Thursday, 11 August 2016

21 Years On This Planet✌

The month of August is always special to me and that's for one reason and one reason only and that's because it's my birth month. Out of all my birthdays this year is the most important one yet because I turn the big 21 and Oh My God I am still in disbelief.
 With my lack of filter on nights out and tumbles I take it's a miracle I've even made it to 21 but now that I have (well Sunday week I'll have made it) it's making me look at my life in perspective and it's the weirdest feeling I've ever had.
When you turn 21 you're a grown up, an adult you're supposed to be independent and adulty but me??.... I still put tea in a bottle, I've never tried a tomato and I've, to this very minute no idea what I'm going to do with my life yet here I am another year older another year bolder and ready to fill you in on my little bits of knowledge I've picked up on over my years.

I don't know if it's the old age that's got me thinking but I remember last year when I turned 20 and had a full on breakdown, the fact the girls wrote 'halfway to 40' on every single card I received broke my heart, and I mean shattered it!! Something that really affects me is getting older, it's something I can't explain to you just yet as it's something I'm still not after fully coming to terms with or why it upsets me so much but it's something that's always got me down and now that I've reached this milestone I'm going demented looking at my life as a whole it's as if I was writing a book and dear Lord there have been some events...some good, and a lot most definitely not!!
I think one of the best things about having a blog in particular a lifestyle blog is I get to document certain events that have taking place in my life be it as small as meeting my dream man Conor Murray ;) or something as life changing as moving to Carlow they're part of what has made me and I feel so blessed that I have these stories wrote down to look back at when I'm in my sixties and maybe even share with my grandchildren.

To be honest with you I haven't had the most exciting life I wish I could say I have but truthfully I haven't. I grew up in a small town in South East Ireland and from a young age friendship meant everything to me, living
in an avenue I was always surrounded by at least ten friends and if there's one thing I can pride myself on it's being a loyal friend. I've had friendships come and go but I've always managed to hang on to the ones that were the most important and as I grew older I realised it's not quantity but quality that matters.
The old school Beg girls and new girls.
(Eirin, Annmarie, (me), Crellin, Leah, Simone and Kayla)
Even though I wasn't exactly 'born and raised' in Carrick Beg (I was born in Waterford Regional Hospital) I've lived in Carrick all my life, I took my first steps here, spoke my first words here, drank my first drink here, had my first night out here, had my first love here, spent most of my life in education here I've done everything here and as much as I've said over the years I hate living in this small town it's my favourite place on earth and I'll never put down this town.
  I've said it before education was never for me, I didn't like school at all I mean I loved the social aspect but school book, studying, exams I hated it all but throughout everything I knew my one passion in life was media and that's what got me through everything, spending as many days of my school holidays as I could in Beat 102 103, sending thousands of emails and getting as much advice as I possibly could about the industry.
 Here I am almost 21 years on with a degree in broadcast journalism and presenting and being a college dropout from a media and public relations course.
 I moved to Carlow last September where I studied Media and PR and lasted five months before I decided I was dropping out.  Living in Carlow was one of the most craziest experiences I've ever had and it changed my life, I changed as a person and I don't know if it was the best thing to have ever happened to me or the worst, either way I wouldn't change it for the world.

 To this day one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through was the death of my father when I was 12 years old. It's something I never really speak about but when writing about my life it's something I can't leave out and even though it was an awful thing to have happened it made me become so strong in my ways and it's always made me want to live everyday to the max.
  I suppose when you look at your life it's easy to focus on the negatives and maybe even edge on self pity at times but everyones story is different and that's what's so interesting about life and the reason I love dealing with people so much.

 I know from message I've received that a lot of young girls under 17 read my blog and what I'd love to tell these girls is that your life is what you make it and as cliché as that sounds it's something I strongly believe in.
 If I think back to when I was sixteen I believed in myself and I went above and beyond working my back off to get as much experience as possible I was making things happening, doors were opening for me and the opportunities were coming in however when I went to college, gave up on working hard all I cared about was going out on a Wednesday night my career took a stand still, the most important thing to me down the drain and it's only now I'm trying to get that back.
 I feel like as much as I feel like 'an aul wan' turning 21 it's the perfect age to get yourself back on track and with an exciting meeting lined up for Wednesday I feel as though my luck is changing already!!

One thing I learned in my years???? - Life goes on, no matter what happens it goes on and on and on and everything gets better.
 If you have a bad day then don't worry because the next day will be better, it's a fresh start every time that sun comes up it's a new start and that's what I love.
 I'd recommend just living in the moment, making the most out of every opportunity that's heading your way and remembering that life is what you make it!!

As for now, well my main focus is getting my feet back into the media industry and of course getting ready for my birthday party Saturday week which you can read about here ;-)
Even though I wish I could stay 20 forever things change, birthdays come and go and I just wish all the best for everyone of my readers ✌
Lynda Xx 

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