Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Sleek Contour Palette

If there's one essential beauty product I would recommend to every single girl out there it's this contour palette by 'Sleek'  I'm not even joking when I say this palette has changed my life!! Before I found this palette I found it so hard to contour and highlight, I always looked like I was covered in mud and could never get my cheeks sculpted the way I dreamed of having them.
 One day my friend Carrie came over with this new 'contour palette' What the hell is this I asked?! 'I dunno, it was on sale in the chemist so I got it, I must text Haleigh and ask her how it works' and from then it's the one beauty product we're both obsessed with and will go to extreme lengths to ensure we have it in our make up purse.
 The palette has your bronzer which is such a good brown, it comes out so well on the skin and can be buffed in without any difficulty, you can literally put on barley any of it and it still looks incredible. It literally sculpts your face so well and I love it.
 Next in the set is the highlighter, now this, this is something else. It literally makes you glow like an angel it's the best of the best highlighters and just putting it on your forehead, above your cheeks and on your chin makes you look so great it's fantastic and then finally finish off with some blush, I don't personally adore the blush as I don't think it's very pink and I love deep blush but it's perfect to finish off your Kim K inspired contour.

Coming up to Christmas I would recommend this set as a stocking filler, a gift for your best friend or just a gift to me from me, I really cannot say enough good things about this palette.
 It costs €13.49 and I always get mine in Sam Mccauleys chemist but they do tend to sell out so quickly so your best bet is to order is online. You can buy it here from the Sleek website and have it within a week.
 For €13.49 you couldn't ask for a better product, believe me when I say I am IN LOVE and I really do recommend you go out and try out this contour palette. Be sure to let me know what you think :)

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