Sunday, 12 May 2013


Conor Murray...

Right so..I think the time has come to let you into one of my biggest passions in life...Rugby!! More importantly Munster Rugby!!

Ok...Me and rugby never in a million years did I EVER think I would like rugby but I remember the day well!! It was a day in May 2011 I saw 'Rugabi Beo' on TG4 and saw it was a Munster match! Perfect I'll see Tommy Bowe I said to myself!! If your into rugby you'll understand Tommy Bowe NEVER played with Munster but there he was this chap with a big 9 on his back! Long dark hair and tanned skin and that was it.... Me hooked on rugby the name of this chap??? Conor Murray!! A 22 year old fella from Limerick City I was IN LOVE!!

So off he went to the Rugby World Cup!! And that was it my mission of TY was to meet him!
I tried EVERYTHING!! Absolutely everything .. I even got this made...6foot 2 ...Shur look we'll say nothing I was 15!! ha

Anyway... A VERY long story short leaving out shaking, makers, minstrels, bandits I've now met Conor 6times and was tweeted directly from him 8 times once where he called me 'Miss' Shur now if that's not friendship what is ;-)

So now Mr.Murray plays with Ireland and also last week was selected for the Lions tour!! (With the luck from my teddy) but unforch I have to now share Murray with the world :--(

So what this article was written for was to show you that if you REALLY want to do something make it happen!! I know there's a big difference between meeting a rugby player and real dreams (For example becoming a Jurno/Presenter) but YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :D
So hopefully this has showing you that everything is possible AND Munster Rugby is the best ;)

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