Monday, 26 September 2016

Molly - The Dog We'd All Aspire To Be

This is a post I've been thinking of writing for a few days now and it is without a doubt the saddest thing I've ever written about, to anyone out there reading this they'll think to themselves 'what the hell it's a dog' but for any dog lovers like me out there you'll relate to me on this one. I normally like to keep things happy and fun on my blog but after a recent event in my life I decided I had to dedicate a post to my best friend, Molly.
Molly, my black labrador mixed with some other unknown animal has been in my life for fourteen years. I got Molly off my uncle Vincent when I was seven years old and never in a million years could I ever have dreamed I'd be so attached to something in my life...Molly was put to sleep last Wednesday 21st September and it was the saddest day of my life, even writing this post I'm currently in tears but how lucky am I to have had something so special in my life that it makes saying goodbye so hard.

As much as this is the saddest post you'll ever find on my blog I can't be sad when dedicating a post to Molly, she'd have hated that she was the most human like dog I've ever came across in my life and she was the dog of all dogs, as weird as this may sound to you Mollys personality is the person I aspire to be. To be frank she didn't give a shit! Excuse my language but she didn't! 
'Molly stay in the garden' - Nah, she uses her paw to open the gate and let herself out
'Molly don't drink the cats milk' - Nah, she manages to drink it and blame Mursher
'Molly don't dig a hole in the garden' - Nah she comes in with a muddy nose and paws 
that was her and you couldn't love a dog more. Dare someone come in trying to sell a carpet...well, I wish them luck! She'd go above and beyond to protect everyone she could but get on her wrong side and you'll be barked down the road (with her tail wagging behind)

Like I said I had Molly for about fourteen years so she's been through it all. She grew up with me and all my friends from the avenue she'd seen everything and I mean if dogs could talk we'd be dead. There for all my good times, all the bad times, the study days the drunk nights coming home waking her up, poking her and whispering 'you're my best friend' Molly is a queen, always has been and always will.

I'd need a year to explain all of her characteristics to you but the loyalty, the determination the couldn't give a shitness is something I've learned from Molly, she is and will forever be a Queen.
I love you Moll Xx

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