Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Aul Spanish Divils...

There all in cahoot together!!

During a recent trip to Spain I came across an interesting thing which I do tend to think the whole Spanish Government are involved in, this may or may not be correct information which I am feeding you however it has come to my attention that there has been some initiative took by the Spanish Government and something which works very well for there tourism and drinks industry. 

Every hotel in Spain must have at least one hot member of staff!!

Yes now I know this is some sort of drastic measure I have jumped to but I do believe that this is correct!!.
It began in the year 2011 when I was in Mallorca (Beautiful island I'd definitely recommend it, particularity Alcudia...Dream destination) anyway one night this chap appeared a waiter he was, I remember it well 8pm his shift would start he'd arrive in his black shirt and black pants with a yellow apron and you'd smell him before you'd see him, the wiff of Paco Robanne Jaysus he used to be smothered, not that I'm complaining to this day if I smell Paco Robanne it's automatically 'Spanish Boy'. If you've read any of my blog posts before you'll notice I refer to a man called Conor Murray quite a bit but this lad was the SPIT!!,and I didn't even know Murray existed at this stage. So our summer relationship began, yano one day I said 'Gratasis' and he replied 'De Nada' which means 'Thank you' and 'No bother', we got very close as you can see NOT!!. An ignorant little boy come to think of it the only time I even saw him smile was when the Cork man fell off his chair, but shur we didn't care about his ignorance he was beautiful, unfortunately I've no picture to show :--( You'll just have to take my word for it. Leaving Mallorca was horrible roaring on the bus home because I couldn't get the creep, but yano I moved om picked myself up and found myself a new man to stalk.

So my next point was just a few days ago actually in Malaga, best week of my whole entire life!! Myself the mother the best friend and the best friends mother headed off. Whatta week!!!!! but on a serious note this was what made me realize how smart that Spanish Government really are. There was a fella, the lifeguard. The most beautiful man I'd ever seen in my whole entire life, his red shorts and white tank top which would get wet from time to time so he felt the need to take it off and hang it up to dry! NO COMPLAINTS!!!!!!!!!!.  He was very tall, very dark, dark hair, big massive brown eyes and tattoos, a perfect man!!!. Surely he was going to be ignorant too?!! NO!!! He was the sweetest man EVER!!!. 
I remember it well it was a Monday, I found out that to get the indoor pool you had to book it at reception they gave you a note you brought it to the lifeguard and he would let you in, so I suddenly saw swimming in a whole new light.

Well would you blame me...

So this is why I think the Spanish government have come to some sort of agreement that they must hire at lease ONE heart throb per hotel, and I for one think this is a great initiative and something the Irish embassy should do some research in. It's great for tourists as I for one am already planning my return just to look at him again and also does wonders for the drink trade in Spain, do you understand how many cold beverages we needed when he was playing water polo!!!... quite a lot!!!
Now as I am a budding entrepreneur of the future with my own range of old traditional Irish pubs I will use this Spanish theory and hire beautiful looking men and when my range of pubs are up there, ye'll all know how they got there ;)

Lynda :)

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