Sunday, 12 May 2013

Am I Mad To Want To Be A Jurno????

If it's not clear yet it's my dream to become a presenter or Journalist or 'Jurno' as I call them due to my Hipster style. I'll come straight out with this growing up I NEVER wanted to be a Journalist to be honest I didn't even know what a journalist was. Media also something I have no interest in well apart from the fact I LOVE to talk.. All the time... Even in mass the struggle to keep quite between the prayers gets to me a bit. Plus and this is a random fact my favourite part of mass is when we all get to shake hands and say 'Peace Be With You' WHY!! You might ask? Well simply because I love meeting and talking to people.

So it was last year in Transition Year when we were told to set up a mini company that myself along with five great friends decided to set up a school magazine called 'What's The Banter' which I became the editor of now I'll tell you straight out now was not anything like 'Stellar' or 'Tatler' more on the lines of 'Nail Tips' and 'Hunk Of The Month' which for some strange reason always ended up being a rugby player...Who knows why ;-) after a Halloween and New Years edition and minus money we decided that our Enterprise must come to an end :--( However this led to be gratefully beneficial to me as it's where I learned I have a passion for Journalism. Also we were chosen to go to the County Enterprise Awards.. where we lost :-/ Anyway...Onwards and Upwards!! ha

I was never one for Science or Maths or German or well many school subjects now in fairness but one thing I could always do was talk!! And talk I did all the time!! So then one day it hit me.. 'Why Not Radio' so that's where my love of media and meeting people grew.

Next It became time for me to gain experience and information/advice so I met with Journalists and sent many emails and met up with many people and I also shadowed the best broadcast journalist in my opinion Zara King with Beat 102 103 (Jesus thinking back what an amazing day that was) which was just the cherry on top and my decision maker that this was the career I was born to do.

Speak soon :)
Lynda :)

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