Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Summer Experience

I'm in Madrid.... and never going back!!

Summer!! A time where we're free from the prison they call school, free from 10pm curfews, free from stress a time where body's tan, sun shines, summer romances bloom and memories are made. That's pretty much 'Summer' am I right?? Well last summer I decided to jet of to Madrid in Spain for 9 days with two friends oh and I'll also add PARENTLESS!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!
Well I take back that WHOOO!! There was no WHOOOO to be had. Unless you like fried milk, country sides, 6 miles walks and unidentified flying Beatles then you can WHOOO!!!

Right so maybe that's a 'bit' of an exaggeration BUT I'm not lying about the fried milk... There's nothing to mess about fried milk, Listen I didn't even know it was possible to fry milk!.
Fried Milk......
I should probably tell you the whole story and not just about that fried stuff!! Anyway one day in school we were reading a magazine where we found a camp you go to for the summer to help Spaniards (Spanish teens) learn English. A free summer holiday as all you had to pay for was the flights. That was it 12 of us 100% going! Long story short in the end there was three...
 Flying out from Dublin airport in early July we couldn't wait for the adventure we faced.
We landed in Madrid around 5pm hit by this gust of heat that nearly knocked us on our backs and we headed off to our luxury hotel in the city of Madrid.

Next morning we faced the 4 hour bus journey to Manfrague. A nature reserve park in the Madrid countryside!! Now for anyone that knows me, you know the countryside is not a place you'd find me regularly however the bus ride was quite fun I'll admit. Spanish boys..... There not to hard on the aul eyes I'll tell you.

Anyway after four long hours in sweltering heat on  bus we had arrived.... Ladies and Gents I give you Manfrague..

Okay...So our next task was lunch, we were brought into the dining room for lunch! Yummy lunch NOT!!! COLD RICE WITH STODGY MAYO!!! PIECES OF COOKED HAM AND CARROTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but on a positive of that we got a bread roll at every meal so that and water for 9 days was fantastic!! ( Jesus never did I miss spuds so much in my life) anyway next we got given our roomies, the Spanish person we would be spending 24hours of the next 9 days with the one thing that could make or break the 'Experience'.
 Thankfully I got the most amazing Spanish lady Silvia. Who became my little sister we would spend our nights watching Geordie Shore well Silvia translating it into English for me well in fairness could you think of anything that would bond two people any more. It all went great yano up until the last night when the fairy jumped out the window on me but anyway....

So basically long story broken down into paragraphs we were all divided into groups, orange,yellow,Oreo as you do I was an  'Orange Olympican'
Here we are... Whooo -_-

So we played team games and spent every day with Spanish people whilst being poisoned but never the less making friends with people around the world...
Ask me where I have friends.... G'wannn...
LA, Holland, Hawaii, Spain, Miami, everywhere...
and although it wasn't my dream summer the experience I gained is priceless and the friends and memories can never be forgotten.

I can't say I'd be rushing to go back but I would also be lying if I said I didn't love EVER (Well most) of the minutes I spent there.

What did I learn????

This is my favourite question.
1. I LOVE people!!!!! I want to be around loads of people every day!
2.Before I left approx 8 of my friends promised that if I hated it they would come get me.... Friends lie....
3.Spanish boys are beautiful
4.Fried milk...DON'T EVER TOUCH IT
5.You should try everything!! Get yourself out of your comfort zone and the experience gained you'll never forget it.

So that's my summer experience anyway summed up in a few paragraphs I wont be legging it back there anytime soon but hopefully by this time next year I'll have another gas story for the blog :P

(Ps. If that's spelt wrong then my apologies, they never taught us Spanish :P)

Lynda :)

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