Tuesday, 31 December 2013


So this is it, 2013 is almost over. With the past three weeks or so I couldn't wait to have a new fresh start in 2014 but this morning I woke up (to my favourite song Pumped Up Kicks, so I was automatically in a good mood) but this, what word could I use.. realisation hit me.It really did, and I'm not even lying!! And as physiological as this may seem I think the events on 2013, the good and the bad are what will shape me as a person. 

So I began my re-cap of the year and the earliest memory I have is on January 3rd and it revolved around rugby player Conor Murray, big shock!! myself and two friends headed down to training and I got my first voluntary hug of Murray, as well as being told I was an ejiot and away with the fairies, normally people who say stuff like that to me don't get away with it, but I suppose I'll leave Murray off with it!!
 From there dates are really just a blur to me, If only I kept a diary. In regards to my rugby moments of 2013.. well they really are priceless and I even met some of my best friends through it. Friends who I've grown an attachment to and shared even more of the greatest moments I have of 2013!!
Such as my first night out in CORK CITAAAAY!!! (I didn't blog about that night, but on a short re-cap myself and my best friend Annmarie went down to Cork in the hopes of going to the Scarlets and Munster match on in Musgrave park, dreams of meeting Emyr Philips (The Scarlets hooker) but no, we didn't make it that far. Our plans to head out on the 12 pub Christmas crawl quickly changed as we were in a taxi on the way to the Savoy. Even though it was over 19's and we couldn't get in, so we walked the rainy streets of Cork looking for somewhere to let us in, before finding a dinky little adorable pub, with very friendly people in bathrooms and even a man who'll top up your make up powder... PHA!!! A night I don't think any of us will forget anytime soon.
Heading off to Yaughal was yet another adventure with the girls, as we attended an open training session with the Munster lads, I even got my third hug with Mike Sherry!!!! (God that was a highlight)                      
Thanks to Becca and her cheekiness, Even feeling the need to discuss the poor man's love life. Nearly choked on his sandwich poor lad. Hugs all round. There is literally never a dull moment with these girls around. Definitely a 2013 blessing!!!! 
2013 was the year I also decided to try take my fantasy career serious as I started my own blog!! (Thanks everyone for reading, it means alot). I got to meet one of my Idols Sile Seoige in Dublin during the Summer for tea, and well working in Thomond Park with Máire Treasa Ní Dhubhghaill well that was... wow!!!
Getting my first ever published article, well heres to an even luckier 2014!!

Heading to Malaga with my mam, best friend and basically my second mother Stella!! Easily my highlight of 2013!! I didn't even want to go, I had decided in advance that I would only burn and die on the plane, and within the first day I was loving life!! as well as the Spanish men!! Literally pussin and bawling for the 3 hours flight home!! It was a week to remember, from breaking glass every night, dancing on stage every night, heading to the beach. A dream holiday!! I wasn't even able to drink legally. Bring on Summer 2014, with legal drink and maybe even Aisling tagging along ;-)
Talking about being legal, August this year saw me celebrate my 18th birthday!! I stepped into adulthood and had the most amazing birthday of my life!! Spoilt rotten wasn't even the word as my birthday lasted for four days long, amazing days with amazing friends!! 
I also got the most amazing presents!! Laptop! Docking station! and two of the most amazing videos a girl could have, a video of Mike Sherry and Conor Murray wishing me Happy Birthday... BE JEALOUS GIRLS!!!! ;-) (Thanks again Jen :D Love you!!)
March, myself and the O'shea headed to Dublin to see THE SCRIPT!!! and I caught a glimpse of my super BFF Laura Withmore!!! Aka the most super ultra glamorous woman in the whole entire world!!! Oh and your man from the tele!! Super night!! 

2013, also saw my best friend move in with me for approximately about a month in total, yano as my mother jetted of to Canada and such places without me, even If I did have a choice!! What weeks they were!! memories were made that will last a lifetime!! There was so many 'gatherings' I couldn't count!! A leaking roof, no electricity and limited culinary skills, a taste of college life for  us both... worrying stuff!! None the less amazing memories were made and at the end of the day my best friend is basically my sister!!Along with the other trouble maker arriving up on the daily!!
Nights that will stay with us forever... for good and bad reasons!!!! (Hey!! You learn from your mistakes)

This summer also let me get as close to Kings Of Leon as I ever will as the man of my dreams brother, Jared Followill tweeted me!! Yes you heard me right, even if he was being cheeky with me and I can't understand it! It's still a tweet!
It was a stupid question anyway I know, but still definitely up there with the highlights :)!!!!

So really 2013 wasn't that bad of a year all together! It's easy to dwell on the bad times of a year but when you think back on everything it's easy to see the good times rather than the bad times! 
School wise in 2013 I was in fifth year when it started and I'm now in sixth year!! AHHH!! stressful times ahead!! The lessons I've learned from 2013 are priceless and really will define me for the rest of my life! the good and the bad! From love, heartbreak, school, stress they all play a part as much as the fun and happiness but it really was a year to remember even the strawberries and maths homework!!
 Cherish the memories but be ready to embrace the New Year!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!! :)

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas With The Kranks

When it comes to the Christmas season, I really do tend to challenge my inner Mr.Krank but my Christmas would not be complete unless I watch the movie 'Christmas with the Kranks' at least 72,000 times over the month of December and ball my eyes out at the ending, and that's just how it is!!
For anyone out there who hasn't seen my all-time favourite film I'll give you the general jist, but you have to promise me you'll watch it and just appreciate the magic of it.

It starts off with this normal family, played by Tim Allen, and Jamie Lee Curtis and when their only child Blair decided to join the peace core their Christmas is about to change forever.
Nora (Jamie Lee Curtis) thinks she's going to have a normal Christmas, with hickory honey ham, Christmas Eve party and Frosty up on the roof but Luther decides that enough is enough and this year they should try something different and that is to ... SKIP CHRISTMAS!!!  .

After doing out the family budget he realises that last year the family spent so much money on Christmas, so much that they could have went on 10 day cruise around the Caribbean Islands. It takes Nora a while to agree but eventually gives in and the fun begins.
Christmas on the street is a big deal, every house buys a Christmas tree from the scouts, they buy a calendar from the cops and every house puts up a seven foot frosty onto the roof so when the Kranks back out there's price to pay!!

I won't ruin the story but I will say that I think EVERYONE should be forced to watch this film, yes it may be about a grouchy aul man, who doesn't think much of Christmas or tradition but with a sudden twist to the film it immediately makes you realise the true meaning of not just Christmas but life in general, but in a sneaky, fun and yet beautiful way, and trust me I don't just get deep and meaningful for the craic I really mean this.
 I recommend watching this film, and if you don't cry when Luther hands over them tickets then your heart is like a rock..
and keep a eye out for my favourite person in the film..

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

5th May 2012.

It was during the Rugby World Cup and I had just started in Transition Year in school. I decided that my mission of Transition Year (TY) would be to meet Conor Murray himself!!
I told everyone I mean EVERYONE!! Even all the teachers knew about Conor Murray the rugby player at this stage!! I told everyone I was going to meet yer man Murray from the Munster rugby team and got the usual 'Alright Lynda' 'The international rugby player good luck with that' but I made it my mission and on the 5th of May 2012 4:18pm my mission was complete.

As embarrassing as this story is, I've decided to reveal it to you all and I'm prepared to be grilled over it, but here goes, keeping in mind however I was sixteen, so I'm aloud to be foolish!!
My weekend began like any other weekend, except it was a Friday, and I had the day off school AND it was 7am and I was up dancing around like a loony!! but this was it!! Once I got on that 1.20 bus to Limerick I'd be on my way to seeing Conor Murray!!
I can't actually say I slept that Friday night in Limerick, but from 5am on the Saturday morning I was up!! bouncing on the bed! Singing songs already on my sixth bottle of luco before 9am, but this was it!!
At around ten to two myself, mam and my friend Haleigh (God love them they really didn't know what they were getting themselves in for) made our way down to the lobby of the hotel, Jesus!! It was fantastic! The bar was empty, the lounge was free everything was quiet I'd easily get a glimpse of Murray.Two seconds later a gang of four arrived and sat beside us!! Now I didn't like this!! Didn't like this one bit!!!
Four plus three is seven!! So now there was seven!! Sevens a bit of an odd figure I didn't like seven,but suddenly I heard the name Conor Murray being mentioned and from there we all befriended each other, that was it and the wait continued...

At approximately 2.30 the trauma began when Haleigh hit me saying 'Who's that!! Who's that!!' - Peter O'Mahony!! Now this was where the nerves went!! I'd never been so unrestrained near a rugby player IN MY LIFE!!!
 I'd been to one match in Musgrave! and even at that I was up in the sky so that didn't count but I'd like to think I handled myself quite well.....apart from the mere panic attack I was grand...

And I had met my first ever Munster Rugby.

So we continue....
We went on and on, with the likes of Donncha O'Callaghan .. who got stuck in the door, but that's another story! We even have past Munster legends like Leimi Mafi and Tomas O'Leary!! (Who at the time I didn't really like because yano.. you can only back one Scrum Half) but anyway it goes on and on, until the media manager arrived. A sound, sound, sound man who we got chatting too!!
I showed him my banner...

It was going fantastic, until he said 'Well Conor Murray's a Limerick lad he might not be coming here' well talk about deflation!! The only way I can begin to describe that feeling is thinking you have a bottle of orange luco, taking a sip to realise it's water!! A vile, sickening, heart aching moment!! 
Considering my lack of emotional control I handled the situation quite well!! especially the fact he said MIGHT NOT!! See them small words... I like them small words!!! but at least we get to go to watch the match in Thomond that was the main thing!! 
Just as my deflation began to hit rock bottom along comes Simon Zebo....
It was at that stage that I finally accepted the fact Murray was not coming!! 

4.18 pm. I looked over to the door and saw none other than Mike Sherry and Declan Cusack, Yes!! Murray's housemates I shouted 'YES'!!! Turned my head for two seconds looked back and who is it? Conor Murray walking in the door!!! - Yano that moment when everything in your whole life is incredibly amazingly perfect and you love everyone and everything even maths for that split second!! I had that!!!!
 So I jumped up!!! Ran the opposite way!! WHY??? I do not know....I ran back to see Conor, Mike and Declan walking away.. what do you do? as a normal human being I sprint after them only to realise they went in another door.
 Well that was that so, I sat down in my chair feeling fairly cats!! - basically realising I just missed my chance at seeing Conor Murray... 
Then suddenly!!!!Anglea (My newly befriended friend said 'Look down there' and as I looked up I saw Conor Murray walking towards me...Dressed all in navy the only thing I could notice was the height!! Jesus the man was lanky, perfect but lanky!!

And so it begins....

I fell of my chair with the shock!! I couldn't stand up, thank God I'd Haleigh there to pull me up and as Conor approached she said 'Conor can she get a picture with you, she loves you' Suttle I know...and his reply 'Of course, no problem!' smiling. I couldn't stand... the legs were gone!! - The shakes appeared, now I'm not one to shake!! but Jesus Christ!!!! I was like a kitten on a cold day!!!!! 

So try get this image into your head!! Me!! in a posh Limerick hotel, after falling off a chair, kicking a table, shouting running around shaking like a leaf!! If I was in charge of the hotel I'd be after calling the guards!!!
Shaking so much so Conor even notice, first thing he said..
''Will ya stop shaking you're making me nervous'' until realising I was getting myself into a serious state and the use of a defibrillator may soon be needed.
He then started rubbing my back.... yes Murray rubbing my back saying and I quote..
''Are you okay? C'mon now relax. Calm down you're okay!.
 I can feel you shaking will you relax''
I was in shock!! I couldn't talk, all I could blurt out was 'Dya know the banner on twitter thats me'..literally all I could manage to say!!! 
When I finally controlled myself to get a picture, note I didn't stop shaking just caught my breath.  I can't even look at the pictures. This is the best!!..
NOW!!! That is saying alot!!!!
My first ever pic with Conor Murray...Great.
And he wonders why I need a new pic every time!!!

When it was Haleigh's turn to get the picture she handed me the camera when Conor blurted out..
''She won't be able to take a picture'' (Laughing) -And how right he was!!! 
He then turns to my mother who happened to be having a laughing fit in the corner and said ..
''She's shaking out look'' - so I just sat down, I fell into my chair curled up in a ball and just sat there... whilst he signed autographs for other people, looking down at me saying to the lads 'Is she okay?' and then off he went for food.

Conor Murray Part 2..

So by the time Conor came back out I decided I'd get him to sign the banner!! 
Now the banner.... the banner is 6 foot 2 which  I ordered online saying 
Asking Murray to sign it was probably the least of my embarrassment!That's saying alot because it's very embarrassing. He opened it and and his very words were..
''Jesus the size of it'' - The same thing every other person who ever witnessed this thing had said!!! 
but off I went telling Conor about how I was at my first ever rugby match in Cork and how my cousin slagged me off for having the banner and said I was 'Achieving nothing!!' Except I couldn't actually bring myself to explain that it's what my cousin said to me so all I could tell Conor was 'you're achieving nothing! You're achieving nothing' .. I'm a lovely person, I swear.
At then if things weren't embarrassing enough when Conor picked up the marker to sign it I replied with the statement - ''I've great taste in markers' .. yes!! markers!!! flipping markers!!!!!!!
My signed banner..yes I did get him to use a red marker.
ANYWAY!!!! basically cutting a VERY VERY VERY long story short!! Conor Murray is an absolute hero!!!!!! They always say you should never meet your heroes you'll only be disappointed!!! Complete BULL!!!!!!
I was the happiest girl IN THE WORLD!!!
SO, as if the day wasn't good enough!!It was my first ever time in Thomond Park, to watch Munster play Ulster and guess what!! Munster won!! 36-8
and who was Man Of The Match?? MURRAY!!!! - The cherry on top of what was a perfect day!!!
What made it all the best?? Apart from the amount of people I can make jealous!! The fact I followed through and made a dream come true for myself!!
And of course, still love Murray to this day! Even if he cut all his lovely hair off and I've to now share him with the rest of Ireland!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Shur off I went to TG4....

There are times when I need to literally pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!! And last Saturday November 2nd 2013 was one of those days as I boarded the bus to Limerick for a day in Thomond Park and this time it wasn't even to gawk at the rugby players it was to work!! Well... shadow none other than TG4's top presenter Máire Treasa Ní Dhubhghaill for a day!! and what a day it was.

I've been told many a times for someone who hopes to get into presenting and media, contacts and experience are the essentials, it makes no difference what degrees you have I'll agree it's a pity but in this business it's not what you know it's who you know, and I was blessed to have Máire Treasa as a contact of mine since I was about 16.

My day began fairly normal, we planned on getting the 9.20 Route 55 bus to Limerick which we take EVERY single time and as it says 9.20 it usually only arrives at 9.30... being Bus Eireann that is (and I still don't like them enough to use the fada) In my opinion the most unreliable enterprise in Irish history as the 9.20 arrived at 9.10 ..10 minutes early!! Now that may not seem like much but as I had literally just arrived at the bus stop about 15 seconds before it pulled up, loading on my two suitcases (For one night in Limerick... Yeahhhh I know I over pack blah blah) but what does the bus man do? Closes the luggage door I was only lucky my neck escaped in time still with one suitcase in my hand another friend not even after arriving at the bus stop. I tried stall but he was having none of it.. a typical bus experience .... Some Laugh.
 I will admit the whole trauma of the morning became quite funny when we got out of Clonmel, that is until the rain.
 THE RAIN!!!! I could write a whole post dedicated to the rain of Limerick City alone!! I've always been told it's something to do with the Shannon River but every single time I go to Limerick it rains, and I'm not even kidding it just lashes. It could because I'm from the Sunny South East with no rain that I'm not used to it but my God the rain!!!!  We got drenched. Especially due to the fact I decided to go experimenting around the city trying to get to the Clarion hotel faster.
 The Clarion hotel...
The hotel of champions!!! The memories ... ahhhh... Anyway!!! (and that's a VERY old pic of one of my greatest memories in the Hotel)

Anyway, after we arrived I decided It was time I got ready so the eyes, were done to excellent percussion!! (I think that's the word) and the hair straightened like a pin!! that was before my two best friends decided to leave me to go creep at the Munster Team wandering around the lobby!!... Yeah I don't really blame them either to be honest...
 So the time had come to get dressed, I got all my clothes laid out before I realised I forgot my jeans. Yes!! My jeans. I had no trousers to wear! That's when the realisation got me!! I either had my pyjama pants OR my soaking wet tracksuit pants to go with my fancy cream coat. Which do I choose??
 Well what would you wear?? The soaking wet tackies or the pyjamas?? Which as a matter of fact looked better than the tackies!! So I rang the friends pussin and bawling about my lack of pants and I was only blessed one of them were smart enough to bring a pair of black leggings, so they wouldn't get cold THANK THE LORD!!! so once again crisis avoided.
By the time I finally made it down to the lobby it was about 3pm, and knowing I had to meet Máire Treasa at 4pm the panic struck, not to mention the rain still bucketing down outside, finally after sitting down I realised I forgot my phone so back up to the room I went, the lift taking a good 20 minutes no exaggeration, I got into a over crowded lift of about 10 Americans who of course made me talk and talk and talk just because my accent was 'Awesome' Although the lady was the sweetest thing ever so SHOUT OUT TO CUTE AMERICAN LADY!! that went on until we finally reached the eight floor and I made a sprint down the corridor kinda like a James Bond moment If you can imagine, but I was in heels so imagine a James Bond moment as a girl in heels sprinting down a hotel corridor, I'll admit I felt fairly cool, that was until my roomie hotel neighbours wandered out looking confused and worried..Wahh I shutter at the thought..
 Finally after grabbing the phone I repeated my mission of sprinting down the corridor looking like a pansy and pressing that escalator button like a ninja panting out of breath, well like the corridor is very long and I ran really fast and so when the lift opened what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Munster rugby player.... BJ Botha. Now there's a story to tell the kids, .. Yeah shared a lift with Botha... no big deal....
Here he is now Mr. BJ Botha
So when I finally reached the ground floor YET AGAIN, I decided to book a taxi to drive me to Thomond because at this stage it was already 3.30 and still lashing so that was it.. Pressure on!! When my taxi finally arrived we couldn't move because the fecking Munster Bus was parked outside the hotel!! Darn ye Munster men thinking ye can block up the road Darn ye!! but finally we were off and I had finally arrived at the grounds of ...


At this stage it was at least 4.10 so I was at least ten minutes late, and I can honestly hand on my heart tell you right now you haven't experienced pain until you've sprinted around Thomond Park, in the rain looking for the Doug Out in 4 inch heels!! but on the plus I was average height for a normal Irish teenager!!.
So running around asking people where I was, at one stage I even asked was I still in the grounds of Thomond!! but I eventually made it to the Dugout bar.. busting in the door to about 50 people running around and no sign of the one person I was supposed to meet there. On the phone to Máire Treasa at 4.30 and she told me she wasn't even at Thomond yet!!! THE RELIEF!!!!!   
When I finally met her, we proceed to have lunch IN THOMOND PARK!!!! sitting down at my table which consisted of Jerry Flannery!!! YES!!!! FLANNERY!!!!!!!!!! That was one of them moments where I really did need to pinch myself! Dreaming, that was until I realised they all only spoke Irish to each other!! Why that was such a shock to me I'll never understand I was at TG4 for God sake!!!! But they all spoke Irish!! ALL the time!! and me with my very limited knowledge of the language didn't go down great!! but none the less here I was in Thomond Park, having lunch with one of Munster's biggest legends and one of my Idols. Life really is great!!!!!

When we were finished lunch we headed to the TG4 area!! Walking around Thomond beside Máire Treasa really did make me feel like a superstar!! Well in my own little imagination it did!! I LOVED it, I even had my own little lanyard that said 'Media' on it!! I felt AMAZING!!!!!
We then got into one of the trucks!!! Yes I repeat TRUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Three trucks for that matter (Any live coverage from TG4 is done from these three trucks) and I can tell you now!! I'm not a big fan of cars or trucks!! BUT!! These trucks!! WOW!!!!!.
They were massive big things!!! They were fully equipped with televisions and people and it was amazing!! (Well the people didn't come with the trucks but it was packed) Not what I had expected one bit. I then sat down with two analysis's whilst Máire Treasa did a bit of planning for the show. It was amazing just soaking up the atmosphere!! just being in this truck with all the professionals doing my dream job was outstanding!! I had shivers!!! 
 The next minute the shows director hopped onto the truck as well as the rest of the cast and crew! I had Jerry Flannery standing beside me and Máire Treasa sitting in front of me in a TG4 truck!! WOW!!
 Everyone was handed this booklet of about 10 pages and printed on them was the layout of how the show was going to be run (ALL in Irish I may add so quite difficult for myself to understand but I loved it)
It was after that Máire Treasa left me, so I was sitting in the truck when I befriended the analyst's beside me Susan and Paddy!! SHOUT OUT TO PADDY AND SUSAN!!! I love those people!! They took me through what they do step by step and once again I just loved it. I was going grand then until the producer man told me to go find Máire Treasa she was 'Over the Guinness sign' yeah thanks for that.. but I headed off on the hunt. That was one of them moments when you stop look at your surroundings and just laugh. 
Try picture this in your head now, an 18 year old walking around Thomond Park, in heels on her own in a big fancy coat with a 'Media' sign on her when the Munster boys are warming up on pitch. I walked past the tunnel around the sides of the pitch onto the pitch everywhere! and I was clueless!!!. I was wandering around Thomond bloody Park UNSUPERVISED!! With a tab that allowed me access to all areas... Hellooo dressing rooms!!! I'm only messing!!!!! ;) hahahaha.... or am I??... no I'm totally messing!! I wouldn't do such a thing!!!
Anyway..  It wasn't until I heard a man calling 'Lyndaaaaaa' that realisation hit me!! It was my saviour Paddy!! See I told you I loved that man!! and he showed me where to go! I've said this before and I'll say it again!! Running around rugby stadiums with men whilst wearing heels is NOT smart!! but finally after we climbed steps went through doors that I didn't even know existed and even up in a lift we finally reached this Guinness sign!! and I was reunited with Máire Treasa as she prepared the show. 

I can't say it was what I had imagined but my God was it an amazing experience!! Getting to see how the show is put together was outstanding and I loved every minute!! 
They practised over and over until It was time to go live! I could almost feel the pressure but the guys were such professional and you could see they enjoyed what they were doing so much. They went live before the game started, at half time and when it was over and the preparation that was involved was immense everything had to be precise and timed to a 'T', there isn't a second chance with live TV but even Máire Treasa told me that that's the fun of it, and she prefers going live there's more of a buzz but as I found out things go wrong. At the end part of the show all the earphones bailed so no one could hear each other!!
Jesus that was intense 3 minutes but was handled amazingly and that's always something that can go wrong, and as a presenter it's your job to cover and think on your feet to fix it, exactly what Máire Treasa did. a true professional!!!

When the match was on I got to sit up in the area to watch the match with the whole TG4 team!! It was fantastic!! I actually got to sit down at the match instead of breaking a rib of the side of the railings getting soaked with the rain which was amazing!! The view was fantastic!!!
So when the show was over, we headed back to the truck where everything had settled down, giving back my lanyard was tough I'll admit, but what a great day!!. We got back onto the truck and we actually had move to walk around, it was strange. Saying goodbye to Paddy was even harder! But whatta man!!! 
 I then got into  Máire Treasa's car as she dropped me back to my hotel!!. If that isn't dreaming then I really don't know what is.
 Chatting to Máire Treasa on the way home was what really opened my eyes, It's so clear this didn't come easy to her and she worked so hard but now she's living her dream and it's all because she persevered through everything. She told me how she went to Mary I in Limerick and how she was a primary teacher!!! A teacher would you believe and now she's on the tele!! That's some cool teacher in my eyes!!. But from that it showed me that no matter what career path you take in college it can direct you to what ever your dreams are, like when I met Sile Seoige who wanted to study Law it really doesn't matter what background you have if you're willing to work hard you can get there and that's why Máire Treasa has inspired me so much and has always been a idol of mine. She also told me how there is different paths into EVERYTHING!! This isn't just directed to people who fancy going into media. Research!! Look around!! There's back routes into everything out there you just need to be wise about it! Open your eyes.
I'd definitely recommend anyone out there who's not 100% set on the career path, or even if they are to try get some experience in the area they want. It could really set your mind, even a day here or there it all counts. 
 I always imagined a career in media uber glamorous! but I noticed Máire Treasa putting on her own lipstick!! so it showed me to perhaps lower my expectations in some way, which is so important. 

When I finally got back to the hotel round 10pm I was fit for the bed but that cherry on top of the day??
Was that it was the Munster Rugby's Christmas party that night so I got to see loads of the men dolled up... 
YEP!!!! Really did live the dream that day!!!! ;-) 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pyro.....It's not just a song!!

I won't lie to you and tell you I'm magnificently talented when it comes to music and can pick up any note which is played, because in reality even though I studied music for three years in school I still can't detect one single note that is played.  I can't even say I have a taste in music I've been told many a times that I've the strangest taste in music, but thanks to a friend I was introduced to a band called Kings Of Leon, I'm sure you've heard of them and since then my life hasn't really been the same. In case you're living under a rock that magically has wifi  to enable you to read this KOL are an American rock band made up of three brothers Caleb, Jared and Nathan Followill and one cousin Matthew Followill. I never thought I was one for rock music until I came across this wonder of a song called 'Pyro'  released in December of 2010.... In my opinion the most amazingly fantastic song which has ever been wrote in the history of all written music, I even think it slightly beats Pumped up Kicks... and that's saying a lot coming from me!!

I always loved finding out the meanings to different songs, and I will admit I was shocked and slightly confused to find out what this song was really about. I spent ages researching what the song was about and all I could pick up was Caleb Followill wrote it based on the Ruby Ridge incident and in a radio interview Caleb explained
'' is about a guy who has lost faith in the world in which he lives and he doesn't believe it is as perfect as everyone says. He becomes so disgusted by the world in which he lives that he decides to burn it down.''
I can tell you right now I was sickened!!! I couldn't relate that to my life, the song was just a song to me but then I looked into it even more and started looking at other peoples opinions on the song and what I learned was in every song you can relate it back to you and your life and that's what makes a song a song!!.
Except pumped up kicks... if you can relate your life to that song then please arrange some counselling!!

So I found this explanation:
''Single book of matches
Gonna burn what's standing in the way
Run down the mountain
Now they're calling on the fire brigade

At first one insignificant -or may be a bit bigger than that - event happens and destroy one of your beliefs one thing that you rely on and take for granted but in fact once that is destroyed at takes every other belief with it until nothing is for granted.  

Bury all the pictures
And tell the kids that I'm okay
If'n I'm forgotten
You'll remember me 'fore today

When this happens it leaves you broken you may pretend that you're okay for the sake of others and try to forget those beliefs you once had but you will always remember at least this day the day you lost them all.

I, I won't ever be your cornerstone
I think the song is spoken by two different points of view at the beginning it was the writer's now his beliefs tells him that it will not be his cornerstone any more what's gonna happen now is he -the writer - gonna break down? is there a way without them? can a person pull him/herself from that kind of lost? or do you really need those beliefs to be? . 

All the black inside me
Is slowly seeping from the bone
Everything I cherish
Is slowly dying, or it's gone

Now the writer's tern to speak and he represent that lost as black darkness growing inside him until his body can't hold it any more so it reflects on his behaviour because - again he says - everything he relied on is leaving dying and now he has nothing.

Little shaken babies
And drunkards seem to all agree
Once the show gets started
It's bound to be a sight to see

This part is not really clear to me but I think shaken babies and drunkards represent most of the people who have no real view in life they are blind when it comes to life decision or they have shades over their eyes they only see life from one angle they are there watching him live that judging from far away enjoying the seen .

Watch her roll
Can you feel it?

Now everything changes after all that black and darkness he felt there's one other feeling shining coming closer which is freedom now he's free even from himself his own believes now he knows how to start over without getting affected by beliefs that weren't his in the first place they are a reflection of others around him ideas got planted in his head one way or another but now as he lost them he can understand why anything happens why to believe in something or why not to but now it's all his .. his beliefs and his will now he's free that what running represent''
I can't exactly explain what this song means to me or why I relate to it so much but with this I raise the question does your favourite song really say more about you than your lips ever can? A question which I've always been curious to know the answer too!!  A question in which I now fully answer  with YES!! 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

And to think I want to leave..

They say being proud of where you come from is one of the most important things you have to have in your life, and I can put my hand up right here and now and say people can't begin to comprehend how much I wish I was in the bracket of people who can say they're proud of where they're from.
 I was!! Don't get me wrong up until I was about fifteen I loved my little small town somewhere in the South East a mixture of Tipperary and Waterford (Just to not upset anyone) but it's when you grow up and open your eyes that reality becomes real and your little special small town isn't as special s once expected.

Walking down the main street there's culture left, right and center beauty everywhere you turn and I can tell you now, you haven't experienced beauty until you walk up farmer Weilens hill in the evening and look down at the town! now there's beauty.. walking up Seskin hill and into the woods finding the fields and feeding the horses leftover carrots but then you grow up and you open your eyes and you see the town for what it really is, a place for children to get drunk with the 100 pubs open, the off licences selling alcohol to underage kids, the drugs and even the disrespect to the elderly and animals it's turned into a place where I'm ashamed to tell people I'm from and the worst part is I can't even say I'm proud to be from here and that's one of the things that hurts the most as in raring kids here... I'd love them too much to put them through it.

Ah but I can't just say all the bad to be fair!!! People in this town my list of local legends!! Some of the nicest people you will ever meet come from here... including myself so it's not THAT bad!!
What have we here??
Apart from the 500 pubs!!, The drunk people rolling around the town!! the off license..

We have CULTURE!!!!!
Ever hear of the famous Irish band the Clancy brothers?? - They're from here (Even though they would be turning in their grave if they say which way the down had gone) but to carry on from that we have the musical society!! - Something in which some of my best friends are part of and bring them a ridiculous amount of joy!
The sports- The Rugby Club- Once again something in this town that does actually make me proud!! Even some of my friends getting onto the Munster squad!!! That's what the town needs!!. As well as the GAA (Mollerans being the best) It's something small this town can be proud of!!

But apart from that we haven't much else, young people like myself.. just trying to get their education and be gone never to return, that's not what the town needs!! what will be left? The people who won't go to college who wish to spend their lives on the dole running the town into the ground as day in and day out stories of business closing down and someone else found dead on drugs not only is it embarrassing it's heartbreaking.

I can't really say much else here, It's my home and I should love where I'm from yet I'm counting down the minutes until I can pack my suitcase and be gone. Nice work Carrick!! Nice work!!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Thomond Park..Home To Munster Rugby!!

If you know me, or have read any other of my blog posts you'll probably have picked up on a theme I have running through nearly everything I write and that is rugby, Munster Rugby as a fact and the love and passion I have for such a topic. Munster Rugby is a huge part of my life as it has been for the past three years and quite frankly I'm in shock I haven't blogged about this before and that is... THOMOND PARK!!!. It would work great here if there was a big gasp after the word Thomond Park but we'll just use of imagination for the minute. 
 If you were to ask any Munster fan where there favourite place to be on a Saturday night was the response would be mainly in Limerick in Thomond and I'm the same. My love for Thomond is undoubtedly one of the biggest loves of my life and for any rugby fan it really is a must see!!.  

When you arrive in Limerick City on a match day it's one of them experiences that you will never forget, you're greeted by big smiles, old men with them wooly Munster hats on simply for no reason only to keep their bald heads warm and even sometimes perhaps the Munster squad themselves ( I know places ;-)) but you just can't help but notice this atmosphere floating around the city.

As the dusk approaches, the decision to leave the buzzing city becomes clear and you head off on your trek to Thomond Park. You become part of the 'Red Army' as you walk single file one by one into this breath taking stadium. You hear roars that echo of the sky, you stand there opened mouthed gawking at your Munster heroes whether it's Paulie or my personal favourite Conor Murray, everyone in that stadium is there for a reason. This reason can be to just watch a 'pure daceeenntt' game of rugby (Having Limerick friends is starting to rub off on me) or whether you're there to just drool over the hunks you simply cannot beat the atmosphere you soak up in Thomond Park. 
Thomond Park, is one of the most magical places I was ever given the opportunity to stand in, and probably my most favourite topic to talk about. It's a little piece of grass where dreams are made but also very quickly over. A place where you can become anything you want to be whether it's an ejiot standing up with a banner,
Or someone who just sits back and enjoys the game it's a place you can be whoever you want.

In my opinion, I think rugby is one of them sports that everyone loves whether it's secretly or with a burning passion, even if it is just the odd gander at the fine looking hunks of men ..Murray/Sherry/Keatley... well the list of them really is endless as my brainless cousin once said 
                                    ''It's a thugs game played by gentlemen'' 
And that it is!! You just can't help but feel a love and passion for the men in red!!.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Geography... Isn't it some laugh!!

So here is my conundrum!!! Put yourself in my shoes it's Sunday night, just gone 10 pm I'm sitting here with my laptop out listening to some aggressive film on the television drinking a cup of tea chatting to about 10 different people via facebook,twitter and phone and everythings grand yeah? sounds like a nice Sunday yeah?. Now how about I add on the fact I spent all Saturday and Sunday in Cork with my best friends watching a rugby match then yano met my favourite players and had a ball, how does that sound? PERFECT!!!! Am I right?... course I am... I'm always right!
 Now heres the thing... GEOGRAPHY!!!!
What a disgusting/pointless/irritating subject to study!! There isn't much I hate more than geography!!.. well theres maths..and school.. and homework.. and home-ec... and study oh and fangirls that try steal my rugby men!! (Long story), but I'm not just giving out about geography as a subject! It's this awful plague that has been cursed upon us called a ... TEST/EXAMINATION... *Shutters*!!!

So if you haven't already fainted with that four letter word 'Test' or dare I say it 'Examination' I'll explain my problem, since I spent my weekend in Cork.. not that I actually wanted to go or anything.. BUT I was forced against my will (so we'll say) I didn't get a tap of study done for my geography test! which is tomorrow I may add TOMORROW!!!!!!!. So what would this test be on The coast perhaps? Rocks? Volcanoes? Earthquakes NO!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 ESSAYS!!!!!!!! Basically a whole years work! now to be fair my teacher gave us about a months warning told us to do our study night by night and not let it pack up on us!!

IT'S SUNDAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT PACKED UP ON ME!!!!!!!
What do I even do about this? Is it possible to study a year worth of work in one night??? However thinking about that I am quite tired... and I didn't sleep much last night... Ahhh to bed with me!!!!!
5am start with a lot of luco!!!!
WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Oldest in the school yet youngest in the world!!

So, who else out there is in the same predicament as me right now? Yea I suppose you're right I should probably explain what predicament I'm in first to see if you can relate. In sixth year (final year of school) you can't wait to get out and go to college and live your life and yet you're terrified and this idea of leaving home terrifies you. You don't like school and tests and teachers annoy you but still you never want to leave?. You know exactly what path you want to go down in your life but you've so many doubts. You should only care about studying but your mind travels all over the place? I'm sure I'm not the only person out there feeling like that right now? Am I??...Surely I'm not

I didn't want to write a blog about serious or hard topics but this is something I think everyone can relate too, for me it's a dream of becoming a broadcast journalist, and freelance journalist and TV presenter and business woman and Mrs.Conor Murray such high goals and dreams but what would life be like without them? Some friends have dreams of animals, teaching, children in Dublin, Cork, Galway everywhere spread across the country some even leaving for the UK friends you think you'll have for ever may never be seen again when it comes to next September. A fear of losing those closest to you while you go and live your dreams in other areas yeah it's pretty scary but worth it I can imagine. Life as we know it is pretty much over and we're being thrown into the deep end here and what's worse I can't swim!!!

It's the way it goes though this life business, you go through secondary school you deal with the spots and the boys and the tests and that stupid Leaving Cert then at 17-18 you're made decide what you want to do for the rest of your life it's hardly fair is it? but that's what it is.. then you're off, moving out of your house and packing your 20 frozen dinners and 30 packs of baby wipes saying goodbye to mammy and your on your own going from the oldest people in the school to the youngest in this big world, yeah don't worry that scares me too!!

Life is scary at the end of the day, but it's your own life as RTE's presenter Diana Bunici once told me..
''It's a cheesy line, but life it what you make it it's your own customized personal playground''
and that's exactly what it is!!
 So yeah sure the Leaving Cert defines you right now and your points define the next 4-5 years but after that what defines you is yourself!!
So after going a bit to much emotional speaker here! All I can say is life is getting scarier and scarier and my small town life to big city transformation is a terrifying thought, but off I go!! I need my presenting, journalisting, marriage and franchise of pubs/night clubs... Watch this space!! ;--)

Writers Block...

I have it!!! Yes I have it, I have writers block!!
What is writers block you ask? Shur I haven't a bloody clue but I can imagine it's where you can't find any inspiration to write the exact feeling I have right now. I think I'll blame it on the stress of school, sixth year is not some laugh even as I'm spoofing this here I'm thinking about school and what to do after school and the stress caused by school and boys....Always thinking about the boys!! What teenage girl isn't though!

So my writers block, I think there is a few types of writers block.
1.You can't find inspiration to write about anything!!
(Yeah I think I have part of that since I'm here writing about writers block)
2.Tonnes of  ideas yet you can't commit to one of them!!
(Now that is me.. my drafts full up of unpublished work yet here I am struggling to get words out about this crummy topic)

How do I solve this block I have going on here? Anyone know?? I know poets do that thing where they look at a wall, we'll say a blue wall and they get an idea and that's their piece wrote, of course then you go to school and the teacher informs you that no it is not a hole, it's a blue hole which signifies the inner depression and sadness held by this specific poet which then signified their life this then shows there struggle they faced going through life and each day the colour blue dampened their spirits and eventually that hole got bigger and bigger!! Ahhh here give it a break teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear teachers put more thought into poetry than the actual poets!! I mean maybe it was just a hole, just a hole that's all it was, and now thanks to them morons with college degrees the poor poet has depression honestly, teachers today.

So in fear I may turn into a hole of depression I turned to my good old friend google who helps me so much each day with my homework to fix me and stop me falling into a pit of depression, and I have to say Google you failed me....
I got advice such as,
1.Don't be too hard on yourself
2.Read a paper, yeah I understand aspiring journalists, like myself should read newspapers but then theres me and I don't read! I barley flick through magazines!!
3.Take a break!! I can't take a break!!! My blog will shut down if I don't write something fast!!!!!

Google you failed me...
So what do I do now? I've no inspiration.. no posts of blogs...I wrote a blog on how I can't write a blog that's genius I think.. I overcame the writers block!! :D

Monday, 26 August 2013

I aint a baby no more!!

I don't want to dwell too much on this birthday topic however this is it, I am now 18 I am a legal adult! I have the right to drink, to vote and well do everything really I am an adult I can now do everything I've done for years and no longer be arrested!!!!!!!!
Well if you've read my last post on my coming of age you'll easily pick up on my tone and my unhappiness regarding the fact I was becoming an adult however that mood has shifted quite quickly and I love being an adult.

I honestly have to say that it took 18 years but I have gotten the perfect birthday! It consisted of fun, friends, family and presents and that's exactly what a birthday should be as far as I'm concerned, as well of course of rugby and rugby players it really was the perfect day/week/weekend.
It started at 7am on the Wednesday morning August 21st as my mother blew open my bedroom door singing 'Happy Birthday' and carrying a Micki Mouse balloon... yes 18...I know!!.
So what could I want next to happen???... think now I have all that what could I possibly want?? .. Perhaps a video of my two favourite rugby players of all time wishing me happy birthday? That would be nice wouldn't it? Well....

We'll just say having a best friend who lives in Limerick comes in handy!! ;-) Mike Sherry and Conor Murray wishing me happy birthday .... Now... Be jel ladies... ;-)

So after ALL that what now could I possibly want eh?...
 the arrival of my two best friends, carrying a boom box.. a cake. earrings.. the works!! Spending your birthday with friends is the business!!!!

So after all my presents and smiles and laughter and passing out after watching Munster Rugby players Mike Sherry and Conor Murray pass on their birthday regards to me there's only one thing left to do...

So then what more can we do???... Tramore... actually translated to 'Big beach' now for those of you who have never heard of Tramore, it's a beach in Co.Waterford think of the most exciting most thrill seeking experience you've ever done and double it as Tramore has the SCARIEST ghost train EVER!!!!! as well as the waltzers and other hurdy gurdys!! Tramore for us people in the South East is like a tradition, you go there at least once a summer, you get chocolate covered doughnuts, you get dooleys chips and you go on the slot machines it's just what you do!!..
And once again it didn't fail me..

Oh am .. that's not me...
Oh the thrill..
So after all that in one day, I have to say my birthday was a great success! but Oh my it didn't stop there!! my birthday went from the Wednesday to the Sunday, and my God was it fantastic!!! From a family gathering to a Munster match to my first legal night in Limerick city it was perfect!!!.
What I did learn though is what makes a birthday is the people that surround you on your special day that's what's important I don't think you can have a bad day when there's people you love around you.. oh and great presents, and videos.. that's another thing that makes a birthday!! but what really makes a birthday???... THE PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!! <3

So I'm sure there's someone out there who's birthday it is today or soon so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're being spoilt rotten! and feel free to watch my videos and pretend their addressing you!!! :-D

Monday, 19 August 2013

A Coming Of Age..

With the time that's in it I decided I should dedicate a post to my last 48 hours as a child!!

<- That's me there with my nanny, yes I was cute I know..Yeah what happened I know I know.. blah blah....

So my youth is almost over!! As from Wednesday the 21st August 2013 I will be the big 18!!! Eighteen years of age! Now most people would love the idea of becoming an adult however I am that small percentage of people who the idea of becoming a adult terrifies me.
I was never one for change anyway but this year I'm terrified I woke up this morning realising I had only 48 hours of getting away with murder!! I know what's going to happen!! I just know it.. I'll be looking for something that's essential and of course scream ''MAAAAAA...Wheres me .. Pink top, with the gold selves cut off short with green and silver diamonds and yellow hearts (for example)'' and I'll be told 'You're an adult Lynda find it yourself''. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT!!!! Shur how am I supposed to remember where I take off my clothes and leave them? It's impossible!! I mean I'm now going to be judged for having a messy room, for not updating my CV at any given moment and for singing my lungs out to the Lizzie Mguire movie!! ( and if your a Lizzie child and don't get emosh listening to this is what dreams are made of.. then I don't even know...)

So I was thinking this to myself, in my head not out loud because yano that's tapping into a completely different physcologic side of things that I don't think is a very wise topic to discuss at this moment but I can face this coming of age in two ways..

1. I can completely forget that I am a adult! As I still have one year left in school I should be considered as an child!I can still do the same things I always did such as stalk rugby players, be brainless etc etc .. however this time I could get arrested!! and I mean it's not just Juvenal this time, not that I've ever been, but this time I could be sent to actual prison!! First of all orange is NOT my colour!!! and secondly I know for a fact prison is not a place I'd be welcomed.

2. And the second option .. Well this is the one that scares the bejaysus out of me... I actually grow up and act like an adult! I study free willingly, I sit down with a cup of tea and watch the soaps! and finally *takes a deep breath* when watching a rugby match I will remain seated for the duration of a game and if certain favourite player is crushed under 100000kg of men, I wont jump up cursing the life of the men on top of him I will calmy stay seated and say 'booo!!'.

The choice is mine!! .. turning 18... It's not as good as I intended!!. Yes I mean of course I am now legal and I can get ID and go out and drink *legally .. cough cough but shur what fun is that when you're been watched as a adult.. I'll tell ya no fun! I have to be responsible and mature... BOO.........

And the puss I've on me there is currently the one I also have right now!!

A coming of age..... I don't like it...

Monday, 15 July 2013

Post Holiday Depression..It's a sucker


Before I begin to explain my hate for life right now I should probably inform you that I'm home from Malaga 3 days and hating every part of the Irish way of life, I'm dying with a terrible plague aka I keep sneezing and have a cough and what's worse is I came home to a scorcher of a heatwave so compared to all my friends who are blessed enough to have 'melanin'  what ever the heck that is in there skin I'm pale as a ghost with no tan, even though I suck up the burn whilst on holiday and thought I had the real life J-Lo glow!!.

So I'll begin with Malaga.. In Spain, I was only there once before this but I would HIGHLY recommend it, I had the best week of my whole life, and only 93% of that was due to the lifeguard. We were right next to the beach and could indulge in free food and drink ALL week all while watching Spanish men, what could be worse.. and in Spain even the uglies are hot it's the perfect destination.. So after my week of no drama or stress or worries or cares I was dragged back, I put up a fight getting on that plane but in the end my tears were no match to the flying piece of metal and I was brought home to Ireland :--(

When we first landed in Malaga after having 30minutes sleep and a flight leaving at 7am which meant in the airport for 5am which meant up at 3am it's fairly obvious no one on that plane was a ray of sunshine none the less we headed to reclaim our baggage, it took an hour and a half for one smart person to realise there was a problem here and went to complain moments later the word spread..STRIKE!!!! The Spanish hooligans went on strike and our luggage was somewhere around Malaga airport!!!. Word of advice for the Spanish in the future,
Never upset a plane load of very tired and annoyed Irish people ESPECIALLY when there's a Lions match on!! That's unelectable!!. So after a 'community meeting' between the plane load of Irish, and a Mike Sherry look alike (If by any chance you're reading this you now know why I was staring at you so much, also please tell your girlfriend to relax herself) his girlfriend didn't like me so much, we had chosen our leaders Lions man (he had a Lions jersey on) and Tyrone man (he was from Tyrone) SHOUT OUT TO TYRONE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D anyway we split up 30 of us marched up and down the airport looking for people to give out to while the other half sat on the conniver belt, yano in case it went off anywhere!. So eventually we got our cases and it was time to find our bus, out the door across the road into the lift down to -2 out that door to the left and there's our bus, easy eh?.
Eventually we arrived at Gardenia Park and suddenly it all became worth it..

and as if that view wasn't lovely enough to the other side of the balcony we had........

I won't lie it took me a day to settle in, but just putting this out there for anyone I go on holidays with in the future the first day of a holiday I am a BRAT....just saying! I think it was the fact there was a big gang on at least 10 posh English boys who were all over 18 with no parents and spent there day playing ping pong and drinking tea, I wasn't impressed.
 So our first night in the hotel and the kiddy disco began... Whoooo!!-_- but then at 10 the entertainment began Men Vs Woman PHA.. I pitty the poor misfortunes that had to get up on stage and make an ejiot out of themselves when there on holiday .. hahahahahahahaahahhaha....
 I was up there............. alongside Annmarie ....a Scottish girl and another girl who didn't speak any English and we were against four fellas to see who was better men or woman!!. We all know the answer already ... WOMAN!!! :-D but unfortunately the men won -_- I still get the blame for loosing all because I knocked the stupid bucket of ping pong balls...but in the end we were the proud owners of diplomas!!! :D I'd say the jealousy is getting to ye all now!!

Anyway after the excitement of that night we only appeared another 3 times on the stage that week we left our entertainers take over the lovely Lola and Jonny.

So our lifeguard, he's another story, talk about a perfect man.. he fits that description SO well, Salvidor another SHOUT OUT to Salvidor!!!!!!!! :D Not a word of English :--( but you wouldn't meet a nicer man!! On the last day, the Friday we decided we NEEDED to get a picture with him, but how... we don't speak Spanish he doesn't speak English so we got out the trusy Spanish phrase book and wrote him a note..

but when 6.30 approached and he began to stack up the loungers the nerves began to hit us and we ended up running into the savourier shop where we befriended a man in there!! SHOUT OUT to Alan!!!! he knew Salvidor well so when we told him about our mission he went straight out to get him ad brought him into the shop to us, well if you ever saw two girls fan girl as much I'd be shocked, all we could blurt out was 'Hola' before throwing the book at him, he was laughing and smiling and obliged straight away to the picture with even a little kiss and a cuddle, my new favourite man in the entire world :-P

 So then our time to come home had approached :--( after the best week of my life, I cried the whole plane journey home and I'm still crying to this day, however my eyes are now opened to a life in Spain and how I don't have to always stay in Ireland, and a job as a rep is now sounding better and better!!. Even though I had this on proud display in my room all week..
 And before I go I would like to declare an apology to everyone I talked to in Dublin that Saturday morning I now understand that it was not your fault I was brought home and there was no need for me to be rude and not smile...I am sorry..oh and I'm also sorry that I shouted Munster...Munster.. all around Dublin..
So that's my week in Malaga well obviously not my week but some events :P
Adios :)
Lynda :) x