Friday, 24 May 2013

The Perfect Wife.... I CAN BAKE!!!!!!

Being a domestic goddess...

I will admit it isn't easy being a domestic goddess, but thankfully I was born with on the skill of being the 'Perfect housewfe' ..being able to bake. However unfortunately I lost this skill when I was about 12 years old and now I struggle with the basics of bun making so much so when on the rare occasion I do decide to bake I feel the need to use a packet mix.

It was a Friday evening I decided to invite my friend Aisling up for one of them bonding sessions and even better a treat to enjoy after our gossip session had come to a end. So we got suited and booted and began the process.

So for any UN domesticated people out there I feel I'm obliged to give you step by step instructions on how to make buns or 'Cupcakes' as them American folk call them.

Step 1. Right I'm told the first step is to preheat the oven, however I forgot this step and heated it at step 3.
Step 2. Set up your unit, as in get out your ingredients/bowls/cutlery etc..
Step 3. Empty the packet into a bowl and add the water and oil, oh and a pinch of salt ..That's something I learned from my nanny
                ''A pinch of salt helps everything''
But that's a secret so SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!...
Step 4. Mix it all together. Now this is the tricky part, but don't panic I got a fright here too...Just keep mixing.. Be grandddddddd...

 Step 5. Spoon the mixture into a lined baking tin.
Step 6. Bake.
So that's it then my step by step method of making buns. It' really simple isn't it???.
NO!!!!!! The answer is NO!!! They are not simple to make by any means!!.

You first have to measure stuff, set up stuff and then yano what happens a bag of flour spills everywhere leaving you hunched over sweeping it all up. THEN beating the mixture...My arm nearly fell off!!.. Agony!!.

Then the heat of the oven, I thought my eyebrows were after being burnt off AND that was the easy part.Then there is the icing -_- Something I would never want to experience again.
Too much water it's too runny not enough and it's too thick.
Then in the end it doesn't even look like anything Rachel Allen would be proud of.

However by the time 7pm came there was no one ever as poud as myself and Aisling Walsh we took on a battle with baked product and WE WON!!!!!!!!!

 HON THE GELS!!!!!!!!!!

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