Monday, 10 June 2013


Yes..Yes..Summer has begun well since the Leaving Cert started it's always but I'm tellin ya now if it's heat like this next year when I've my Leaving Cert...Well I wont go happily. However I have noticed something about our week of Summer and that's that no Irish person will EVER be happy regarding our weather! Me in particular as I am just about to begin a big rant on.....


Sunburn or in other words a cruel and unusual punishment to all pale freckly Irish people like myself for enjoying the sun.
Well surely we deserve such blistery agonizing pain for sitting out in the garden like it's only right the sun decides to turn our skin a nice new shade of red when really all we desire is a golden tan.

So I woke up and opened my curtains..Dya know what I saw.. SUN!!!! Within 3.5 seconds I was into shorts and strappy and out the back garden to work on my Jlo glow... I got no Jlo Glow!!
So we chilled for about 4 hours before I figured it might be a good idea to put on some sun cream as I'm not going to lie I'm lucky enough I rarely ever burn and get the odd freckle which is grand but this year the sun tried to trick me!!. So factor 50 was placed onto me and by the end of the day..  

So without blabbing too much.. I looked like something out of a movie!! I had the white rims around my eyes   and couldn't walk with my red lobster legs and as for my peeling shoulders... GRRR!!!
Not to mention the reaction with my after sun causing my legs to turn some sort of tangerine colour. At the end of the day I know from the likes of Facebook and Twitter that I'm not the only person ranting about this heatwave, and yano what I'll be twice as angry when it goes..

Gluck and sun cream up,
(Mad rhyming skills I have there ;))
Lynda :-)

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