Sunday, 11 September 2016

Review - SEVENTEEN Define & Conquer Contour Kit

Make up is something I've always had a slight obsession with admittedly I was probably better at doing my make up four/five years ago but one of my all time favourite trends to ever grace the makeup scene was contouring.  I'm pretty sure everyone in this day and age knows what contouring is what what is it exactly? ''Contouring is giving shape to an area of face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup' and that's literally it. I love using contour to obviously sculpt my face but I also love it for thinning my nose and that's the beauty of contour, you can change your features without changing your look..ideal. If you want to read a little bit more into contouring Teen Vogue have done a brilliant article on it which you can check out here or just learn like I did through Youtube Tutorials, my favourite youtuber is the amazing talented Jamie Genevieve and she's done a great video on contouring so check that out here and if you're like me and obsessed with highlight check that one out here.

Anyway back to business,  I've gone through so many contouring pallets from cream to powder and I've finally found my favourite one yet and guess what... it's under €9!!
 It's the Seventeen 'Define & Conquer Contour Kit'  which I pick up in Boots Pharmacy. I love this product so much that this is my second time purchasing the kit. You can view the product or buy it here. 
 It comes with a lovely matt highlight the perfect shade of contour and a little instruction page seen above. I can't recommend this product enough, the price you're paying the quality is phenomenal the only thing that doesn't do it for me is that the highlight just isn't shimmery enough for me, I love glowing!!

Even though the highlight in the kit is perfect I wanted that little bit extra so one day in Sam Mccauleys chemist I came across a little miracle the Catrice 'Prime and Fine' contouring kit and to finish off my make up everyday I rely on the highlight from this kit (as you can see from the picture I really depend on it) and do you want to know how much it costs??? €4!!! Yep you heard me €4.  Highlighter is applied above your cheekbones to give you that glistening finish and for me the more the better.
 Just by rubbing my finger along the highlight once and rubbing it on my hand you can't help but notice the glow off it. Pretty isn't it!!

 The contour itself I can't say is my favourite as I feel it is rather dark and a little bit too shimmery for me but it's still perfect to use, and whenever I run out of my Seventeen contour it's the first option I turn too but €4 for the highlight alone is well worth it.
 And there you have it my two favourite contour and highlight pallets if you could only have the one I'd definitely recommend picking up the SEVENTEEN kit high quality at a low price what could be better ;)

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