could I possibly want eh?...
 the arrival of my two best friends, carrying a boom box.. a cake. earrings.. the works!! Spending your birthday with friends is the business!!!!

So after all my presents and smiles and laughter and passing out after watching Munster Rugby players Mike Sherry and Conor Murray pass on their birthday regards to me there's only one thing left to do...

So then what more can we do???... Tramore... actually translated to 'Big beach' now for those of you who have never heard of Tramore, it's a beach in Co.Waterford think of the most exciting most thrill seeking experience you've ever done and double it as Tramore has the SCARIEST ghost train EVER!!!!! as well as the waltzers and other hurdy gurdys!! Tramore for us people in the South East is like a tradition, you go there at least once a summer, you get chocolate covered doughnuts, you get dooleys chips and you go on the slot machines it's just what you do!!..
And once again it didn't fail me..

Oh am .. that's not me...
Oh the thrill..
So after all that in one day, I have to say my birthday was a great success! but Oh my it didn't stop there!! my birthday went from the Wednesday to the Sunday, and my God was it fantastic!!! From a family gathering to a Munster match to my first legal night in Limerick city it was perfect!!!.
What I did learn though is what makes a birthday is the people that surround you on your special day that's what's important I don't think you can have a bad day when there's people you love around you.. oh and great presents, and videos.. that's another thing that makes a birthday!! but what really makes a birthday???... THE PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!! <3

So I'm sure there's someone out there who's birthday it is today or soon so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're being spoilt rotten! and feel free to watch my videos and pretend their addressing you!!! :-D

Monday, 19 August 2013

A Coming Of Age..

With the time that's in it I decided I should dedicate a post to my last 48 hours as a child!!

<- That's me there with my nanny, yes I was cute I know..Yeah what happened I know I know.. blah blah....

So my youth is almost over!! As from Wednesday the 21st August 2013 I will be the big 18!!! Eighteen years of age! Now most people would love the idea of becoming an adult however I am that small percentage of people who the idea of becoming a adult terrifies me.
I was never one for change anyway but this year I'm terrified I woke up this morning realising I had only 48 hours of getting away with murder!! I know what's going to happen!! I just know it.. I'll be looking for something that's essential and of course scream ''MAAAAAA...Wheres me .. Pink top, with the gold selves cut off short with green and silver diamonds and yellow hearts (for example)'' and I'll be told 'You're an adult Lynda find it yourself''. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT!!!! Shur how am I supposed to remember where I take off my clothes and leave them? It's impossible!! I mean I'm now going to be judged for having a messy room, for not updating my CV at any given moment and for singing my lungs out to the Lizzie Mguire movie!! ( and if your a Lizzie child and don't get emosh listening to this is what dreams are made of.. then I don't even know...)

So I was thinking this to myself, in my head not out loud because yano that's tapping into a completely different physcologic side of things that I don't think is a very wise topic to discuss at this moment but I can face this coming of age in two ways..

1. I can completely forget that I am a adult! As I still have one year left in school I should be considered as an child!I can still do the same things I always did such as stalk rugby players, be brainless etc etc .. however this time I could get arrested!! and I mean it's not just Juvenal this time, not that I've ever been, but this time I could be sent to actual prison!! First of all orange is NOT my colour!!! and secondly I know for a fact prison is not a place I'd be welcomed.

2. And the second option .. Well this is the one that scares the bejaysus out of me... I actually grow up and act like an adult! I study free willingly, I sit down with a cup of tea and watch the soaps! and finally *takes a deep breath* when watching a rugby match I will remain seated for the duration of a game and if certain favourite player is crushed under 100000kg of men, I wont jump up cursing the life of the men on top of him I will calmy stay seated and say 'booo!!'.

The choice is mine!! .. turning 18... It's not as good as I intended!!. Yes I mean of course I am now legal and I can get ID and go out and drink *legally .. cough cough but shur what fun is that when you're been watched as a adult.. I'll tell ya no fun! I have to be responsible and mature... BOO.........

And the puss I've on me there is currently the one I also have right now!!

A coming of age..... I don't like it...