Thursday, 11 February 2016

When Tommy Bowe Came To Town

Let's be honest with ourselves here for a minute if there was a King of Ireland it would be Tommy Bowe, everyone loves him, every woman wants to marry him and every man wants to be him and it's for obvious reasons.
 My love for Tommy Bowe has been on the burner for many years now and really kicked off four years ago when I was in Transition Year (TY) in school. It was the Rugby World Cup and the only reason I was watching these matches was for Tommy Bowe, I did then of course discover Conor Murray and was hooked on rugby for life (I did actually fall in love with the sport too) but Tommy Bowe has always been the dream man for me.

Now let me tell you about the attempts I've had to meet Tommy Bowe, and there's been a few I can assure you!!
 I've purposely gone to plenty of Munster Vs Ulster matches with the dream of seeing Tommy Bowe and every single match, I'm not kidding you now when I say EVERY SINGLE Munster Vs Ulster match I've gone too Bowe hasn't been playing, then another time we got the opportunity to meet the Ulster team in the flesh in Thomond Park where was Bowe???? - Injured... I know, shit craic!!
 Then the Irish rugby open training session last summer (you can read about that here) we went with the intention of meeting Tommy and he was right there!! Let me tell you this one now, we were up at the railings, over he came within two people of us then turned and went the other about devastation!!! I didn't think any of us would ever recover from that experience until we left the grounds and Tommy pulled up beside us in the car, well I never...we couldn't even get a picture but all that changed last Saturday when T Bowe came to town!!

When it came out that Tommy Bowe was coming to the local shoe shop Meany's shoes in Carrick On Suir it's safe to say myself and my friends were in disbelief?!! I mean come on now why would Tommy Bowe be coming to a small town in the South East?? Moff it, there's no chance, surely it's just going to be a look alike or a cardboard cut out none the less anyway we were going!!!
 So Saturday came and I was as calm as a cucumber, Annmarie was up in a loop panicking about not having enough time to get her eyes tested and seeing Tommy as for Crellin, she was more worried about the crowd of people there but me, I was as cool as a daisy, I mean yeah he may be the best looking man in the world but at the end of the day he's just a man right???.....

So over the town we went, myself and Crellin on the lookout for Annmarie (we didn't know how her eye test went at this stage, so we knew we'd be the ones to have to keep the eyes open for her) I was still in disbelief that Tommy was actually coming to town 'Lads I'm telling ye now Tommy Bowe will not be in town' so as we're crossing the road Crellin ran ahead (almost killing herself in the process) so as I stand at the other side of the street waving my arms like a mad woman 'Crellin......some friend you are leaving me stranded......' and Tommy drives past me in the passenger seat of a car.
Okay 'lads Tommy is coming to town, actually he's in town' so we went up to the shoe shop and began to line up.
Crellin getting Leanne's ball signed.
 At this stage I was still fine, I couldn't have been calmer all was A okay!! After waiting for about half an hour we got one foot in the door and that was it, Dear Lord we were in the same building as Mr Tommy Bowe as a matter of fact we could see him!!

So when our time had come to meet Tommy everything was a bit of a blur, I may or may not have had a bit of a heart attack, as most of my friends know about me, what happens when I get nervous is I shake, trust me I shake like a leaf. I also get cold but that's a minor detail.

I couldn't talk to Tommy, I couldn't say a word, but none the less I had finally met Tommy Bowe and he was as amazing as I ever imagined he would be. He couldn't have been nicer, without a doubt one of the nicest people I have ever met.
A dream come true and yes, something else ticked off the bucket list :)

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