Friday, 24 May 2013

The Perfect Wife.... I CAN BAKE!!!!!!

Being a domestic goddess...

I will admit it isn't easy being a domestic goddess, but thankfully I was born with on the skill of being the 'Perfect housewfe' ..being able to bake. However unfortunately I lost this skill when I was about 12 years old and now I struggle with the basics of bun making so much so when on the rare occasion I do decide to bake I feel the need to use a packet mix.

It was a Friday evening I decided to invite my friend Aisling up for one of them bonding sessions and even better a treat to enjoy after our gossip session had come to a end. So we got suited and booted and began the process.

So for any UN domesticated people out there I feel I'm obliged to give you step by step instructions on how to make buns or 'Cupcakes' as them American folk call them.

Step 1. Right I'm told the first step is to preheat the oven, however I forgot this step and heated it at step 3.
Step 2. Set up your unit, as in get out your ingredients/bowls/cutlery etc..
Step 3. Empty the packet into a bowl and add the water and oil, oh and a pinch of salt ..That's something I learned from my nanny
                ''A pinch of salt helps everything''
But that's a secret so SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!...
Step 4. Mix it all together. Now this is the tricky part, but don't panic I got a fright here too...Just keep mixing.. Be grandddddddd...

 Step 5. Spoon the mixture into a lined baking tin.
Step 6. Bake.
So that's it then my step by step method of making buns. It' really simple isn't it???.
NO!!!!!! The answer is NO!!! They are not simple to make by any means!!.

You first have to measure stuff, set up stuff and then yano what happens a bag of flour spills everywhere leaving you hunched over sweeping it all up. THEN beating the mixture...My arm nearly fell off!!.. Agony!!.

Then the heat of the oven, I thought my eyebrows were after being burnt off AND that was the easy part.Then there is the icing -_- Something I would never want to experience again.
Too much water it's too runny not enough and it's too thick.
Then in the end it doesn't even look like anything Rachel Allen would be proud of.

However by the time 7pm came there was no one ever as poud as myself and Aisling Walsh we took on a battle with baked product and WE WON!!!!!!!!!

 HON THE GELS!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Day In The Real Capital...Cork City

What a reliable enterprise... 

If there's one thing I hate in this life more than cabbage, or school, or study, or homework, or well the list goes on it's 'Bus Eireann' (I don't even like them enough to put in the fada). Now I'll tell you the truth I must have went up and down the Rote 55 from Waterford to Limerick a good fifty times with no problems but the one time I decide to take the leap of faith and head to the real capital Cork, That's where my problems with Bus Eireann lie.

It was on the day May 20th 2012 that my best friend had her college interview so I tagged along for that little bit of moral support, Good thing!!! The stress that flippin bus caused us. 7am on that morning I rose from my bed and began to get ready sprinting out the door at 9am and thinking we were almost late for the 9.20 bus to Cork. So as we sat at the bus stop (Please note we do not have a station just a stop with an unstable seat that almost put me flat out on my back ....anyway.) Along came the Limerick bus (55) and I had a feeling!! It was like a sixth sense I said 'Annmarie..We should get on that bus' Of course my opinion was pushed aside mainly due to the fact the only reason I'd head to Limerick is to see rugby players. Anyway hours and hours went by (Well minutes that felt like hours) and at 9.45 we decided to ring the bus startion, in Dublin. 'Ahh the bus is late, 10minutes' the Dubliner explained. Shur that was fair enough yano at least we didn't miss it. Low and behold along came the bus that wasn't going to Cork only to Clonmel but we were reccomended to head down to Waterford then get the bus from Waterford to Cork. Fair enough we headed of to Waterford to get the 11am bus only to arrive on the other bus that brought us to Waterford at 11.10 missing the 11am bus. 

So after we were screamed at by some staff we decided to wait until the 12 o clock bus to Cork and what did we do with out spare 30minuts, do what every normal person does at 11.30 am head to Mc Donalds. 

Finally three hours late we were on our way!! :-D Plus on our bus we could indugle on Free Wifi. Totally joking it's bus Eireann that didn't work, even though I spent a good twenty minute survey...

Then all of a sudden we were here.... 

Cork CitAy Boi.....

So we arrived in Cork and met our lovely Corkish friends, I LOVE Cork people in general. If only the spoke a little bit slower they would be the perfect type of people. 

So here we were let loose in Cork and what was the first thing I wanted to go and see you ask??

Havana Brown...

I'd heard of this big night club in Cork that Simon Zebo DJ's at now and then ( Munster and Ireland rugby player ..Dya know him??....)
Here I am with Zebo..Jesus I hope I'm not making anyone jealous anyway..
That wasn't the plan ;)
Anyway himself DJ's there often and since my older cousin told me to stay away from it it was my first place to check out.

I always pictured this huge massive beautiful building...


So we went exploring and had the LOL's and the craic but then it was time to head back to the lovely aul bus station..

So delayed was our bus...Well that's bus Eireann for you!! So half an hour later we all pilled onto the bus before the driver started screaming at us!! Mental abuse some would call it .. Others would say talking loudly to two tired teenagers. After we were sent of the bus as it wasn't going near our town we were sent to the inspector who sent us back onto the bus as we traveled the long three hour journey home, with a broken ankle and busted hip.

So that was my day in Cork, I wish I could tell you more but unfortuently Bus Eireann ruined out whole day!! Imagine living in a country with a reliable bus service.. Ahhhh Bliss.....

Still can you ever go wrong with the day of school in a city with your friends.... I think not...

Lynda :-)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Girl World Really Does Exist..

'Girl World'..

What comes into your head when you hear the words 'Girl World' maybe mean girls?? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only girl that believes this does actually exist not as exaggerated now as mean girls I mean most girls don't push people in front of buses and the sorts BUT saying that sometimes being a girl and living up to expectations really is hard, a world in which the male species rarely understand or even know exists which is why firstly I say ALL MEN must be forced to watch Mean Girls so they can begin to understand what us girls face day in and day out.

First on a day to day basis there's getting up and worse even getting ready you're expected to always look your best by who?? not men..not yourself but other girls. Constantly trying to look better than the girl that has the hair/looks/figure and now since the very beautiful Cara Delevingne the brows, a essential part of a girls daily routine. Then the clothes.. Now this is tricky you can't be over done but no under done maybe in between take a cupcake for example, Icing makes it look great but with sprinkles it becomes over done very easily it's a mixture of both very tricky to face.

Then It's the boy. Now usually us girls have two choices when it comes to males. Theres the one that's drop dead gorgeous, sporty, lush hair but a shocking personality or the boy that's lovely a sweet but has a face like a hens arse and being girls 9/10 times we'll go for the first boy only to be disappointed. A vicious cycle if you ask me. Then there's the Will I tell him won't I... Blahhhhh -_-

Next it's the worst part it's the other girls in your life.Your circle of friends and don't lie to yourself in a group of 8 friends theres at least two you'd have no problem locking in a shed with spiders. While you go by day by day seeing girls bitch about other girls only to cause drama further on down the line. This drama can be caused by a simple look the wrong way, ugly clothes, hair the wrong way or him.

Then theres expectations girls must live up to, first we need to cook. WHY????!!! I mean every corner these days there is a Chinese and a dominoes in almost every town so what's the need of this cooking cracic!!.
 On top of this there's music, us girls should like 'Girly' music such as Katy Perry (Who I LOVE but I'm making a point) and Nicki Minaj (Oh who we're also supposed to have the features of) So when you tell a boy you love Kings Of Leon you almost categorised as a 'Rock Chick' who hasn't one bit of girliness to yourself..Unbelievable.

So this 'Girl World' business..It's alive and breathing. I can't recommend anything to help us females apart from one thing....
Get out YouTube right now and type in
'Blues Brothers-Soul Man' and sing it loud and dance like an ejiot! Smile like never before and enjoy life :)

My Summer Experience

I'm in Madrid.... and never going back!!

Summer!! A time where we're free from the prison they call school, free from 10pm curfews, free from stress a time where body's tan, sun shines, summer romances bloom and memories are made. That's pretty much 'Summer' am I right?? Well last summer I decided to jet of to Madrid in Spain for 9 days with two friends oh and I'll also add PARENTLESS!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!
Well I take back that WHOOO!! There was no WHOOOO to be had. Unless you like fried milk, country sides, 6 miles walks and unidentified flying Beatles then you can WHOOO!!!

Right so maybe that's a 'bit' of an exaggeration BUT I'm not lying about the fried milk... There's nothing to mess about fried milk, Listen I didn't even know it was possible to fry milk!.
Fried Milk......
I should probably tell you the whole story and not just about that fried stuff!! Anyway one day in school we were reading a magazine where we found a camp you go to for the summer to help Spaniards (Spanish teens) learn English. A free summer holiday as all you had to pay for was the flights. That was it 12 of us 100% going! Long story short in the end there was three...
 Flying out from Dublin airport in early July we couldn't wait for the adventure we faced.
We landed in Madrid around 5pm hit by this gust of heat that nearly knocked us on our backs and we headed off to our luxury hotel in the city of Madrid.

Next morning we faced the 4 hour bus journey to Manfrague. A nature reserve park in the Madrid countryside!! Now for anyone that knows me, you know the countryside is not a place you'd find me regularly however the bus ride was quite fun I'll admit. Spanish boys..... There not to hard on the aul eyes I'll tell you.

Anyway after four long hours in sweltering heat on  bus we had arrived.... Ladies and Gents I give you Manfrague..

Okay...So our next task was lunch, we were brought into the dining room for lunch! Yummy lunch NOT!!! COLD RICE WITH STODGY MAYO!!! PIECES OF COOKED HAM AND CARROTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but on a positive of that we got a bread roll at every meal so that and water for 9 days was fantastic!! ( Jesus never did I miss spuds so much in my life) anyway next we got given our roomies, the Spanish person we would be spending 24hours of the next 9 days with the one thing that could make or break the 'Experience'.
 Thankfully I got the most amazing Spanish lady Silvia. Who became my little sister we would spend our nights watching Geordie Shore well Silvia translating it into English for me well in fairness could you think of anything that would bond two people any more. It all went great yano up until the last night when the fairy jumped out the window on me but anyway....

So basically long story broken down into paragraphs we were all divided into groups, orange,yellow,Oreo as you do I was an  'Orange Olympican'
Here we are... Whooo -_-

So we played team games and spent every day with Spanish people whilst being poisoned but never the less making friends with people around the world...
Ask me where I have friends.... G'wannn...
LA, Holland, Hawaii, Spain, Miami, everywhere...
and although it wasn't my dream summer the experience I gained is priceless and the friends and memories can never be forgotten.

I can't say I'd be rushing to go back but I would also be lying if I said I didn't love EVER (Well most) of the minutes I spent there.

What did I learn????

This is my favourite question.
1. I LOVE people!!!!! I want to be around loads of people every day!
2.Before I left approx 8 of my friends promised that if I hated it they would come get me.... Friends lie....
3.Spanish boys are beautiful
4.Fried milk...DON'T EVER TOUCH IT
5.You should try everything!! Get yourself out of your comfort zone and the experience gained you'll never forget it.

So that's my summer experience anyway summed up in a few paragraphs I wont be legging it back there anytime soon but hopefully by this time next year I'll have another gas story for the blog :P

(Ps. If that's spelt wrong then my apologies, they never taught us Spanish :P)

Lynda :)


Conor Murray...

Right so..I think the time has come to let you into one of my biggest passions in life...Rugby!! More importantly Munster Rugby!!

Ok...Me and rugby never in a million years did I EVER think I would like rugby but I remember the day well!! It was a day in May 2011 I saw 'Rugabi Beo' on TG4 and saw it was a Munster match! Perfect I'll see Tommy Bowe I said to myself!! If your into rugby you'll understand Tommy Bowe NEVER played with Munster but there he was this chap with a big 9 on his back! Long dark hair and tanned skin and that was it.... Me hooked on rugby the name of this chap??? Conor Murray!! A 22 year old fella from Limerick City I was IN LOVE!!

So off he went to the Rugby World Cup!! And that was it my mission of TY was to meet him!
I tried EVERYTHING!! Absolutely everything .. I even got this made...6foot 2 ...Shur look we'll say nothing I was 15!! ha

Anyway... A VERY long story short leaving out shaking, makers, minstrels, bandits I've now met Conor 6times and was tweeted directly from him 8 times once where he called me 'Miss' Shur now if that's not friendship what is ;-)

So now Mr.Murray plays with Ireland and also last week was selected for the Lions tour!! (With the luck from my teddy) but unforch I have to now share Murray with the world :--(

So what this article was written for was to show you that if you REALLY want to do something make it happen!! I know there's a big difference between meeting a rugby player and real dreams (For example becoming a Jurno/Presenter) but YOU CAN DO IT!!!! :D
So hopefully this has showing you that everything is possible AND Munster Rugby is the best ;)

Am I Mad To Want To Be A Jurno????

If it's not clear yet it's my dream to become a presenter or Journalist or 'Jurno' as I call them due to my Hipster style. I'll come straight out with this growing up I NEVER wanted to be a Journalist to be honest I didn't even know what a journalist was. Media also something I have no interest in well apart from the fact I LOVE to talk.. All the time... Even in mass the struggle to keep quite between the prayers gets to me a bit. Plus and this is a random fact my favourite part of mass is when we all get to shake hands and say 'Peace Be With You' WHY!! You might ask? Well simply because I love meeting and talking to people.

So it was last year in Transition Year when we were told to set up a mini company that myself along with five great friends decided to set up a school magazine called 'What's The Banter' which I became the editor of now I'll tell you straight out now was not anything like 'Stellar' or 'Tatler' more on the lines of 'Nail Tips' and 'Hunk Of The Month' which for some strange reason always ended up being a rugby player...Who knows why ;-) after a Halloween and New Years edition and minus money we decided that our Enterprise must come to an end :--( However this led to be gratefully beneficial to me as it's where I learned I have a passion for Journalism. Also we were chosen to go to the County Enterprise Awards.. where we lost :-/ Anyway...Onwards and Upwards!! ha

I was never one for Science or Maths or German or well many school subjects now in fairness but one thing I could always do was talk!! And talk I did all the time!! So then one day it hit me.. 'Why Not Radio' so that's where my love of media and meeting people grew.

Next It became time for me to gain experience and information/advice so I met with Journalists and sent many emails and met up with many people and I also shadowed the best broadcast journalist in my opinion Zara King with Beat 102 103 (Jesus thinking back what an amazing day that was) which was just the cherry on top and my decision maker that this was the career I was born to do.

Speak soon :)
Lynda :)