Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My 2015 Christmas Wishlist

There are very few things that I want this Christmas, I know I must be getting very old but obviously there are a few things I have my eyes set on, here are the top five things I want this Christmas.

Mac Mehr LipstickOne of my college classmates Caoimhe Morrissey not only has an amazing blog but she also has a YouTube channel which is where I found this new little gem. Caoimhe did a run through of her Mac lipstick collection, you can watch the video here and this is where I came across this Mehr lipstick and I'm obsessed.
 You can buy this lipstick for €20 in Brown Thomas or in a Mac Store, but it's definitely on my Christmas list this year.

Boots from Boohoo.com - These boots are my life, I'm in love with these boots so much so these would be my second pair. I wear these boots with everything, going out, staying casual, day wear they can never look too casual or too dressy and to top it off they're so comfortable.
 I remember the night well, that dreaded night in Carlow (one of the best nights I've had in Carlow) that still brings a tear to my eye. I was in the Foundry night club with Jennie and Tanya when I felt a wobble 'what's going on' I thought as I looked down and noticed my heel hanging off.. with the belief of my 'friends' that I was so drunk I was imagining it I still boogied the night away, it was only on arrival home I realised the devastation that had taken place that night and I was heelless... see picture below.
 If you want to be lovely and make my Christmas these boots can be bought from Boohoo.com and cost €41 (I'm a size 7 ;))
I don't want to talk about it...
Lunar Eclipse Necklace- 
Everyone knows I'm obsessed with the moon and these Lunar Eclipse necklaces take my breathe away. They come from a website called 'My Exclusive Jem' you can buy them here for $17.99 which works out at about €17 but look how unreal they are. I've been obsessed with these necklaces since I stumbled across them on twitter and they've been on my wish list ever since, I can't tell you how reliable the website is because I've never ordered from the site but trust me when I say I will be very soon. 

Hair Extensions- I'm an avid hair extension user and wear them whenever I'm not too lazy to put them in I love wearing them, about four years ago my hairdresser cut all my hair off and ever since it never grew back so I have quite short hair and in badly need of a good pair of extensions..great lengths will do the finest thanks very much ;)

Strobing Stick From Iconic London- 
I've been obsessed with this highlighter ever since I saw Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan tweet about it and I knew straight away I needed this product and it's on the Christmas list this year 100%.
 You can either mix this with your foundation for an all over dewy effect or as a highlighter on your cheeks,wherever you put it it looks amazing and I want it.
 You need to pre order this product from a website called 'Iconic London' and it will set you back £29.99 which works out at about €41 which is quite expensive but trust me when I say it's worth it it really is just look at the Geordie girls.. yep, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!!

And there you have it, five things that I need this Christmas, so if you're extremely generous and want to purchase me a gift then take your pick!! 

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