Sunday, 12 May 2013

Girl World Really Does Exist..

'Girl World'..

What comes into your head when you hear the words 'Girl World' maybe mean girls?? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only girl that believes this does actually exist not as exaggerated now as mean girls I mean most girls don't push people in front of buses and the sorts BUT saying that sometimes being a girl and living up to expectations really is hard, a world in which the male species rarely understand or even know exists which is why firstly I say ALL MEN must be forced to watch Mean Girls so they can begin to understand what us girls face day in and day out.

First on a day to day basis there's getting up and worse even getting ready you're expected to always look your best by who?? not men..not yourself but other girls. Constantly trying to look better than the girl that has the hair/looks/figure and now since the very beautiful Cara Delevingne the brows, a essential part of a girls daily routine. Then the clothes.. Now this is tricky you can't be over done but no under done maybe in between take a cupcake for example, Icing makes it look great but with sprinkles it becomes over done very easily it's a mixture of both very tricky to face.

Then It's the boy. Now usually us girls have two choices when it comes to males. Theres the one that's drop dead gorgeous, sporty, lush hair but a shocking personality or the boy that's lovely a sweet but has a face like a hens arse and being girls 9/10 times we'll go for the first boy only to be disappointed. A vicious cycle if you ask me. Then there's the Will I tell him won't I... Blahhhhh -_-

Next it's the worst part it's the other girls in your life.Your circle of friends and don't lie to yourself in a group of 8 friends theres at least two you'd have no problem locking in a shed with spiders. While you go by day by day seeing girls bitch about other girls only to cause drama further on down the line. This drama can be caused by a simple look the wrong way, ugly clothes, hair the wrong way or him.

Then theres expectations girls must live up to, first we need to cook. WHY????!!! I mean every corner these days there is a Chinese and a dominoes in almost every town so what's the need of this cooking cracic!!.
 On top of this there's music, us girls should like 'Girly' music such as Katy Perry (Who I LOVE but I'm making a point) and Nicki Minaj (Oh who we're also supposed to have the features of) So when you tell a boy you love Kings Of Leon you almost categorised as a 'Rock Chick' who hasn't one bit of girliness to yourself..Unbelievable.

So this 'Girl World' business..It's alive and breathing. I can't recommend anything to help us females apart from one thing....
Get out YouTube right now and type in
'Blues Brothers-Soul Man' and sing it loud and dance like an ejiot! Smile like never before and enjoy life :)

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